Angry god
Why is their deity always so pissed off?

Friday, a study from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University revealed a “seismic generational shift” between the worldviews of older Americans and millenials.

According to the study, millennials (ages 18 to 36) are significantly less likely than older Americans to subscribe to “traditional” teachings. These include the nature of God, original sin, salvation, creation, life after death, human purpose and biblical morality.

The difference is greater than one might expect.

When it comes to beliefs in personal salvation, 40% of people 55 and over identify as born-again Christians. A mere 16% of Millennials meet the criterion. Alternatively, younger Americans were more likely to hold to Moral Therapeutic Deism whihc most evangelicals view as counterfeit Christianity.

If enough of the older crowd dies out we might enjoy some peace. And it’s not just LGBTQ people. The “traditionalists” — the fanatics and zealots — create chaos and noise:

  • They fight not to wear masks.
  • They claim that attending church is vital.
  • In effect they insist that they have a right to spread potentially lethal disease.
  • They refuse to get vaccinated and spread misinformation about vaccinations.
  • They assume a “God-given” right to discriminate.
  • They are dedicated to dispensing public shame upon those they disapprove of.
  • They claim the right to control the bodies of women who are not adherents.
  • They robustly insist that ancient chronicles are more authoritative than evidence-based science.
  • They can look at a rock and confidently assert that it is less than 6,000 years old.
  • Some are even geocentrists. (What did Copernicus know anyway?)
  • They baselessly insist that we are a Christian nation.
  • The are adherents to the idea of Christian supremacy which yields to Christian privilege.
  • In spite of Trump’s three marriages, six bankruptcies, systematic deadbeatness, 35,000 lies, sociopathy and toxic narcissism, they are his most avid supporters.
  • They promote the pseudoscience of conversion therapy to justify prejudice and discrimination.
  • They insist that their bigotry is a form of love.
  • In spite of applicable science to the contrary, they spank (beat the hell out of) their kids.
  • They fight any and all nondiscrimination laws that identify LGBTQ people as protected.
  • They attempt to obfuscate inherent anti-Semitism with Christian Zionism.
  • They insist that they have special rights in public schools/.
  • They derive power from incuriosity and a dearth of critical thinking.
  • They lie. They make the most outrageous claims in an effort to conform society to their religious beliefs. Everyone and everything is fair game.
  • They claim to have rights that defy valid laws which include nonprofit politicking.
  • Their dishonest pressure groups claim to be churches and are treated accordingly by their friends at the IRS. (I’m still working on it.)
  • They insist that the Establishment Clause says something different from what is says.
  • They insist that anyone who does not agree with them cannot do anything right.
  • They are wed to the notion that their approval is not only important but required; insisting that people who couldn’t care less are striving for their blessing.
And I am just getting started with the above.

I could go on at considerable length and I have devoted little attention to LGBTQ bigotry. Suffice it to so that if they all died out, our collective IQ as a nation would rise by 20 points. Furthermore, our society would be kinder. Our politics would be less divisive. As a nation we would accomplish much more.

My mentor was W.E. Deming. One of the things that he stressed in achieving a quality culture was constancy of purpose. In my opinion that applies to nations as well as businesses.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.