Mary Margaret Olohan's hobby is smearing transgender people on behalf of the Catholic Church
Apparently, it is fun to be this fucking stupid | image via Twitter

Another day; another preposterous presentation about how 0.5% of the population is going to make life awful for Christians. It’s getting old.

Mary Margaret Olohan, Defender of the Faith™, doesn’t like President Biden. Olohan doesn’t like LGBTQ people either. Her disapproval, Tuesday, is titled: Biden Administration’s New Gender Identity Policy Could Force Health Professionals to Violate Conscience. Nothing is too idiotic for Heritage Foundation’s blog.

According to Sister Mary (No. Not the Fire Island drag queen):

The Biden administration announced Monday that it would reinterpret “sex” in the context of health care anti-discrimination laws to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” reversing a Trump administration policy that defined “sex” as gender assigned at birth.

I hate to be Ms. Olohan’s source of knowledge but everyone — everyone — has both a sexual orientation and gender identity. That includes sexuality that Olohan disapproves of. Her god is funny that way. Olohan’s disapproval does not excuse discrimination. She should not have that power.

Referring to Terry Schilling of American Principles Project:

Terry Schilling - anti-LGBTQ Defender of the Faith“Make no mistake,” Schilling said. “The policy announced by HHS today is not about ‘fix[ing] a broken bone’ or ‘screen[ing] for cancer risk.’ No American was being denied access to these treatments for identifying as ‘LGBTQ.’ Rather, this policy is really about forcing hospitals and medical professionals to adhere to leftist ideology regarding sexuality and gender—and in particular to provide sex-change procedures to all comers, including children.”

The American Principles Project (APP) is one of the numerous extremist Catholic organizations founded by Robert P. George and Luis Tellez. (The professor and the Opus Deist). APP isn’t very principled when it comes to telling the truth.

First of all, LGBTQ people are routinely denied basic medical care (see below). Secondly, sexuality — including sexuality that Schilling disapproves of — is not an ideology. Thirdly, there is no such thing as a “sex-change procedure.”

Moreover, hospitals do not perform procedures. People perform procedures and hospitals, including Catholic hospitals, have complete autonomy in the extension of privileges.

Gender-affirming care is complex and requires considerable training. Just because, for example, someone is an endocrinologist that doesn’t mean that he or she is qualified to administer puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones.

Therefore, gender-affirming care is only provided by clinicians who elect to do so. Nondiscrimination is always based upon “what is on the menu.” That eliminates the possibility that some religious whack job would be forced to provide gender-affirming care. That’s not an item that is on the “menu.”

There is one — and only one — procedure that could create some discomfort. A gynecologist could be required to provide services to a transgender man. That is not gender-affirming care and I cannot think of any logical reason to refuse care.

Of course, logic does not always apply. The religious nutters denial of service is frequently not because it bothers their conscience. Rather, it is a means of conveying disapproval. Approval and shame are very important to these people. LGBTQ people do not seek, and certainly do not require, anyone’s approval.

The indifference of LGBTQ people adds another element. The approver/disapprover is less important than he or she believes. Some people become angry when their relevance is reduced.

This is just the latest in the ceaseless efforts to marginalize LGBTQ people because of religious beliefs. It is an obsession that is senseless.

Schilling continues to lie about his self-contrived issue. Mary Margaret Olohan is his transmitter:

Schilling, the president of the American Principles Project, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Monday that though Levine and Becerra paint the HHS move as one “all about lifesaving care for transgender people,” the HHS announcement is merely “a way for the federal government to use its full weight and coercion to do the most controversial aspects of the gender identity stuff, which is gender transitions for minors.”

First of all, neither Secretary Becerra not Assistant Secretary Levine referred to transgender people. I know this because Sister Mary provided portions of their statements:

“Fear of discrimination can lead individuals to forgo care, which can have serious negative health consequences,” Becerra said. “It is the position of the Department of Health and Human Services that everyone—including LGBTQ people—should be able to access health care, free from discrimination or interference, period.”


Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine also said in a statement that HHS seeks to “enhance the health and well-being of all Americans.”

“All people need access to healthcare services to fix a broken bone, protect their heart health, and screen for cancer risk,” Levine said. “No one should be discriminated against when seeking medical services because of who they are.”

It is a reasonable assumption that if either Becerra or Levine mentioned transgender people then Ms. Olohan would have included that in her quoted material.

Again, the only people “required” to provide gender-affirming care are the qualified clinicians who opt to provide gender-affirming care.

Schilling continues to contribute to the pile of turds:

“There’s not some rash across the country where gay people are going in to get their broken arm fixed and the doctor is like, ‘Oh, sorry, you’re gay. I’m not helping you,’” Schilling said. “We would know about those cases immediately.”

Untrue. Lambda Legal did a survey. A section of their 28 page report reads (emphasis per original):

The results of this survey highlight enormous challenges that remain for LBGT communities and those living with HIV in accessing quality, non-discriminatory health care services. More than half of all respondents reported that they have experienced at least one of the following types of discrimination in care: being refused needed care; health care professionals refusing to touch them or using excessive precautions; health care professionals using harsh or abusive language; being blamed for their health status; or health care professionals being physically rough or abusive. Almost 56 percent of lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) respondents had at least one of these experiences; 70 percent of transgender and gender-nonconforming respondents had one or more of these experiences; and nearly 63 percent of respondents living with HIV experienced one or more of these types of discrimination in health care.

So fuck you Terry Schilling. Furthermore, when transgender people are denied healthcare it is routine care having nothing to do with gender affirmation.

Schilling presented The Daily Caller News Foundation with a hypothetical scenario in which parents take a child diagnosed with gender dysphoria to a doctor that does mastectomies. The doctor finds out that the child doesn’t have breast cancer, that the child is a 15-year-old girl who is gender dysphoric, Schilling suggested.

First of all, minors are not generally candidates for any form of surgery so the hypothetical is highly unlikely. Secondly, any transgender-related surgery requires the approval of a behavioral health specialist who would then refer the patient to a plastic surgeon. Thirdly, the surgeon has to be satisfied with the psychological assessment.

Mr. Schilling’s hypothetical will never happen. Even if, by some chance, it did occur, what are the odds that the selected surgeon would have a religious objection?

Bottom line: This is just the latest in the ceaseless efforts to marginalize LGBTQ people because of religious beliefs. It is an obsession that is senseless.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.