Mad Mat Staver continues to validate his organization's designation as a HATE GROUP
Mad Mat Staver caught lying again.

In spite of all the Christian sanctimony, Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel, is an extraordinarily dishonest person.

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is in utter dismay that the Equality Act could become law. Mad Mat is not terribly bright:

The “Q” in LGBTQ includes about 550 sexually deviant paraphilias—including pedophilia that will become a protected class under this bill!

Cosmopolitan states: “Queerness is an umbrella term that is both an orientation and a community. … The vagueness of the term is intentional—queer is an identity created for anyone outside of the heterosexual norm and meant to be inclusive.”

In addition, the activist group LGBTQ Nation wrote, the “Q in LGBTQ can also signify other sexual orientations and gender not covered by the acronym’s preceding letters. If you’re gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, genderfluid, pansexual, asexual, solosexual or something else not covered by LGBT, the Q has got you covered!”

Hell. I did not think that Staver was even capable of counting up to 550. Whatever “Q” actually means it has no relevance to the Equality Act. The language in the bill is framed as:

in subsection (a), by inserting “sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity),” before “or national origin” …

The bill defines sexual orientation:

(5) SEXUAL ORIENTATION.—The term ‘sexual orientation’ means homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality.

Ergo pedophiles are not a protected class. And Mat Staver, for all his Christian sanctimony, is just a pants-on-fire liar.

“… one of the things that makes Liberty Counsel a hate group is their linking LGBTQ people to pedophilia.”

What is particularly ironic — and stupid on Staver’s part — is that Staver continues to demonstrate exactly why the Equality Act is necessary. Furthermore, Staver consistently validates the Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of Liberty Counsel as a hate group.

Here’s another whopper while linking LGBTQ people to pedophiles:

In fact, there is an entire organization dedicated to normalizing pedophilia in America. B4U-ACT is a “collaborative effort of mental health professionals and people who are attracted to children or adolescents” with the goal “to educate the public regarding issues faced by these individuals.” The new euphemism for pedophile is a “minor-attracted person.”

Here is the mission statement:

  • To publicly promote professional services and resources for self-identified individuals (adults and adolescents) who are sexually attracted to children and desire such assistance
  • To educate mental health providers regarding approaches needed in understanding and responding to individuals (adult and adolescents) who are sexually attracted to children and who either seek or are referred for services regarding issues identified by such persons or by those referring them for services
  • To develop a pool of health care providers who agree to serve individuals (adults and adolescents) who are sexually attracted to children, utilizing the therapeutic approaches advocated by the organization
  • To educate the public regarding issues faced by individuals (adults and adolescents) who are sexually attracted to children
  • To undertake other projects, programs, and activities as the need to do so presents
  • itself

In other words, Staver framed educating the public as the primary goal when, in fact, it is subordinate to three other initiatives with the intent of preventing pedophiles from acting on their attractions.

“The entire diatribe is filled with lies.”

Furthermore “minor attracted person” is not a “euphemism for pedophile” as Staver claims. Not all people who are attracted to children are pedophiles. Proper treatment can prevent them from becoming pedophiles.

The real issue is not Staver’s mendacity

Staver’s dishonesty is, indeed, an issue. However, one of the things that makes Liberty Counsel a hate group is their linking LGBTQ people to pedophilia. It is a smear. Staver disapproves of LGBTQ people. However, being LGBTQ is not to violate any law. Pedophilia is an unlawful activity.

Furthermore, there are far more instances of Christian youth counselors engaging in sex with minors than LGBTQ people doing so.

FFRF: “Researchers know that a typical child molester is a ‘good Christian’ and often a church-goer active in church activities.”

Mores lies about the Equality Act:

Churches will be forced to provide equal access to LGBTQ ceremonies if the facilities are open to natural marriage ceremonies.

Churches have the absolute right to determine what marriages they will or will not consecrate. The Equality Act has no effect on those policies.

From pre-K, children will be taught that they can choose their gender, will be encouraged to experiment with each other to find their “identities” and will be able to demand opposite, both and neither sex pronouns (“he” for a girl, “zie” for neither, “mx” for both).

The Equality Act has no effect on school curricula. Furthermore, children cannot, and do not, “choose” their gender. Moreover, the Equality Act does not mandate common courtesies like gender-appropriate pronouns.

Pregnancy centers will be forced to provide abortion referrals.

The Equality Act has no effect on those dishonest pregnancy centers.

And if this bill passes, you will not escape its reach into every business, church, school and basically every person’s life. It can even apply to many personal homes!

“Personal homes?” What on earth is this idiot referring to? Moreover, the Supreme Court has already settled the issue of employment discrimination. What’s left are primarily public accommodations. That’s not “every business, church, school.”

The entire diatribe is filled with lies. I just picked a few of the ones that I felt were the most egregious.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.