Transgender athletes are not seeking an unfair advantage. They just want to compete.

A contest between Heritage Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom for the most dishonest transphobia.

Heritage Foundation is former home of insane anti-trans warrior Ryan T. Anderson. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is the legal group deemed an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (and for good cause).

According to Heritage staffers, Virginia Allen and Lauren Evans: After Losing to Male Athletes, College Runner Fights for Fairness in Women’s Sports. Perhaps she should fight for a better coach, a better fitness regimen or greater rationality.

If we take the title at face value, the runner — Mary Kate Marshall — lost a race to a transgender girl. Just because she lost a race doesn’t mean that her transgender competitor had an unfair advantage.

None of these warriors for Christ ever mention or consider the fact that trans girls are testosterone suppressed. They do not mention or consider it because that is not the point. This has nothing to do with athletic fairness. This is about defending scripture.

Calling transgender females “males” and referring to them as “biological males” is one of the reasons that Alliance Defending Freedom is considered a hate group. Perhaps Heritage Foundation would like to be in ADF’s company.

The Idaho Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was passed in August, 2020 and promptly signed into law by Governor Bradley Jay Little. A federal judge blocked the legislation shortly thereafter.

The state filed an appeal at the Ninth Circuit. Oral argument was heard on May 3, 2021. On November 19, 2020 (notably after Trump lost his bid for a second term) the administration filed an amicus brief supporting the legislation. No surprise there.

Roger Brooks, on behalf of ADF, told media:

Our argument to the appeals court today and our consistent argument, in this case, is based on well-established science of the differences between male and female bodies.

A science-denier citing inapplicable science. It is the usual bullshit ignoring the fact that trans females are testosterone suppressed which means that they do not have “male bodies.”

A review of the real science can be read here.

The Heritage staffers did a podcast with Mary Kate Marshall (the cisgender athlete) and ADF lawyer, Christiana Michelle Holcomb. Holcomb is a graduate of Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy which is an unaccredited correspondence law school. Impressive.

According to Holcomb:

Well, across the country, we’re seeing state athletic associations and lawmakers pass policies that allow biological males to come in and to dominate the girls’ category. One prominent example, of course, is what we’ve seen in Connecticut, and Alliance Defending Freedom is representing female athletes there, but also in the state of Idaho, where Mary Kate is from, a male athlete from the University of Montana dominated the female category. [He had] previously competed as a male, and in fact, set times that would’ve absolutely crushed the NCAA women’s record in those categories at that time.

“I need not repeat the obvious. Stupid people presume that others are as dense as they are.”

There is no evidence that transgender girls have “dominate[d] the girls’ category.” Trans athletes in Connecticut have a mixed record of wins and losses.

The Christianists are incapable of uttering the phrase “transgender [female|girl|woman].” To do so would be to acknowledge that they exist which is contrary to Genesis 1:27 (Holcomb is employed at ADF’s Center for Christian Ministries).

Ms. Holcomb is full of crap. Those “crushed” record times were recorded prior to transition. NCAA rules require at least one year of testosterone suppression which is something that no ADF lawyer will ever discuss. They are intent on falsely portraying the issue as men vs. women. They do so throughout this exchange with Heritage Foundation.

BTW, ADF lost the case in Connecticut.

More bigotry from Ms. Holcomb:

… the ACLU believes that biological males who “identify” as female ought to have the right to compete in the girls’ category. And that flies in the face of commonsense, and frankly, nearly 50 years of law and policy in our country, where we’ve set aside the girls’ category for a reason. And that’s because we recognize there are inherent physical differences that give biological males an inherent athletic advantage over female athletes.

Why is “identify” in quotes? Really. One is required to have a Christianist-to-English app. Again, the nitwit insists on portraying this as a man vs. a woman. Ms. Holcomb is deliberately obtuse and dishonest in addition to her bigotry.

And, again, this is not about athletics. This is all about fundamentalist Christianity.

The irrelevant bullshit continues:

Bull shitting bullshit

In fact, the studies show that males have on average a 10% to 50% performance advantage over comparably fit and trained female athletes. …

I need not repeat the obvious. Stupid people presume that others are as dense as they are.

Mary Kate Marshall is as idiotic and bigoted as her lawyer:

[In] my first collegiate cross-country race, I competed against a biological male. And going into it, I was already pretty nervous—my first college cross-country race, and this just made me so much more nervous. And after the race, I got beat by this athlete, and so did all of my other teammates. And it was just very disheartening to see one of our first races of the season and already we’re having to run against a biological male.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I just know that males are much faster than females. So, how is this going to be fair? But I wanted to stay open-minded and see what’s going to happen, because we haven’t seen this before. And after the race, I knew this isn’t fair.

“They prefer to press the issue through perceptions rather than tangible reality. Doing so seems to concede that they lose on the merits.”

Suffice it to say that NCAA rules have been in place for ten years. This is the only controversy that I am aware of. The NCAA based its rules on the science:

Providing medical advice and understanding of the complexities of the transitioning student-athlete are: Eric Vilain, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Human Genetics, Pediatrics and Urology, Director of the Center for Gender-Based Biology and Chief of Medical Genetics in the UCLA Department of Pediatrics, member of the International Olympic Committee medical advisory board; R. Nick Gorton, M.D., Emergency Medicine Physician, Sutter Davis Hospital, Primary Care Provider, Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Services–San Francisco, … Lori Kohler, M.D., Medical Director of the Family Health Center at San Francisco General Hospital.

Also from Marshall is this which seems to be at odds with Holcomb’s statements about trans women “dominating:”

The athlete didn’t take first place, but this athlete was amongst the top 10, I believe. And it was just very discouraging to see this athlete up there and just knowing that however hard I train probably is not going to do anything, because this athlete has so much more advantages than I do. And I just knew that this was going to be an issue.

Marshall is complaining that a trans woman did well. Later on Holcomb weighs in with the dishonesty that we have seen theoughout:

Look, this is really a commonsense issue. The vast majority of the American people, well over 70%, agree that it’s not fair to allow males to compete in women’s sports. Again, the whole purpose and promise of Title IX for young women was to protect the integrity of the female category and give girls like Mary Kate these athletic opportunities.

Obviously, Holcomb is misstating the issue as males competing in women’s sports. The Ninth Circuit is not interested in a popularity contest; one that is often impossible for minorities to win.

Heritage Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom have devoted an entire podcast to promoting misinformation. Intentionally mischaracterizing an issue means that they are lying. When did lying become a Christian value?

I might have some respect for these folks if they were more honest. What their argument really boils down to is that the testosterone suppression is not sufficient to ensure fairness. They will not do that because then the matter is resolved through science.

They prefer to press the issue through perceptions rather than tangible reality. Doing so seems to concede that they lose on the merits.

The Christian right is in a war with transgender people because they would prefer trans people not to exist. In the alternative they will settle for portraying trans persons as lunatic oddities. In this case the characterization is that trans persons are dishonest.

Fundamentalist Christians accusing people they disapprove of as dishonest is rich. Lying for the Lord is still lying.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.