Trans youth you are not alone

I often wonder if the Defenders of the Faith™ believe their own bullshit.

One of the more odious creatures I follow is Doug Mainwaring. Wednesday, Mainwaring offers: Top Biden officials encourage transgenderism in kids, vow to punish states resisting transmania. The polemic is subtitled:

The Biden administration slammed state laws seeking to protect children from transgenderism and promised to make the federal government a ‘model employer’ for gender-confused people.

I prefer to avoid argument ad hominem. However, Mr. Mainwaring requires some understanding for perspective. Some years ago, Mainwaring was National Organization for Marriage’s poodle. Brian S. Brown dragged the idiot around on his leash as “the gay man who opposes gay marriage.”

Married to a lesbian Mainwaring makes a living writing for LifeSiteNews. In that role the man is extremely homophobic and transphobic. He was gay when he opposed marriage equality. Now pretends that he is not gay. LifeSite is enormously popular among Catholic extremists.

Mainwaring is an incurious imbecile incapable of critical thinking. However, he has a loud microphone to promote anti-LGBTQ mythology. Apparently Mainwaring is a dogmatist. He accepts Church doctrine as incontrovertible truth regardless of evidence to the contrary. Thus a pathological liar has probably convinced himself that he is not lying.

Returning to the current mound of turds:

Mr. Mainwaring hasn’t the capacity for originality. The dummy regurgitates the transphobic talking points no matter how irrational and preposterous they are:

Shitting BullOn the final day of “Pride Month,” the Biden White House hosted an online event pandering to gender-confused persons, during which top members of the administration urged children to report transgender “discrimination.” The Biden administration also sent out a warning that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is coming after states instituting laws resisting transmania. 

“The prime sponsors of the Arkansas legislation were a real estate agent and the assistant manager of a hardware store.”

It takes balls on a skateboard for a profoundly confused individual to claim that other people he knows nothing about are confused. “Transmania” is intended to project the myth that there is some enormous increase in transgender people. The corollary to that dishonesty is that young people are influenced to become transgender.

I recommend Transgender Childhood Is Not a ‘Trend’ written by Jules Gill-Peterson at the New York Times.

According to legend, anything that is not transphobic is causing youth to be transgender. Remember that the title of this nonsense includes: “Biden officials encourage transgenderism.”

Appealing to the barely literate set:

Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the DOJ, declared that state laws protecting girls’ sports from infiltration by gender-confused boys “single out and target transgender youth” and “violate both the Constitution and Title IX.” She added that state laws banning “gender-affirming” procedures for youth are “rooted in bias and prejudice.”

Laws banning trans girls from competing in athletics are idiotic. Aside from the lack of a scientific basis, if you drill down on the numbers these laws potentially affect 0.1% of the population. They are not a response to an existing problem.

At 0.1% the impact on sports is statistically irrelevant. They are enacted regardless of whether or not any trans girls are dominating any sport anywhere in the U.S.. However, these laws send a message of bias to a vulnerable and fragile group of young people. The very existence of these measure does damage to the entire community of trans youth.

The second part of that is laws banning gender-affirming care which forms the basis for the clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Furthermore, the prime sponsors of the Arkansas legislation were a real estate agent and the assistant manager of a hardware store.

“Mainwaring doesn’t get the science because he is incurious and he doesn’t care.”

The science is abundantly clear. Gender-affirming care allows trans youth to thrive. Therefore, Kristen Clarke is correct. The Arkansas law is “rooted in bias and prejudice.” I would go further by adding religion-inspired ignorance and stupidity.

Did I mention that Mr. Mainwaring is a nitwit?

Addressing her comments specifically to youth, Clarke said, “If you or someone you know is facing discrimination because you are transgender, we want to know.”  Her statement leaves plenty of room for interpretation, seeming to invite kids to incriminate their parents for not being “gender-affirming” enough.

Uh, no. Bad parenting is a state or municipal issue. A federal complaint involves a public school being discriminatory.

The LifeSite crowd just echoes the nonsense:

Last month, despite his vocal support for “non-binary” students, [Secretary of Education Miguel] Cardona refused to state how many genders there are after being challenged to come up with a number by a Republican member of Congress. 

