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National Organization for Marriage is unable — or unwilling — to properly account for how it uses donors’ money.

The fiercely anti-LGBTQ organization is profoundly dishonest.

Problems, problems and more problems. Brian S. Brown, leader of National Organization for Marriage, has been somewhat quiet of late. The catastrophe du jour appeal for money has ebbed a tad. Brown has removed his finger from the proverbial dyke to let flow a flood of disasters, each of epic proportions.

As you will see, none of these issues are as disastrous as NOM’s financial reporting. But first, here’s how Brian S. Brown’s world is wired:

Sometimes I feel like grabbing my head and pulling out my hair. That’s what I feel like right now as I watch all the challenges to our beliefs and values that are coming, one after the other. One, the deadly Equality Act legislation that would impose so much of the extreme LGBT agenda on us. Two, the threat of toppling the conservative majority on the Supreme Court by packing the court. Three, the stacking of the deck against us electorally by giving Democrats in Washington DC control over all state elections. Four, the attempt to make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states, thus ensuring four new leftist Democrat Senators.

Forgive me for asking. Suppose, for the moment, any of those things were an imminent reality. What could National Organization for Marriage do to thwart the sinister agenda of those dastardly libs?

National Organization for Marriage is a defective sponge. It soaks up money giving nothing in return.

Moreover, back in the day, NOM was a $10 million plus organization. For 2019, income was a meager $247 thousand on which it lost $82 thousand. Somehow all of those “triple matches” that Brown used as a dollar lure don’t seem to have really existed.

Aside from all of the obvious dishonesty, how will NOM use any contributions to mitigate any of Brian S. Brown’s “hair-pulling” problems?

You will not find answers to that question from any of NOM’s tax filings.

On its 2019 tax return (form 990), NOM claimed to have no employees.

Nevertheless, NOM reportedly paid $211,997 in salaries and employee benefits. Neat trick when it has no employees.

Things get even murkier. Here is a list of officers, directors and key employee. None received compensation:

However, according to the P&L, they were compensated:

“NOM’s financial records are pure fiction. These even include a balance sheet that is out of balance.”

In addition, there is something that I have never seen before. Executive compensation was exactly the same as non-executive compensation.

Magic 8-Ball
Some of these numbers look like they were derived from a mysterious source. Brown cynically knows that small nonprofit organizations get little attention. Furthermore, the Exempt Organization Division of the IRS is severely underfunded and understaffed.

And there is more. NOM reports that NOM Education Fund is not a controlled entity. That is assuredly (and absurdly) false. The lie is intentional. It relieves the organization of responsibilities to report inter-organization transactions.

Furthermore, there is a little problem with competing balance sheets. According to the NOM tax return it has $218,512 in loans payable. According to the NOM-Ed tax return, it has loans receivable in the amount of $362,137 (which accounts for 99% of its assets).

“National Organization for Marriage and its leader, Brian S. Brown, presume to be arbiters of morality. How does that fit into … misrepresenting its finances?”

I cannot imagine that NOM-Ed provided funds to anyone else. If you look at the source and application of funds of both organizations, the appearance is that:

  1. NOM-Ed provides virtually all of its excess of revenues over expenses to NOM.
  2. NOM-Ed’s reported expenses support NOM (NOM-Ed doesn’t really do anything).
  3. NOM-Ed is nothing more than a virtual entity established to collect donations that are tax-deductible (donations to NOM are not tax-deductible).
  4. NOM claims that it owes NOM-Ed less than NOM-Ed claims it is owed.
  5. If the NOM-Ed number is correct then NOM lost $150,000 more than is reflected on its P&L for a total loss of about $420 thousand.

The bottom line is that NOM’s financial records are pure fiction. These even include a balance sheet that is essentially out of balance on a consolidating basis. Whomever completed the filings has the accounting skills of a dachshund.

Then there is the hypocrisy. National Organization for Marriage and its leader, Brian S. Brown, presume to be arbiters of morality. How does that fit into constantly asking for money while misrepresenting its finances?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.