Arthur Schaper provides an almost comical sketch of a right wing nut job
Arthur Schaper of Mass Resistance making a fool of himself at a Torrence, CA city council meeting

Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour is one of the more idiotic things that right wing groups engage in.

Tuesday, according to American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:

The perverse wig-wearing drag queens are back in American public libraries, where they are again poisoning the minds of innocent children, but a group that has fought them nationwide is back with their protest signs, too.

These are the same schmucks who are constantly whining about parental rights. Yet, they want to substitute their judgment for that of a parent who wants to take his or her child to a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Moreover, there is nothing “perverse” about drag queens. They are entertainers; men who imitate women, often in very comical ways. I will remind these nitwits that RuPaul has received eight Primetime Emmy Awards. Yeah, I know: It’s all those Jews in Hollywood.

AFA’s Charlie Butts and Billy Davis (two geniuses required) drone on:

Boston-based MassResistance showed up recently to protest a “story hour” in historic Plymouth, where a local TV news station acknowledged the June 22 event was met with protesters outside Plymouth Public Library.

Arthur Schaper of MassResistance tells One News Now that three women in the community learned of the then-upcoming “story hour” and began contacting others to organize the protest.

Last time I checked, Arthur Christopher Schaper (pronounced “shopper”) is an unemployed and unemployable resident of Torrance, CA. Schaper has a reputation in California for disrupting public meetings.

“In case it wasn’t clear, this is about homophobia.”

Arthur Schaper is so abrasive that the Republican Party revoked the charter of Beach Cities Republican Club, of which he is president. The ne’er-do-well is reportedly associated with a number of right wing anti-immigrant groups.

As for those two women, who presumably have the combined intellect of a glazed donut, they should learn to mind their own business. I do not think that anyone is forcing them to attend an event with their children.

What right do any of these people have to tell other parents how to raise their children? What special training or experience do they possess?

In case it wasn’t clear, this is about homophobia:

The homosexual drag queen fetish is not new to many far-left communities, where drag queens perform at LGBT events and at raunchy late-night clubs. But the sexual perversion not only showed up in public libraries in recent years but was brazenly tied to wholesome children’s story hours, where reading Dr. Seuss is replaced with a pro-LGBT children’s book.

Apparently then, Milton Berle, Dustin Hoffman, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, John Travolta, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Julie Andrews and countless others are all perverts rather than entertainers.

If you do not like the presentation then do not take your kid. Problem solved. Furthermore, hate, prejudice and lies are not “wholesome.” Tolerance for people who are different is wholesome. Who appointed these idiots arbiters of wholesomeness?

The obvious attempt to influence and indoctrinate children found a willing partner in public libraries, where “tolerant” liberals are often on the payroll and often clash with the community at large.

With parental involvement, Drag Queen Story Hour teaches valuable lessons about kindness and respect for people who are different. It also encourages kids to use the library and to read. American Family Association and MassResistance attempt to “influence” children to be hateful little prejudiced bigots.

“One group instills kindness. The other group instills hate in their children? Which group is the more decent?”

What is Arthur Schaper teaching kids? Certainly not probity. Hate is not benevolent. The self-righteous set does not present a model of decency. Moreover, they damage children for life.

Liberal parents have also defended exposing their children in the name of “tolerance” and “acceptance,” and often accuse protesters — if they show up — of being “bigoted” and “hateful.”

The name-calling has not deterred MassResistance, however, which has used its nationwide network of grassroots activists to show up with signs ready outside their local public libraries.

Perhaps these folks should learn to listen. Perhaps they should find a more productive hobby. “Nationwide network?” Please.

It is Mr. Schaper who needs to wake up:

“We’re glad to see that people are really waking up,” Schaper tells One News Now, “and they’re not afraid of the ‘homophobe’ card or the perverted bullying that people try and push on everybody.”

“Perverted bullying?” Who the hell is bulling who? Parents who take their kids to an event at a library. Or would that be people shouting their disapproval of those parents in front of their children? Moreover which group is likely to be better educated? Which group has the more successful people?

One group instills kindness. The other group instills hate in their children? Which group is the more decent? Furthermore, who is Arthur Schaper to pose as a model of virtue? What has Schaper ever accomplished that wasn’t about getting attention?

“Arthur Schaper, MassResistance and American Family Association have accomplished nothing of value to any child.

In an eye-opening investigation in Texas, MassResistance discovered that City of Houston library officials had repeatedly allowed not one but two convicted sex offenders to interact with children at a 2018 “Drag Queen Storytime.”

That is true. However, no child was harmed. Indeed, no child has ever been harmed as a result of attending a Drag Queen Story Hour. What positive thing have any of these people ever pursued?

The bottom line to all of this is that Arthur Schaper, MassResistance and American Family Association have accomplished nothing of value to any child.

The profoundly unaccomplished Arthur Schaper is seeking relevance which requires more than a mediocre intellect. We can only hope that he does not have children of his own.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.