Stay Woke

Woke is a good thing.

A “woke” person is someone who values kindness and decency. A “woke” person doesn’t denigrate other people simply because they are different. The Christian right and other conservative groups would have people believe that being “woke” is a bad thing. 

The godly folks are using “woke” as a pejorative term.

The disparagement of “woke” is rather strange. Those “good” right wing Christian windbags insist that they are the kind, decent and respectful persons. Remind me how kind they are to LGBTQ children.

“I can only hope that I am perceived as ‘woke.'”

I probably read more right wing content than you, the reader. It is filled with outrageous falsehoods. If the sanctimonious set disapproves of someone or something then lies about that someone or something are perfectly acceptable.

They tell us that everyone is created in their god’s image. They tell us that everyone is deserving of dignity. The truth is that they expect — actually require — everyone to be just like them. People who deviate from the paradigm are their enemies.

One does not have to do them any harm to be an enemy. Intellectual critical thinkers are the enemy (“the enemy” is used as a substitute for Satan in those circles).

They would have you believe that trans kids are a danger to them. The truth is that they pose a danger to trans kids. Right now an anti-LGBTQ hate group (Alliance Defending Freedom) is going around the country to motivate legislatures to protect cisgender girls from transgender girls.

The sad thing is that legislators are complying to solve a non-existent problem in order to pander to the religious yahoos. I don’t know what DeSantis intends to do but the Florida legislature passed a bill that bans trans girls from athletic competition. 

No controversy exists in Florida. So you might think that no one is harmed. There are transgender youth in Florida, and all the other states that enacted these measures. The message that those kids have received is that they are worthy of special disapproval and prejudice

Those self-anointed “good” people are perfectly willing to harm others without just cause. Doing so causes them no discomfort. In fact they view anti-LGBTQ measures as victories.

What truly scares the crap out of these hypocrites is the potential for someone to influence others to view things differently. That is universally labeled as “indoctrination.”

I can only hope that I am perceived as “woke.”

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.