Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins
Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins is the inspiration for FRC’s homophobic and transphobic crusades

Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, continues its transphobic crusade with: To Counter the Transgender Lie, We Must Speak Truth. As you might expect from FRC they lie about transgender persons while insisting that they are the truth tellers.

Dogmatists accept religious doctrine as incontrovertible truth
regardless of evidence to the contrary.

On my aggregator, this post is attributed to Dan Hart (no relation). According to the post the author is “Lisa.” Lisa fears the criticism that is coming her way with, or without, her last name. I am sure that Peter Sprigg was a contributor. Would anyone doubt that Sprigg, a Baptist preacher, is an expert regarding sexual orientation and gender identity?

Just Lisa is also responsible for this post at the hate group’s outlet. In a self-orchestrated shit fit, Lisa is claiming that transgender people — including her 37-year-old brother — are members of a cult.

FRC needs to do a better job of editing its hateful diatribes. I am trying to make some sense of rambling drivel. Apparently transgender persons are part of a grand conspiracy orchestrated by business leaders:

To beat the billionaire boys’ club at their game we must first reject their end goal of disembodiment. They seek to eliminate human physical limitations in favor of a new hybrid form of humanity. They are simply beginning this march toward madness using the construct of gender.

Shit! I guess that being cisgender is the reason that I did not receive a secret decoder ring. I am never invited to join the really good conspiracies.

Little wonder why Lisa did not use her last name. Unlike Lisa, rational human beings have three goals with respect to transgender people:

  1. Understand and accept the science regarding gender identity.
  2. Recognize that people are transgender in order to relieve the symptoms and distress of gender dysphoria.
  3. Treat transgender people with decency, dignity and kindness. People are not defined by their gender identity.

If Lisa would take the time to study the science then she might have a better understanding of, and a relationship with, her brother. In the other referenced post she describes circumstances that clearly reflect the fact that people do not transition for the hell of it. They transition to relieve suffering.

“People who deadname or misgender transgender folks are too far gone to reason with.”

Lisa has transitioned herself; from transgender as a cult to transgender as a conspiracy. Apparently the grand conspiracy has something to do with economics:

Money’s ideas on “gender identity” should be rejected, not lauded. They should be exposed for what they are: a bag of linguistic tricks used by a man who needed to be covert in his attempt to sexualize young children. Rothblatt and Pritzker must also be called out for what they are: two men who decided to create an intricate legal framework to take their sexual proclivities mainstream while adding billions to their bottom lines.

Lisa failed to identify who “Money,” “a man,” Rothblatt and Pritzker are before referring to them. As for the rest of that paragraph, I am not fluent in that particular dialect of gibberish. To put it more bluntly: What the fuck is this idiotic woman trying to say?

Lisa is trying to blame other people for her brother’s transition. It makes as much sense as blaming others for having to wear eyeglasses or hearing aids although gender dysphoria is far more serious than hearing or vision loss. People do not ordinarily kill themselves because they cannot read the fine print.

Medical science has understood the concept of gender and gender incongruence for over 100 years. Were all those folks over more than a century participants in a conspiracy?

The conspiracy involves language and the “medical industrial complex” (whatever the hell that is):

We must remember that those who control the language control the narrative. This is why the idea of “preferred pronouns” was introduced. The outlandish concept, while clearly a bastardization of the English language, is the ideal way to get an unsuspecting public to willingly utter outright lies that serve the goals of the trans medical industrial complex.

Oy vehFace meets palm. In polite society we address people as they choose to be addressed. According to the science a trans woman is, for all intents and purposes, a woman. I am patiently waiting for Lisa to identify a lie. Decent people use gender-conforming pronouns. Also, misgendering people makes one look rather foolish.

The woman at left is Caroline Cossey. In 1981 Ms. Cossey appeared in the James Bond Film For Your Eyes Only. Caroline Cossey is a transgender woman. Can you imagine how utterly imbecilic it would be to refer to Cossey as “mister” and then with male pronouns?

Does Baby Jesus really require people to act like idiots?

