Blowhard Bill Donohue is terribly distressed by LGBTQ folks
Blowhard Bill Donohue of the Catholic League stressing out over LGBTQ folks

Blowhard Bill Donohue leader of the Catholic League (for doing nothing other than paying Bill a pile of money) informs us that we are a thorny issue.

And here we go again. After the obligatory statement disparaging bullying of any kind:

Today more than ever before, gay activists have succeeded in gaining the support of a large swath of government officials, and an even bigger slice of corporate America. It does not exaggerate to say that these key decision-makers see no reason to tap the brakes on any issue of importance to the LGBTQ community. To that extent, the gay rights movement has been a stunning success.

Later on, same subject:

Similarly, corporate America has signed on to gay pride month in a way that is startling. The biggest banks, department stores, airlines, professional sports teams, liquor and beer companies, hotel chains, TV networks, newspapers, tech companies, and pharmaceutical houses are all on board without reservation. There’s the rub—without reservation.

First of all, “Gay Pride” became “LGBTQ Pride” years ago. Secondly corporate America supports LGBTQ people because doing so is good for business.

Eventually we get to Blowhard Bill’s inherent bigotry:

… why is it necessary for those elites who want to show respect for LGBTQ people to remain silent about the child abuse that is taking place in the name of gay pride? To be specific, anyone who sanctions sex transitioning for minors is promoting child abuse, whether it is intentional or not. Most teens who express a desire to transition will change their mind if given time. Moreover, hormone blockers are irreversible and the next step is sex reassignment surgery. From what we know, the results, in terms of wellbeing, are not auspicious.

There is enough bullshit in the above to fertilize the Mohave Desert.

“Not treating kids according to medical science would constitute the child abuse that Donohue falsely claims is caused by gender-affirming care!”

First of all, anyone who thinks that complying with the Clinical Practice Standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics constitutes “child abuse” is in need of some serious therapy; possibly some meds.

Secondly, Blowhard Bill is just flat out lying. Desisters never transition in the first place. Most kids who experience some discomfort with their gender identity will desist. Kids in acute distress from gender dysphoria will transition and rarely desist.

Not treating kids according to medical science would constitute the child abuse that Donohue falsely claims is caused by gender-affirming care! Withholding proper treatment has no effect on the persistence of the condition or its severity. But it can cause immense suffering.

Thirdly, according to the Endocrine Societythe experts — puberty blockers are fully reversible. Donohue is talking out of his ass.

Finally, “the next step” is not surgery. Dishonest Christians want people to believe that transition means surgery which, according to them, means that preventing transition eliminates surgery. The two things are independent of each other.

And, de rigueur, associating gay men with pedophilia:

Harry Hay is regarded by many as the founder of the gay rights movement. … [drivelectomy] He was also a supporter of NAMBLA, the gay pedophile group.

Blowhard Bill Donohue is deranged. That is like me saying:

Consider some ultra-conservative Catholics. Robert Hanssen, a member of Opus Dei, is doing life without at a federal supermax prison for espionage. Hanssen created, according to DOJ, “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history.”

One individual does not define Catholicism and one individual does not define LGBTQ people. Donohue goes on to smear several gay men in order to smear gay people.

False equivalence:

“Did I mention that Bill Donohue — a divorced man — is deranged?”

Last year, statues of iconic Americans were destroyed by urban anarchists. Every effort was made to eradicate historic figures from American history texts, and annual celebrations in their name came under fierce attack. The elites, almost without exception, stood by and watched; some applauded.

If these Americans are worthy of being scrubbed from our history, why should those who founded the gay rights movement not be excised as well?

Did I mention that Bill Donohue — a divorced man — is deranged? The first group were treasonous Confederates who orchestrated an armed uprising against the United States. The second group harmed no one.

Furthermore, if bigots like Donohue would stop exploiting early gay activists they would be less visible.

More false equivalence:

“Tell me. Has Donohue ‘recognized the dignity’ of LGBTQ people in accordance with the religious precept he referred to?”

The duplicity, though, is repugnant. Why is it okay to trash Harry Truman but not Harry Hay? Those who launched the cancel culture—they are all on the left—cannot now claim that what they started should stop at their doorstep. If they want to recognize flawed gay leaders, let them recognize flawed American heroes.

The best path forward is to cancel the cancel culture and stop with selective moral indignation.

Some people criticize Harry Truman based on his record which included authorizing the use of nuclear weapons. Truman had a significant impact on the world. I cannot find it at the moment but somewhere around here I have a list of all the companies that Donohue has tried to cancel.

If Bill Donohue wants to bitch about being “cancelled” then he should stop offering bigoted, dishonest and outlandish diatribes. “A man reaps what he sows.” A good start would be to stop lying.

Earlier in the screed Donohue wrote: “It is one thing to recognize the equal dignity of all Americans—this is a staple of Catholic teachings—independent of their sexual orientation …”

Tell me. Has Donohue “recognized the dignity” of LGBTQ people in accordance with the religious precept he referred to?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.