Anne Paulk
Anne Paulk Conning the Faithful | via YouTube

Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network regularly sends out self-praising emails. These are designed to demonstrate just how wonderful Ms. Paulk is. Tuesday’s edition is quite lengthy. The simple truth is that no one can alter their sexual orientation or gender identity through prayer or through any intervention known to medical science.

In addition to the overall dishonesty, Ms. Paulk lies about the Equality Act. Her lies are deliberate. Paulk provides no middle ground. Black is white. Up is down. Left is right. Paulk doesn’t realize it but she also admits that matching contributions are a scam.

Nevertheless, Paulk is an eternal victim of LGBTQ and secular people and Democrats. The truth is that Paulk is a victimizer.

Overall, Restored Hope Network is a scam.

Restored Hope Network and Ms. Paulk lie about LGBTQ people. They have also figured out how to fleece donors.

Lying about the Equality Act:

2021 brought challenges from the new political climate and federally proposed ‘Equality Act’, which would seek to punish any who differ from the secular culture’s beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Paulk is claiming that the Equality Act enforces a set of secular “beliefs.” Ms. Paulk can worship scallions for all I care. Paulk is also free to believe (as she does) that, through religious devotion, a person can convert from gay to straight. Prayer, according to Paulk, also provides a means to convert one’s gender identity from incongruent to congruent.

The Equality Act is agnostic with respect to religious beliefs. The Act is agnostic to all opinions and beliefs no matter how baseless or prejudicial.

I will criticize Ms. Paulk for promoting crackpottery. However, the Equality Act is indifferent to someone’s attempts to persuade others to embrace certain beliefs.

The Equality Act only relates (or would relate) to discriminatory conduct. Even then discriminatory conduct has to be in specific venues before it is considered a violation. Paulk is free to call LGBTQ people evil through a bullhorn. The Equality Act would not affect that kind of conduct.

Employment discrimination is somewhat settled with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County. What remains, primarily, is discriminatory conduct in a public accommodation. No one has a religious duty to discriminate. There is no reason for anyone to violate the Equality Act.

If the Equality Act “punishes” someone it is by virtue of their own stupidity or rigidness. Perhaps he or she should not be the proprietor of a public accommodation if they cannot serve everyone.

In the same email Anne Paulk unintentionally admits that matching contributions are bullshit.

Paulk is not exactly a rocket scientist. She probably doesn’t realize what she has done. Quoting from the email:

This year we hope to give donors the opportunity to triple their gifts during HOPE2021 because of an early and generous gift from Cathy O.

Cathy O. (whomever the hell that is) has already donated the funds. That is what Paulk wrote. Therefore, those funds are not contingent upon future donations from others. Therefore, no one has “the opportunity to triple their gifts.” Paul is setting up a scam. So much for Christian values.

Overall, Restored Hope Network is a scam. Conversion therapy and pray one’s gay away principally exist to justify discrimination. If some intervention can alter sexual orientation and gender identity then sexual orientation and gender identity are supposedly choices.

If sexual orientation and gender identity are choices then they are not deserving of legal protection via nondiscrimination laws. That brings us back to Paulk’s lies about the Equality Act. Paulk obviously feels that it is important to be able to say: “We don’t serve your kind here.”

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.