Transmission of anti-LGBTQ hate from Israel to the United States

Israel has its share of religious crackpots. How much influence do they have over opinion and policy in the United States?

We Jews like to think of ourselves as pretty tolerant. There are exceptions and they do not necessarily align with orthodoxy. Ultra-orthodox Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, for example, is a dedicated warrior for the dignity of LGBTQ people. His view is that kindness, equality and tolerance for sexual diversity are compelled by Jewish scripture.

Noam Party chairman M.K. Avi Maoz does not share Rabbi Mike’s views. In a letter to the IDF’s chief, Moaz has said that gender equality “weakens Israel.”

The Noam Party is sort of like a merger of the Jewish version of Opus Dei with Family Research Council. The Noam party was established in 2019 by a very conservative faction in the Zionist community. The party’s main goal is to advance policies against LGBTQ rights, and what it calls “the destruction of the family.”

However, Maoz was not referring to transgender people. He was referring to the equal treatment of women in the Israeli Defense Force.

Just how obsessed is the Christian Right with transgender persons who constitute a tiny minority group?

You wouldn’t know that from the reaction of some of our domestic cashews.

An article at Charisma Magazine asks: Will Israel Take a Stand Against the LGBTQ Agenda? It is attributed to “Charisma Staff.”

“Charisma Staff” go on to write:

Noam Party chairman M.K. Avi Maoz called for the closure of the Israel Defense Forces Gender Affairs Department Monday.

“The spread of this perception of gender throughout the IDF must be stopped immediately. We face many security challenges, please do not allow foreign agendas to harm the IDF at the expense of the security of the citizens of Israel,” Maoz wrote.

He penned these words in response to an instance where in “a number of Intelligence Corps courses,” the Hebrew language “has been distorted, with references to female soldiers being made in multi-gender language.”

Based on the title (referring to the LGBT agenda), the above is just another example of how utterly obsessed the Christian Right is with the transgender people who constitute only about a half-of-one-percent of the population. “Charisma Staff” presume that anything to do with gender refers to trans folks.

It’s “TDS.”

Transgender Derangement Syndrome.

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By David Cary Hart

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