Laurie Higgins offers proof that the religious fanatics cannot be reasoned with
Laurie Higgin, Illinois Family Institute | via VCY America

“… LGBTQ persons refuse to cooperate with Laurie Higgins and her ilk. We will not be ashamed of who we are … and that drives those people bonkers.”

Laurie Higgins is just one of the reasons that Illinois Family Institute is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A summary of Higgins’ interview by Jim Schneider (VCY America) is titled “Transing” the Public Schools. Seriously?

All this noise over kids who comprise about 0.1% of the population speaks to either irrationality or political opportunism (or both). The religious “justification” (smearing particularly vulnerable children is never justified) is a defense of scripture.

According to Schneider:

Based upon the success of change agents, the same … indoctrination is underway to promote the transgender agenda as well. The guest on this edition of Crosstalk calls it, the “transing” of public schools.

Right. Encouraging kindness to people who are different is a form of “indoctrination.”

When it comes to values. One group accepts diversity and is welcoming to all. Another group is always pissed off at someone and constantly attempting to marginalize and denigrate people they disapprove of for no rational reason.

Which of those groups offers the better values to pass on to children?

Schneider goes on to write:

How did we get to this point? Laurie believes the reasons are many. One of them is the increasing cowardice of Christians and conservatives. She indicated that it’s incremental steps that lead to cultural change. Such change doesn’t happen dramatically in a singular moment. We either ignore or dismiss these small steps because it’s easier. The solution involves people getting active in the schools or pulling our children out.

“… they should not feel socially safe in disparaging LGBTQ people.”

All that gibberish, above, does not define a problem. My being Jewish should be a more important matter. I do not accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior. Most trans kids and their parents are Christians.

They do not have the balls to go after me because I am not a Christian.. If they do they will include some drivel about defending Israel. In most conservative Christian quarters, overt anti-Semitism is not displayed because doing so is socially unacceptable.

Similarly, they should not feel socially safe in disparaging LGBTQ people. Who we have sex with or how we present ourselves in terms of gender does not affect them in any meaningful way. It’s none of their sanctimonious business However, they require an enemy. It’s part of the fabric of bigotry.

Allow me to return to my initial reaction: What problem is Laurie Higgins addressing? No matter what Higgins says or does, the same LGBTQ people will continue to exist. They will be present in public schools and they will demand to be treated with kindness.

The days of self-loathing sexual minorities are over and will never return.

In other words, LGBTQ persons refuse to cooperate with Laurie Higgins and her ilk. We will not be ashamed of who we are. We neither seek nor require Higgins’ approval and that drives those people bonkers.

Fighting mystical forces:

According to Laurie, the toxic ideas are too pervasive in our school systems and they’re bureaucratized at every level. That includes those institutions involved with public schools and not just the schools themselves.

“Intelligent, rational people accept the simple reality that transgender kids exist and they attend public schools.”

Two-watt bulbs; the lot of them. Being transgender is not an “idea.” It is a reality. It is a means of mitigating the symptoms of a medical condition. Encouraging kids to be nice to one another is “toxic?”

  • Bigotry is “toxic.”
  • Intolerance is “toxic.”
  • Cruelty is “toxic.”
  • Laurie Higgins and Jim Schneider are “toxic.”

“They” consistently offer proof of their irrationality:

Conversation then moved to Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker who appointed a task force whose members were all on the “left”. Their purpose was to come up with recommendations to “trans” the schools under the guise of “safety”. What they really mean is they want to affirm a set of assumptions about the nature and morality of cross-sex identification.

No. What they really mean is addressing the safety of transgender kids. Why is there always a supposedly hidden agenda? Furthermore what, or who, might cause trans kids to be unsafe? Moreover, their hidden agenda makes no sense!

There is nothing to “affirm” and there does not exist a “set of assumptions.” Trans kids are not going to desist in order to please a few noisy ignoramuses with outsized influence. Trans kids have parents. Trans kids are treated by a team of highly trained clinicians.

Intelligent, rational people accept the simple reality that transgender kids exist and they attend public schools. The only issue remaining is how those kids will be treated. The choices amount to either acceptance or rejection.

“Do we have to make children sick to defend religious doctrine?”

How would these same Christians want their kids to be treated? The gender incongruence lottery has no religious preferences. Would they treat their kids according to medical science or according to religious dogma. That determination — that parental choice — defines the difference between faith and superstition.

A fear of something which remains undefined:

Laurie warned listeners that this is coming to every state unless people take a stand against it.

What, precisely, is “this?” Same questions: What is the problem? Why is it a problem?

Making a list, checking it twice and begging the question:

As the conversation continued, she communicated the following:

  1. Some of the recommendations of the Illinois task force.
  2. Laurie’s response to the idea that we should make a distinction between sex and gender.
  3. Is there a difference between someone identifying as an animal as opposed to someone identifying as the opposite sex?

“Just how insecure is Laurie Higgins over her own sexuality?”

Those recommendations are likely based on research and medical science. The research is abundantly clear. Kids who are supported in their gender identity do very well. Do we have to make children sick to defend religious doctrine?

The science is based on evidence. It cannot change because it does not conform to religious doctrine. Natal sex and gender are independent constructs.

As for question 3, I am not going to dignify it with an answer. The science is unambiguous. Question 3 crosses the superstition line. It highlights the fact that Laurie Higgins is a hateful bigot. What did Higgins’ parents do to her to create her mess? Just how insecure is Laurie Higgins over her own sexuality?

Kids have nothing to fear from their few transgender classmates. Those trans kids are made to fear people like Laurie Higgins and Jim Schneider. That makes Higgins and Schneider self-righteous sociopaths.

Dr. Jack Turban and historian Jules Gill-Peterson wrote an important piece for CNN yesterday. It is titled: Attacks on trans people are also attacks on science itself.

They are correct. I suspect that both people know that you cannot reason with religious fanatics. We have ample proof that the zealots are immune to logic. They are also able to deny objective truths with complete confidence.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.