Mad Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver is irrationally obsessed with trans folks

Monday, in a post titled Violating Conscience Protections for Healthcare Professionals, Hate Group Leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is again claiming that there is, by virtue of the Affordable Care Act, something called the “transgender mandate.”

According to Mad Mat in a separate post that he links to:

In 2016, HHS mandated that doctors must perform gender transition procedures on any child referred by a mental health professional, even if the doctor believes the treatment or hormone therapy could harm the child. Doctors who followed their Hippocratic Oath to act in the best interest of their patient instead of this new mandate would have faced severe consequences, including losing their job.

That is a five turd lie.

There are two — and only two — procedures that could be covered.

The first of these is that a gynecologist cannot turn away a transgender man.

“Where are all the doctors and hospitals that have been required, against their will, to provide gender transition procedures?”

The second exception would apply to plastic surgeons who provide breast augmentation. They cannot deny the same services to a transgender woman. The ACLU explained this in an amicus brief (ellipses replace citations in the interest of brevity):

For services related to gender transition, the Final Rule does not require a covered entity
to “add to or change the types of services offered in the practice.” … If, however, a
covered entity provides medically necessary hysterectomies for other conditions, it must provide
the same service when medically necessary to treat gender dysphoria. Id. Similarly, if a covered
entity performs cosmetic surgery such as breast implants for non-transgender women, it must
offer the same cosmetic surgery to transgender women as well. Id. The Final Rule applies only to
covered entities; it does not require individual doctors at covered entities to perform any
particular procedure.

An endocrinologist might provide puberty blockers to treat precocious puberty. The doctor’s treatment of one condition does not require him or her to treat a different condition. That includes providing puberty blockers or hormones related to transitioning.

The treatment of gender dysphoria is a unique discipline requiring specialized training and experience. Furthermore, this is a nonexistent controversy. Patients and referring psychiatrists select clinicians known to provide this care.

As Staver notes, this matter was litigated in federal court in North Dakota. Several Catholic organizations made the same idiotic claim as Staver. According to Staver: “… the Transgender Mandate is unlawful, and the government cannot force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition procedures in violation of their conscience and professional medical judgment.”

The ruling of the Court is limited to enjoining HHS and EEOC from interpretations that would require the plaintiffs to provide insurance covering transition services, not the services themselves. Furthermore, the ruling was limited: “The relief provided in this order shall be restricted to the Catholic Plaintiffs …”

“CBA” in the following refers to one of the plaintiffs; Catholic Benefits Association:

… the Court PERMANENTLY ENJOINS AND RESTRAINS the EEOC, Chair Dhillon, their divisions, bureaus, agents, officers, commissioners, employees, and anyone acting in concert or participation with them, including their successors in office, from interpreting or enforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq., or any implementing regulations thereto against the CBA and its members in a manner that would require them to provide insurance coverage for gender-transition procedures

Yet there is a simpler way to look at this:

Where are all the doctors and hospitals that have been required, against their will, to provide gender transition procedures?

Mat Staver is obsessed with transgender people which account for only 0.5% of the population. Staver’s transphobic mania is irrational.

Mr. Staver is frequently truth-challenged. Staver’s mendacity and irrationality is particularly acute in regards to transgender folks. I used to think that this was about scripture. It is, in part, but it is also about Staver’s pathological inability to cope with LGBTQ people.

In simpler terms, Mat Staver is nuts and he lies alot.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.