Later on (honestly, I have to skip some crap or my keyboard might suffer from my distress):

If you’re bold enough to refuse to cave on the pronoun posse, you will be immediately attacked by all those who’ve been indoctrinated by trans ideology. They will usually pick a fight with you by throwing down what I call “the story card.” This involves telling a personal story about a friend or a friend of a friend who was supposedly so unhappy until the day he/she/they realized that he/she/they is actually transgender. This friend eventually transitioned and now he/she/they is the happiest he/she/they has ever been.

In response to a story like this, all one need say is: It ain’t over until the well-proportioned individual who may or may not still identify as a lady sings.

I have never heard of the above approach and being transgender is not an “ideology.” It is a reaction to a medical condition. It’s easy to understand how these people become confused between fact and dogma.

People who deadname or misgender transgender folks are too far gone to reason with. No one is likely to tell unhinged nut jobs a story. The crazies are not interested in the medical science. They have the intellectual curiosity of my sourdough starter and the critical thinking skills of a doorknob. Arguing with stupid people is a frustrating, pointless waste of energy.

Speaking of intellectual curiosity:

Many people who identify as trans who first claim to be thrilled with their transition end up living to regret it. A profound sadness often sets in after the hormone honeymoon wears off. (People who go on cross-sex hormones typically feel an immediate boost in mood. This is, in part, why so many depressed teenage girls are seeking them out.)

In the above is a link to a website called Detrans Voices. It is another anonymous website. It’s not evidence of anything and “many” is an exaggeration. Some transgender people do desist. Not many but some.

The primary reason that transgender people desist is family pressure. Not dissatisfaction.

We still do not know who “Money” is and how it contrasts with “money” in the following paragraph:

Every day, more and more people who once bought the lies perpetuated by Money (and money) are now de-transitioning back to their God-given sex. People like Elle Palmer, Charlotte Evans, Walt Heyer, Keira Bell, and Linda Seiler are just a few of the many vocal de-transitioners now dedicated to speaking the truth about the trans-medical industry and its insatiable need for victims (and victims’ money).

“Every day?” Based on what evidence? These five are all people who we have heard about for years. These folks seek relevance (and an income) from desisting. These are also people who transitioned a very long time ago. Elle Palmer, about 30 years. Linda Seiler, about 35 years. Keira Bell, unknown. Walt Heyer, about 40 years. Evans never transitioned in the first place. Evans thought about it.

The point is that psychiatry and psychology have advanced considerably over the last 30 to 40 years. Even the criteria for diagnosing gender dysphoria has changed considerably, to the extent that it even existed. Furthermore, it’s always the same five people.

In the United States alone there are an estimated 1.4 million transgender people.

More importantly desistance is irrelevant. That fact that a few people detransition has no effect on the many people who do so to relieve their symptoms. What is her point?

If “Lisa,” whoever the fuck she is, told her brother that Walt Heyer detransitioned, how could that possibly affect her brother’s gender dysphoria? All she will accomplish is further alienation of a sibling.

New research out of Harvard Medical School demonstrates that gender-affirming surgery correlates to significantly improved mental health. The same is true of children and adolescents who transition.

Prepubescent children transition through attire and hair style. Adolescents might receive puberty blockers after entering puberty. Puberty blockers are fully reversible.

In later teen years an adolescent might receive cross-sex hormones. “Lisa” is arrogantly promoting the idea that she is more knowledgeable and has better judgement than all of the doctors, parents and patients.

What skills does Lisa have or provide? She cannot write a coherent paragraph. The fact that she has a transgender family member — one that she disapproves of — does not make her an expert on human sexuality. That is particularly true in this case because Lisa has no interest in medical science.

The American Academy of Pediatrics bases its Clinical Practice Standardson the gender-affirming care model. That, in turn, is based on a mountain of research. Might they be a tad more erudite than “Lisa?”

Assumptions of assumptions:

The issue of how transitioning has ruined the lives of millions will surely reach a fever pitch in years to come. So the next time someone throws down a trans “story card” then follows it up by explaining how “trans people need the support of their cisgender peers,” stop them right there.

Again, people have transitioned for over 100 years and this idiot cannot predict the future. Nor is there any evidence to support the idea that “millions” of people are dissatisfied with their gender affirmation. The “trans story card” does not exist. It is a strawman argument which is an informal logical fallacy.

