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Just as we fought for marriage rights, we are obligated to fight for trans rights with equal vigor | via Hallmark Channel
Our entire community is under attack!

Transphobia is evil and infectious. Gay people should not stand for it. The Christian right are rallying people around the marginalization and degradation of a particularly vulnerable minority group as a political stratagem. Lacking in imagination, they have simply re-worked their homophobic rhetoric into transphobic vomit.

The transphobic bullshit remind me of the bullshit spread in opposition to marriage equality by pretty much the same bullshitters. Opposition to marriage equality was based on the utterly false notion that same-sex marriage had some mystical effect on opposite-sex marriage.

For your amusement, take a look at this post of mine from nearly ten years ago. Peter Sprigg was wrong on every count. Furthermore none of his dire predictions have come to pass. His supposed consequences were never really consequences. Mr. Sprigg was falsely claiming that same-sex marriage affected people other than those thus wed. In spite of Sprigg’s observational and intellectual deficiencies he still wastes his life mindlessly attacking LGBTQ people.

The landscape has changed. At least for now.

Day after day after day after day, the Christian right is attacking the entire LGBTQ community by attacking transgender people. It tends to be focused on transgender women and girls who comprise, what? 0.25% of the population? I would argue that the vast majority of people have never met a transgender person; at least not knowingly.

“The simple truth is that transgender people do not affect their detractors in any meaningful way.”

If doing what is right doesn’t get you motivated then consider self-interest. Consider the Equality Act, for example. The entire bigot brigade is attacking HR5 by repeatedly claiming that transgender women and girls pose a threat to cisgender women and girls.

The the best of my knowledge that has never happened. The self-righteous would-be moralists do not care about honesty. Lying seems to be permissible in defense of their god or scripture which they view as the greater good. In fact, the simple truth is that transgender people do not affect their detractors in any meaningful way.

Think about that for a moment. The god squad is perfectly willing to sacrifice the wellbeing — the health, safety and happiness — of a vulnerable minority group in service to religious dogma. The presumptive arbiters of morality are liars and sociopaths.

One of those arbiters, for example, Ryan T. Anderson, always writes some babble about all people being worthy of respect and dignity. It’s Anderson’s foolish attempt to say: “I am not a bigot.” How exactly do you respect people while, at the same time, lying about a medical condition? Is bigotry somehow permissible in defense of Catholic teachings and scripture?

I will remind you that Ryan T. Anderson was a purveyor of bullshit for years. Anderson was another schmuck who insisted that same-sex marriage had some mysterious effect on traditional marriage. Anderson lacks the class to admit that he was wrong. He is probably waiting for the baseless consequences of marriage equality to happen.

Some Anderson gibberish from 2012:

Redefining marriage would abandon the norm of male-female sexual complementarity [sic] as an essential characteristic of marriage. Making that optional would also make other essential characteristics—like monogamy, exclusivity and permanency—optional, as my co-authors and I argue in our new book …

I cannot keep up. Perhaps it is the result of aging. Perhaps it is increased anal retentiveness. Perhaps it is the effects of anti-PTSD medications. Whatever it is I find myself spending more time on individual posts. By the time I finish one, a dozen transphobic cysts oozing pus come to my attention.

In just the last five minutes I received this little gem: Women in Danger: California, the Equality Act, and What You Can Do. The missive is from the obsessively insane Meridian Baldacci of Family Policy Alliance, the political wing of Focus on the Family. The message, once again is that transgender women are a peril to cisgender women:

Transphobic Image

Obviously the Equality Act will have no effect on how prisoners are separated. That is just one more lie. The text is even more infuriating.

Re-worked “bathroom war” sophistry

Do men belong in women’s prisons? The California government seems to think so. This month, the LA Times reported that 261 people in prison had requested transfer to the opposite-sex facility – and all but six were males seeking access to female facilities. Importantly, the main qualification for this transfer is self-declared gender identity – meaning it’s possible that men who don’t even identify as women could try to transfer to a women’s facility.

Meridian Baldacci is not exactly Mensa material. Translation: 255 people in men’s prisons claim to be transgender women. They are not “seeking access.” That just Christian babble for trans women as predators. Has that ever happened?

Meridian Baldacci is a self-declared cisgender woman. What’s the point? The imbecile is saying that cisgender men will pretend to be transgender women in order to molest women. It is identical to Christian right bathroom bullshit.

The bottom line is that 255 prisoners amounts to about one-quarter-of-one-percent of the California prison population. There are 35 adult state prisons in California plus 115 long-term county facilities. Not all of these transfers will be approved. Even were that not the case we are talking about one, possibly two, transgender female inmates.

Arithmetic never seems compelling to these folks. Jails and prisons are dangerous places. I would think that a transgender woman is going to keep her head down and draw as little attention to herself as possible. Were logic a factor in religious right angst the religious right might cease to exist.

The point is that transphobia is the vehicle for attacking the entire community and our allies, including President Biden.

The other day I received a lovely DM from Equality Texas. It was a note of thanks. Included in the text was something to the effect “I don’t know why you are invested in transgender equality.” My answer is simple (in order of importance).

  1. It’s the right thing to do.
  2. As a closeted gay boy I had a dreadful adolescence. To this very day my entire life has been negatively affected. I cannot imagine the awful challenges facing a transgender or gender nonconforming youth. Attacks on trans youth bring me to the boiling point. Kids should have good prospects for the future.
  3. Being part of a community is important to me. When trans folks are attacked their detractors are attacking my community and I won’t stand for it.

As I recall, the entire LGBTQ community fought very hard to provide gay couples with the right to marry. That same community should fight just as hard for the rights of its transgender membership. Their very lives are at stake.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.