Tom Clark AFA Papa Tom

Think about this conceit and dishonesty the next time some sanctimonious schmuck promotes conversion therapy or attempts to deny transgender kids proper medical care.

Call me a cynic but I have little patience for people who claim that God had a little chat with them. Enter Tom Clark who sometimes calls himself Papa Tom. Clark claims to have had a little confab with his deity. Apparently Papa Tom also has some books to sell. Consider, if you will, the dynamic of an arrogant babbler and the gullible fools whom he knows will believe him.

The day was Oct. 1, 2016, a Sabbath day—Saturday, at noon, to be exact. I was quietly soaking in the Spirit’s presence in a back room at my church when the Lord began to speak to me about Donald Trump.

That identifies Clark as a Seventh-day Adventist. They believe that Saturday is the sabbath in contrast to Sunday. Originally, Seventh-day Adventists claimed that Jesus would return in 1844. They have been claiming that the Second Coming is imminent ever since. They are among the fiercest anti-LGBTQ evangelical Christians.

Getting back to the quoted text, God wanted to gossip about Trump; a sociopathic pathological liar and narcissistic serial adulterer with two divorces and six bankruptcies that were designed to stiff small contractors. God’s ideal for sure. Trump sealed the deal with these folks when he said that women who had abortions should be punished. Given his history I wonder how many abortions Trump is ultimately responsible for. How many might he have paid for?

He said to me, “Donald Trump is like Jacob, whose name means ‘supplanter, schemer, twister.'” God told me that Hillary’s conscience was seared, and there was no place in her heart for Him to reach. However, Trump (whose first name means “world leader”) had a part of his heart that the Lord could reach. He had honored his father and mother, and as a father and grandfather himself, he loved his children and grandchildren.

Quite the conference. Note how some of the text is in quotes as if to say: “These are the actual words of God.” Clark is appealing to the standard, and simplistic, dichotomy. Trump is good. Hillary Clinton is evil. The reality is quite the opposite but, in that world, good and evil are determined solely on on the basis of reproductive choice.

The Lord said He would send His angel to wrestle with Trump, just like Jacob wrestled with the angel. He would give him a new name, just like Jacob was given the name Israel (which means “prince of the kingdom”). It became clear to me that Donald Trump was God’s anointed to execute whatever plan He had in mind.

I wrote down the word and spoke it to friends and family. I met with Donald Trump Jr. the following week at a fundraiser and gave him this revelation on a plain sheet of white paper in an envelope to give to his dad.

We all know what happened on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016.

These people always return to a focus on themselves, their own self-perceived relevance and importance:

I asked the Lord, “Did Donald Trump ever receive the letter I gave to his son?” He told me to look up his acceptance speech early in the morning of Nov. 9. I did so, and there I saw Trump at the podium with Mike Pence on the left side and Barron Trump, his youngest son, on the right side of the screen. Trump knows media. He knows a picture is worth a thousand words. By having his youngest son on the podium with him, Trump was showing the world he was a father. God told me “He got the letter,” and the message it contained.

The above gets us into give-me-a-break territory but Clark knows that he has a constituency who will believe every word of this blather. This orbit is not known for its great critical thinkers.

This was written yesterday, Thursday. Not a word of retrospection. Over four years Trump, for his own interests, tried to shake down the leader of Ukraine, released a partial transcript which proved that he did yet claimed that the transcript proved the conversation was “perfect.” First impeachment.

Four years (and about 25,000 lies) later Trump vigorously promoted the baseless, self-serving conspiracy theory that he won the 2020 election. On January 6 of this year, Trump was responsible for encouraging a violent insurrection that cost five people their lives and has forever damaged our culture, society and standing in the world. Second impeachment.

Was all this and much — much — more “God’s will?”

4½ years ago, the holier-than-thou Tom Clark encouraged people to vote for an obvious con artist. We now know that Clark is an indecent man. How do we know? We know because Tom Clark takes absolutely no responsibility for his own behavior. In point of fact, he is excusing his amoral behavior as having followed God’s orders.

By not even mentioning Trump’s many misadventures, which include Trump’s self-centered indifference to, and lying about, a pandemic because he thought that pretending that the coronavirus was not a threat would bolster his reelection chances. To supposedly improve his electability, Trump promoted phony cures, called the presence of the virus a hoax and even encouraged people to defy the advice of science which undoubtedly led to more cases of COVID-19 and more deaths.

Yet, not a word from Tom Clark. Clark is not only claiming that his god is inerrant. In effect, Clark is claiming that he is inerrant.

At the same time, Clark is telling his followers how holy and important he is. After all, God chose him to chat with. He didn’t choose any of Clark’s followers. Tom Clark is special.

And you wonder have 74 million people voted for arguably the worst president in the history of the republic? There’s actually a simple answer: Incuriosity and Roe v. Wade.

Think about this conceit and dishonesty the next time some sanctimonious schmuck promotes conversion therapy or attempts to deny transgender kids proper medical care.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.