That is untrue. Republican Rep. Mary Miller (who has the IQ of a geranium) was trying to bait Cardona. Cardona responded that “gender is not binary” which is the scientifically accurate answer.

Asking how many genders there are is like asking how many colors there are in the spectrum of wavelengths from 700nm (red) to 10cm (microwave). Gender is a continuum or spectrum with infinite variations. Male and female are at the extreme ends.

Mainwaring doesn’t get the science because he is incurious and he doesn’t care. He believes whatever the Church tells him to believe.

“There exists no meaningful rationale for transgender persons to be treated unequally.”

Nothing like deadnaming a trans person to depict bigotry:

Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services Richard Levine — known as “Rachel” in the Biden administration and in secular media — said he is “truly humbled to be the first openly transgender individual to serve in a Senate-confirmed position.”
Levine dismissed all objections to transgenderism as nothing more than politics.

Dr. Levine is a board-certified pediatrician. Furthermore, Dr. Levine has an outstanding record of public service. Doug Mainwaring is an unsuccessful self-loathing faggot. On his best day, his intellectual capacity is well below Dr. Levine’s on her worst day.

Dr. Levine was correct in the environment of a hearing. The transphobic nonsense was a political effort to pander to religious extremists. Transphobia is rooted in the defense of scripture.

Mainwaring doesn’t care how accomplished Rachel Levine is. All he sees is a transgender woman whom he disapproves of. Moreover, perhaps the effort to smear someone of Levine’s stature, provides a very unaccomplished man with a sense of superiority.

President Biden is an accomplice to perversion:

The Biden administration sees itself as making history by manufacturing ‘trans rights’

Dubbed a “Convening on Transgender Equality,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki kicked off the June 30 livestream event by announcing that her personal pronouns are “she, her, and hers.”  President Joe Biden previously informed the nation that his preferred pronouns are “he and him.”

A very conservative Supreme Court led the way with its ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County. Transgender persons are to be free of workplace discrimination. It is only necessary to codify rights when people are discriminated against. There exists no meaningful rationale for transgender persons to be treated unequally.

Furthermore, in polite society we address people as they choose to be addressed. Preferred pronouns provide others with the necessary information to do so.

“Mainwaring’s conclusion highlights his vacuousness.”

Morons quoting morons:

“The President of the United States and his advisers are lifting you up on this pedestal and calling you an activist and making this an important part of your identity — at a time when (young) people’s psyches are fragile because they’re in adolescence, and it’s a time of a lot of turmoil,” feminist Natasha Chart told Breitbart. 

Natasha Chart is with a faux feminist group that does nothing other than promoting anti-trans stupidity. The tiny nonprofit is reportedly funded by Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. To tell you the truth, I don’t get her argument. That is, … until she continues via Mainwaring:

“They are encouraging these kids, ‘Come out as this, and someone will make you famous,’” said Chart.  “In other contexts, such as when you’re talking about the school-to-prison pipeline, these same progressives would describe it as dehumanizing to give an adult prison term (to children).”

My crackpottery-to-English app is not very effective. I think she is claiming that kids are transgender because they are “encouraged” to be transgender. Got any evidence to support that absurd assertion? My app completely crapped out over the prison meme.

Mainwaring’s conclusion highlights his vacuousness:

While everyone participating in the White House online conversation about transgenderism claimed that this was a vitally important topic for the nation, after nearly a week, the YouTube video has garnered less than 15,000 views. A White House tweet about the video has received less than 2,400 “likes.” 

In simplest terms, importance and popularity are two independent constructs.

Some eunuch at the Vatican makes a pronouncement from ignorance and folks like Mainwaring are all too eager to go along with it. Transphobia — in some respects — has replaced homophobia because anti-gay rhetoric is no longer seen as acceptable.

“Transphobia is rooted in the defense of scripture.”

Eventually, the anti-trans diatribes will be seen for what they are: Dishonest arguments in defense of the faith masquerading as secular reasoning. Meanwhile, vulnerable transgender kids have to suffer an onslaught of misinformation which is promoted in defense of the faith.

Always missing is an alternative:

I don’t know of anybody who’s discovered a way to actually talk a transgender person out of their gender dysphoria.

Dr. Jack Drescher
Member, APA’s DSM-5 Workgroup on
Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.