According to Alex Newman children are being LGBT indoctrinated in public schools
Alex Newman – The Image says it all | via YouTube

Indoctrination is permissible when it reinforces superstitions. Indoctrination becomes a pejorative when it involves educating kids with evidence-based scientific facts.

Alex Newman (douchebag du jour) writes: Why Christian Parents Must Consider a Mass Exodus From Government Schools for Their Children.

“Why?” To dumb-down the kids, of course.

According to Newman, now is a perfect time to make ignoramuses of children:

There has never been a better time for parents—and especially Christian parents—to get their children out of government schools. That is the message pastors and families all over America need to hear right now. From the indoctrination and sexualization of children to the unprecedented dumbing down and now the outrageous “coronavirus” measures, the time has come.

Sure because mommy, a high school graduate, has teaching expertise that surpasses a professional with an M.Ed. Newman is saying that schools are responsible for “unprecedented dumbing down” of children. Unbelievable. These whack jobs have a tendency to believe their own bullshit.

I note that Newman is a prolific author for Epoch Times, the far right outlet for the Falun Gong cult. Epoch Times is notorious for spreading conspiracy theories, QAnon stupidity and vaccine misinformation.

Kevin Roose at the New York Times has written:

Embracing Mr. Trump and Facebook has made The Epoch Times a partisan powerhouse. But it has also created a global-scale misinformation machine that has repeatedly pushed fringe narratives into the mainstream.

So let’s see if I am correct about Alex Newman. Public schools are indoctrinating kids with evil ideas but it’s not hypocritical to write for an outlet that spreads misinformation for partisan political purposes. Is that about right?

Getting to the core amidst the abundant blather:

There are many compelling reasons for parents and pastors to protect the children from government schools right now, even if they have not been doing it before. Consider, for example, the state laws proliferating across America mandating LGBT indoctrination of all children. Radical “sex education” with roots in absolute evil, meanwhile, begins in kindergarten. And that is just the start.

Hyperbole is a form of dishonesty. If age-appropriate, scientifically accurate information about human sexuality is explained to kids, that is no more “indoctrinating” than the multiplication tables.

Teaching kids to be kind to their classmates who are different is evil? I have written countless times that people like Mr. Newman either fear that such curricula will turn kids into LGBTQ children or such curricula will make it more difficult for kids to be prejudiced.

If instruction contradicts scripture, parents can simply explain: “As devout Christians, we believe …” The problem is not what Christian kids are taught. The problem is the behavior that LGBTQ kids are subjected to due to Alex Newman’s ad hoc curricula.

“The biggest difference between public schools and homeschooling is the amount of intellectual curiosity that children end up with.”

Mr. Newman’s mendacity and paranoia extends to other religions:

On the religious front, it is a grim picture. In California, a newly approved “ethnic studies” curriculum would see children chant and pray to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice and cannibalism. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and more are all welcome, but not the God of the Bible. As Jesus explained twice in the Gospels, whoever is not with Him is against Him. Simple question: Is your local government school with Christ?

In order to “prove” his point, Newman does not link to the curriculum. Rather, he links to a post by anti-LGBTQ nut job Michael Brown who relies on a post by Christopher F. Rufo at the far right (lunatic fringe) Manhattan Institute.

It is safe to say that comparative culture education poses no threat to Christendom.

This is a pattern. Newman has previously written that “Pedophilia Being Taught As ‘Sexual Orientation’ in California Schools.” Sure.

In 2019 Newman was claiming that many teachers object to the curriculum in their schools but are afraid to speak out. That is a frequent religious-right theme. The reason you don’t hear (what is really nonexistent) criticism is that people are scared to speak out.

The main ingredient in Alex Newman’s rancid stew is the meme that LGBTQ people (including kids) pose a threat to heterosexual, cisgender children. It is an age-old technique for demonizing a disfavored minority group.

The biggest difference between public schools and homeschooling is the amount of intellectual curiosity that children end up with. Alex Newman does not want kids to be curious critical thinkers. His goal is to turn out religious robots who will be just as moronic as he is.

As adults those are the people who will be unlikely to develop vaccines or to engage in any form of intellectual endeavor. They are more likely to invest time and energy spreading religious indoctrination.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.