Lisa is likely confusing support with approval. No one seeks Lisa’s approval. No one needs Lisa’s approval. Those are facts that drive arrogant religious fanatics to distraction.

Another falsehood based upon selective observation:

A 2011 U.S. study found that 41 percent of transgender participants reported attempting suicide in comparison to 1.6 percent of the general population. Is this because people aren’t accepting of them or because they have mental health problems the rest of the population does not? The Centre for Suicide Prevention says on its website that transgender people experience mental illness at a much higher rate than the general population.

The suicide rate is succeeded by the following:

… with rates rising for those who lost a job due to bias (55%), were harassed/bullied in school (51%), had low household income, or were the victim of physical assault (61%) or sexual assault (64%).

Those higher rates are part of the 41%. Self-harm is caused by minority stress. If people like Lisa would stop their bullshit then fewer transgender people would attempt to kill themselves. According to the same study, 15% of transgender people had income below $10K compared to 4% of the general population.

Regarding the Center for Suicide Prevention, Lisa omitted the context:

Transgender (trans) people face unique stressors, including the stress some trans people experience when their gender identity is not affirmed. Trans people also experience higher rates of discrimination and harassment than their cisgender counterparts and, as a result, experience poorer mental health outcomes. They are also at a greater risk for suicide as they are twice as likely to think about and attempt suicide than LGB people (Haas et al., 2011; McNeill et al., 2017; Irwin et al., 2014).

More falsehoods:

…our new Assistant Secretary of Health believes that minors should be able to determine their own gender without parental consent.

First of all, neither minors nor their parents determine a kid’s gender identity. Parents do not have the ability to consent or not consent to a child’s gender identity.

Secondly, that is not what Dr. Levine says or believes. Dr. Rachel Levine is a board-certified pediatrician. Her professional organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics bases its clinical practice standards on the gender-affirming care model.

Gender-affirming care first requires a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. That requires meeting six of eight criteria and being in “significant distress” for at least six months.

More bullshit:

All it takes is a confused teenage girl stopping by her school counselor’s office and mentioning that she doesn’t feel totally at ease in her body (what teen girl does?) to get a reference [sic] to a gender identity specialist who can then send her directly to Planned Parenthood for cross-sex hormones. She can change her name and pronouns and “come out” to friends and family as transgender the very next day. And all this can happen without parental consent.

The above is nonsense. Parental consent is required for medications. A “gender identity specialist” is a board-certified psychiatrist who must first process a diagnosis which, as I noted above, requires at least six months of significant distress.

A casual conversation with a school counselor doesn’t establish anything. Significant distress is not “confusion!” This woman is not only dishonest but profoundly stupid.

At least we finally find out who “Money” supposedly is. The deceased John Money was a New Zealand psychologist. Money died 15 years ago. His last publication regarding gender identity was 25 years ago. John Money is irrelevant.

For the sake of our children, we can no longer be silent. We must collectively commit to never use the words that pedophile advocate John Money and the billionaire boys’ club came up with. We must start referring to people by the pronouns associated with their biological sex. We must not care about what names we get called or what relationships we lose in the process. We must stop perpetuating the idea that calling people by their “preferred pronouns” is somehow virtuous. Taking care not to offend through speech is not a virtue. Telling the truth is.

Money is a controversial figure in many ways. However, the argument is ad hominem. She is trying to delegitimize the science associated with gender identity by attacking one person’s controversial nature. Money’s most recent study of gender identity is from 1996. A veritable mountain of peer-reviewed research has been published in the ensuing 25 years.

What “Lisa” provides is standard literalist Christian fare. The politeness of gender-appropriate language, according to her, is a lie. It’s not a lie according to medical science. I am sure that Lisa has thoroughly alienated her brother because she is so judgmental.

Why on earth would someone choose an anti-LGBTQ hate group as the outlet for grievances with a sibling? We do not even know what she wants of her brother. The fact that a few people detransition does not mean that her brother could do so without dire consequences. Is he supposed to suffer because of Lisa’s unhinged religious beliefs?

The woman is also willingly ignorant and intellectually dishonest. The most frustrating aspect for me is the fact that she will not be aware of my take. It is unlikely that she has a Google alert on just “Lisa.” I don’t get to tell Lisa what an idiot she is.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.