Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins poses the real danger to children
Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins’ bigotry, prejudice and dishonesty poses the REAL threat to children.

It’s not “Tony Perkins Day” at the Slowly Boiled Frog. The hate group leader is just prolific.

The following tweet has Tony Perkins of Family Research Council in a tizzy:

According to Perkins at Heritage Foundation’s blog: Lego Releases Set Celebrating ‘LGBTQIA+’ Figures, Drag Queens. I don’t see any drag queens in Lego’s tweet. But if I did, so what? If someone wants to be the next RuPaul that is admirable.

According to Tony Perkins, the idea that “everyone is welcome” is not a value that we should cherish. The truth is that Tony Perkins’ bigotry is what should be unwelcome in American homes:

The left is tearing down mainstream values—brick by brick! Lego, the latest company to pander to the woke, just decided to test the waters with a rainbow set of “LGBTQIA+” figures. “Everyone is awesome!” the iconic toy company tweeted with a picture of the pack, which also boasts a transgender flag-colored spectrum.

Perkins is apoplectic that inclusiveness has become an established American value. As I wrote earlier today:

People who are “woke” are kind to others. I’ll take that label every day of the week (if I live up to it). That does not apply to Mr. Perkins who has direct ties to the Klan.

Anti-LGBTQ bigots often claim that the existence of LGBTQ people — or just the knowledge that LGBTQ persons exist — poses a peril to children. Tony Perkins is no exception:

And if you’ve always wanted your kids to get an early education on cross-dressers, creator Matthew Ashton says you’re in luck. Although the characters are supposed to be nonconformist, the purple figure is meant as “a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there.”

Behold the gay Teletubby.
Fuck. I did not know that purple stands for drag queens. In 1999 Jerry Falwell claimed that the purple Teletubby was gay and an attempt to “recruit” kids to become gay. (Teletubbies were characters created for the entertainment of preschoolers.) At least we know that Tony Perkins is not channeling Jerry Falwell’s corpse.

Tony Perkins also believes that LGBTQ people “recruit” kids to be LGBTQ which is pretty idiotic:

“People like Tony Perkins pose the real danger to children. They are … bigoted. What can children learn from them …?”

If Lego wants to trot down this … controversial path, it’ll learn pretty quickly that American parents aren’t interested in its building blocks of indoctrination. Most U.S. consumers are wide awake, thanks to the cancel culture, and they’re not about to let a major decision by Lego corrupt a playful tradition that they loved as children themselves.

If indoctrination does not mean “recruitment” then it must mean suggesting to children that they should not be prejudiced of LGBTQ people. Perkins would prefer to keep them bigoted.

The reference to the latest right wing chew toy, “cancel culture,” seems a bit hypocritical. Tony Perkins is intent on “cancelling” Lego. Note how the existence of LGBTQ people is a “corrupt[ing] influence.”

Tony Perkins consistently validates the judgment of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC deems Perkins’ Family Research Council a hate group. Eventually Perkins gets to the drag queens he disapproves of:

Unfortunately, these days, a family can’t even turn on PBS without seeing something shocking created specifically for kids. In New York City, the network is under incredible fire for broadcasting a drag queen series aimed directly at children as young as 3. “Let’s Learn,” the program is called. And children learned all right—about a drag queen called “Lil Miss Hot Mess.”

Unlike Mr. Perkins, the kids get it. Drag queens are just entertainers. Kids realize, for example, that clowns do not have huge red noses in the shape of a golf ball. What I want to know is this: What is the damage? What is the evil influence that Perkins thinks a drag queen will have over children?

“Tony Perkins is not just a bigot. Tony Perkins is a thoroughly dishonest bigot. Moreover, Perkins’ rhetoric is wholly illogical if people apply even a modest amount of critical thinking.”

Perkins considers the presence of LGBTQ people “shocking.” Shock value is found in Perkins’ illogical and dishonest bigotry.

Perkins offers this attempt at an explanation:

For now, the Family Research Council’s Jared Bridges warns, “Parents should be sure that we’re not letting any toy corporation (or school, or media company, or fill-in-the-blank) be the source about what’s true in the world. Moms and dads should be aware that no area of the world—not even the toy aisle—is immune from the age-old effects of deception.”

Presumably Jared Bridges is referring to religious dogma. People like Bridges accept religious doctrine as incontrovertible truth regardless of evidence to the contrary. LGBTQ people exist. That is the truth. Drag queens like RuPaul make oodles of money entertaining others. RuPaul has two Emmy awards.

I still do not understand the peril! Tony Perkins and Jared Bridges (whomever the fuck that is) claim that LGBTQ characters put children in danger. In danger of what exactly.

People like Tony Perkins pose the real danger to children. They are prejudiced, divisive and bigoted. What can children learn from them that we would want them to learn?

Perkins and his usual transphobic smear:

The sad part about Lego’s campaign is that everyone is awesome. But they’re awesome because they’re created in the image of God to be uniquely male and female—a truth that’s unchangeable, down to their very DNA.

An appeal to heaven is a logical fallacy. Arguing that something is the “will of God” is to assert that God has ordained a particular position or action. It is also the claim that the assertion cannot be questioned because the deity is infallible. In other words it is rhetorical bullshit.

Another frequently employed logical fallacy is the claim of religious zealots that science denial is the real science:

If Lego wants to turn its back on thousands of years of science, morality, common sense, and public opinion, that’s its choice. But it needs to know that there’s a price for its extremism.

  • The science regarding sexuality is crystal clear.
  • Mr. Perkins is far from a legitimate arbiter of morality. The most important gauge of morality is how we treat others.
  • Common sense is found, in part, by accepting the evidence.
  • The appeal to public opinion is a combination of two logical fallacies:
    1. Perkins’ orbit does not provide a representative sampling of public opinion. (Faulty generalization.)
    2. Just because something might be popular (argumentum ad populum) does not make it right.

Tony Perkins is not just a bigot. Tony Perkins is a thoroughly dishonest bigot. Moreover, Perkins’ rhetoric is wholly illogical if people apply even a modest amount of critical thinking. Perkins never puts himself in a position where his views can be challenged. There is a reason for that.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.