The attention-seeking Billy Burleigh deems himself qualified to determine what medical treatment a youth will receive
The fact that Billy Burleigh was once transgender does not make him qualified to determine what medical treatment gender incongruent youth will receive. | via YouTube

Transgender people who detransition don’t change the medical science.

Hate Group Leader Jennifer Roback Morse (Ruth Institute) has found a new pull-toy. That would be Billy Burleigh, a man who was once transgender but has detransitioned.

There is one — and only one — reason that Morse is doing this. It is a defense of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Jennifer Roback Morse has no interest in Billy Burleigh, or anyone else for that matter. Morse’s sole concern is for Church doctrine which she accepts as incontrovertible truth.

According to the Church, transgender people do not really exist. They are just “confused” individuals who need to be unconfused.

“Billy Burleigh’s 15 minutes expired four months ago.”

The fact that the dogma flies in the face of settled science is irrelevant to extremist adherents to the ideology. They attempt to make the science go away with intellectually dishonest arguments. People like Paul R. McHugh and Ryan T. Anderson devote considerable energy in their attempts to discredit the science in service to the Church.

Billy Burleigh’s 15 minutes expired four months ago. In February Burleigh was “featured” in a video from RT, the Russian state-controlled propaganda outlet. Then Burleigh was interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

Later in the month Burleigh championed Utah’s HB92. The measure (which ultimately failed) was a bill crafted by Alliance Defending Freedom — an anti-LGBTQ hate group — which sought to ban gender-affirming care in Utah.

Like bills in other states, the primary sponsor, Rep. Rex P. Shipp, has no qualifications to legislate how a medical condition should be treated. Shipp claims to be a financial advisor.

Billy Burleigh claims that he transitioned as an adult. My guess is that he had surgery about 25 years ago in his 30s. Burleigh’s dated experience has nothing to do with gender incongruent kids.

“During the Spanish Inquisition, religious zealots tortured and executed people accused of heresy. Morse is on a path that history has not treated kindly.”

In February, Burleigh claimed that doctors should be precluded from providing “puberty blockers” and “sex characteristic-altering procedures” to minors. Burleigh’s “reasoning” seems to have more to do with getting attention than protecting anyone from anything.

Obviously Burleigh is wholly unqualified to disagree with clinical practice standards (based on gender-affirming care) of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The fact that Burleigh was transgender does not mean that he possesses any special or unique knowledge. In fact Burleigh’s detransitioning remains unexplained.

Jennifer Roback Morse is promoting a one hour video of her interview of Burleigh. She characterizes Burleigh as a “victim of gender ideology.” Ms. Morse is a victim of the Church which has robbed her of any critical thinking skills that she might have once had. (Morse supposedly has a PhD in economics.)

Morse has a cult-like adherence to the ideology of the Catholic Church. Jennifer Roback Morse is essentially a Catholic “Moonie.” Morse dishonestly claims that the treatment of a medical condition that the Church disapproves of means that the individuals being treated, in accordance with the best available medical science, are adherents to an ideology.

“Driven by religious fanaticism, legislators in Arkansas have deprived children of the right to have medical treatment according to established medical science.”

Morse is projecting. Morse is transferring her own fragile emotions to others; possibly unconsciously. Morse makes about as much sense as any other religiously insane person.

These are the people who fly airplanes into buildings. They used to torture people into admitting that they are witches. Historically, they burned people alive who did not conform to their religious views. During the Spanish Inquisition, religious zealots tortured and executed people accused of heresy. Morse is on a path that history has not treated kindly.

What? You think I am being hyperbolic because Morse isn’t torturing or killing people? I beg to differ.

A parent who subscribes to Jennifer Roback Morse’s idiocy might abuse their child and drive their kid to suicide. That is not hyperbole. Furthermore, people who believe Morse are prone to treat gender-diverse youth unkindly.

It is already happening. Driven by religious fanaticism, legislators in Arkansas have deprived children of the right to have medical treatment according to established medical science. Moreover, those legislators have deprived parents of the right to determine how their children’s doctors will provide care.

Furthermore, those legislators have deprived doctors of their obligation to “do no harm” in accordance with their professional oath. People like Jennifer Roback Morse are responsible for motivating what amounts to child abuse.

People like Billy Burleigh are complicit. For the purpose of “look-at-me,” Burleigh is perfectly willing to allow himself to be exploited by religious crackpots.

No good can come from Burleigh’s attention-grabbing nonsense. Only harm can accrue from substituting faith-based religious doctrine for evidence based medical science.

Someone recently told me that I have seemingly lost my sense of humor. I find it very easy to summon some sarcasm in commenting on the crazy antics of Brian S. Brown regarding marriage or nondiscrimination laws.

However, I find it virtually impossible to find any humor regarding people who promote the abuse of the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community — gender expansive kids.

Those Defenders of the Faith are evil, malevolent people. Religion does not excuse the infliction of pain and suffering. In fact, their obscene behavior is being done under the guise of moral judgment. They are the equal of people who, in the name of religion, condoned slavery or burned people at the stake.

Morses video is here if you want to burn through some brain cells. I have flagged it as transphobic. You should do so as well.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.