Vasko Kohlmayer is our transphobic crackpot du jour
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Apparently transgender people are participants in a left-wing conspiracy.
The person promoting that idiotic theory doesn’t like being called transphobic.

Thursday, Vasko Kohlmayer writes: Tyranny alert: The West and the woke totalitarian left. How very original. Kohlmayer believes that transgender people are immoral per se and “Transgenderism: The Left’s Tool of Societal Subversion.” He also seems to think that the COVID-19 vaccines are a scam.

Kohlmayer wrote a particularly nasty, transphobic and error-filled diatribe regarding Dr. Rachel Levine. He seems to have a particular problem with transgender people. Kohlmayer asserts that transgender people are part of a left-wing conspiracy.

Kohlmayer has written a book that few people want to read. He is claiming that the end of Western civilization is near. Kohlmayer produces profoundly verbose essays. At one time he was a staff writer at the Moonie Daily, (aka the Washington Times). The Moonies have scrubbed away his content. Yes. Even the Moonies! But not LIfeSiteNews.

Thursday’s polemic starts with:

When I left communism for America, I would never have thought that the West would be threatened by the kind despotism that does not allow people to freely express their views.

Kohlmayer claims to have left communist Czechoslovakia at the age of 19. Communist control of Czechoslovakia ended in 1989 with the “Velvet Revolution.” Kohlmayer claims to be a naturalized US citizen but he apparently lives in London or, perhaps, Moscow depending on which version of history one has.

The utterly insane Vasko Kohlmayer has found an outlet at the equally insane LifeSiteNews. Based in Canada (with a US 501[c]3) the radical Catholic extremists at LSN are homophobic and transphobic to the point of lunacy.

Kohlmayer writes:

This multidimsional [sic] turmoil has left many people bewildered and confused, unable to make sense of the complex situation with many moving parts. They feel that something deeply threatening is taking place, but they cannot quite pinpoint or identify the danger.

“No one is ‘promoting’ sexuality that Mr. Kohlmayer disapproves of. ‘Promoting’ suggests that sexuality is based in part upon the influence of others. That notion is spectacularly stupid.”

Suffice it to say that it is Mr. Kohlmayer who is confused. He — not “they” — feels that “something deeply threatening is taking place.” That’s called paranoia which is the feeling that you are being threatened in some way even though there is no evidence that it is true.

According to Kohlmayer, the proof of totalitarianism is evidenced by:

  • Anti-white racism disguised under the euphemism social justice.
  • Rejection of traditional morality, which is primarily carried out by the promotion of sexually deviant lifestyles such as homosexuality and transgender. In a truly surreal inversion of reality, they paint traditional morality as immoral by charging it with being homophobic, transphobic, and similar terms.
  • Environmentalism based on the notion that it is desirable and possible to arrest climate change.
  • Intense hostility toward Christian religion, which they negatively paint as patriarchal, intolerant, and oppressive.

Let’s take these one at a time:

  • History is important. When it is disregarded we repeat our errors. To understand U.S. history is to recognize that slavery was followed by prison labor intended as a substitute and then Jim Crow. Today, disproportionate police violence toward Black men deserves attention. Understanding history and calling attention to current injustices is not “anti-white.” The ideas that white people are victims of racism is preposterous
  • No one is “promoting” sexuality that Mr. Kohlmayer disapproves of. “Promoting” suggests that sexuality is based in part upon the influence of others. That notion is spectacularly stupid. Furthermore, neither sexual orientation nor gender identity can be associated with a “lifestyle.” A small segment of society considers LGBTQ people immoral. Yet, no serious scientist would argue that sexual orientation and gender identity are choices.

    And yes. When people like Vasko Kohlmayer call people immoral because of their sexuality, he will have to entertain justified opprobrium from others (including me). So-called “traditional values” are not immoral. Immorality requires people. It is immoral for people to denigrate and attempt to marginalize a minority group.

    In a civilized society, morality can be determined by how we treat other people. This is particularly true when “the other” is different from the majority.

  • About 97 percent of scientists agree that global warming is happening and that human activity is the primary cause. Common sense dictates that we should stop the human activity responsible for climate change.
  • Most people are not hostile to Christianity. I, for one, am hostile to certain Christian people due to their bigotry towards LGBTQ persons. There is no religious duty to be intolerant of anyone.

For context:

We have pointed out elsewhere the essential affinity between the conduct of the woke progressives and the infamous tyrants of the past such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Kim, among others. Lest you think this comparison an exaggeration, consider the modus operandi of the woke.

The above is followed by a list of grievances. It’s the usual litany comprised in part by “Suppression of free speech and expression; Censorship; Cancelation of dissenters; Harassment of objectors …”

Most importantly, the acts of the dictators Kohlmayer references were committed on behalf of government. In this country free speech and freedom of expression are constitutional guarantees.

Perhaps Kohlmayer is referring to the acts of private companies like Twitter and Facebook. Tyranny would actually exist if these companies were not free to define their acceptable use policy. What? They should be forced to be outlets for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other offensive content?

I find it ironic that Kohlmayer wants to cancel the existence of transgender people. At the same time he resents being cancelled.

It is worth noting that LifeSiteNews is banned forever from YouTube because of offensive videos that violated YouTube’s written policies. They are to blame; not Google.

I might be doing Vasko Kohlmayer a favor by writing about him. That is a dilemma that I frequently face.

If Mr. Kohlmayer feels cancelled or censored it is not because of unfair actors. Rather, it is due to society’s increasing unwillingness to accept offensive pejoratives based upon stereotype and, in this case, extreme paranoia.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.