Jim Denison is always claiming that LGBTQ people will cause the world to come to an end
Jim Denison has another crackpot theory | via YouTube

One more time (ugh): Nondiscrimination laws do not force doctors to provide gender-affirming care!

According to Jim Denison: Biden admin. forces doctors to perform sex-change operations.

No it does not. Jim Denison is a professional crackpot but it seems that the Christian Post is always willing to provide him with a microphone no matter how idiotic the post.

The last time I wrote about Jim Denison he was certain that those rainbow Oreo Cookies were an end-of-world antagonist. Prior to that, the end of the world was assured because two women on a Starbucks paper cup must be lesbians.

Getting back to Denison’s current nonsense, he is wrong on many levels.

First of all, doctors are only required to provide what is on the proverbial menu. The overwhelming majority of doctors are not qualified and not trained to provide any form of gender-affirming care. Thus, it is not on their menu.

Secondly, transgender people are not stupid. They choose doctors who are trained and qualified to provide transgender medical care.

Furthermore, nondiscrimination laws including gender identity as a protected class are in effect in numerous states and municipalities. If there exists a case where a physician was forced to provide transgender medical care, I am not aware of it.

There is one — and only onepossible (though improbable) scenario. A gynecologist might be required to provide care to a transgender man. However, even then, that is not transgender-related medical care and it should not pose a problem.

It should not be a problem but some religious crazies are determined to deny service to LGBTQ persons. They do so because they believe that they are obliged to demonstrate their disapproval of LGBTQ people. The shame dispensers have no problem violating applicable laws in service to their superstitions.

“Ultimately, aside from the politics, this is a tactic intended to marginalize transgender people.”

Gibberish du jour.

The HHS announcement does note that its Office for Civil Rights “will comply with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” However, if the so-called Equality Act now before the Senate becomes law, such appeals to religious liberty will be expressly forbidden. In that case, faith-based hospitals would be required to perform sex-change surgeries on children and adults.

The above is so profoundly idiotic that I hesitated to quote it.

  1. The correct term is “gender-confirmation surgery.”
  2. Children are not candidates for surgery.
  3. The only surgeons who provide gender-confirmation surgery are specially trained because they want to offer the procedure.
  4. A surgeon who does not offer gender-confirmation surgery is not compelled by law to perform the procedure.
  5. No transgender person will choose a surgeon who does not have the applicable experience.

Denison, by the way, claims to have a doctor of divinity degree from Dallas Baptist University. The school does not offer that degree.

Jim Denison is not the first person to promote this lie and he will not be the last. These religious nutters are, at heart, Republicans. The intent is to ding President Biden, regardless of the appalling dishonesty.

At the same time Denison is advancing the idea that there are many people who would have a “conscience” objection to providing gender-affirming care. If that is true then some doctors do not approve of transgender medicine which means that there is something wrong with the supporting science.

Ultimately, aside from the politics, this is a tactic intended to marginalize transgender people. Denison is essentially pushing the narrative that gender dysphoria is a medical condition but transgender persons are people who have made some very bad choices.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.