Barronelle Stutzman and Kristen Waggoner - Bigot and Enabler
Barronelle Stutzman and Kristen Waggoner – Bigot and her ADF enabler | via Twitter

Consider how much misery has been caused by persons acting on behalf of their god. People have been tortured, impaled, burned at the stake, gassed, imprisoned, segregated, Inquisitioned, ethnically cleansed and enslaved. Wars have been started; airplanes have been flown into buildings; famine has been created as a tool for conformity.

Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kristen Waggoner is one of the deity’s proxies. In an email Thursday, Waggoner writes:

Last Friday, I was disappointed. Heartbroken, even.

God used Barronelle’s case to help lead me into defending religious freedom and other fundamental freedoms full time. It changed—she changed—my life.

Apparently, Waggoner’s god has some selective capabilities. He or she could lead Waggoner to behave in a certain way but was unable to get the Supreme Court to hear Barronelle Stutzman’s case.

Moreover, Barronelle Stutzman is not a victim. Stutzman made deliberate choices, First to discriminate contrary to state law. Then to wage war against our citizenry to make her aberrant choices a matter of “Christian Privilege.”

I write “citizenry” because Washington State’s nondiscrimination law was legislated by the representatives elected by the people. It was signed into law by a governor elected by the citizens of the state. It was upheld in a court paid for by the people.

The law does not provide for religious exemptions.

Stutzman was free, at any time, to campaign for new legislators who would amend the law. Instead she chose to take it upon herself to defy the law.

“Ms. Waggoner has a rather fucked-up conception of a paradigm of decency.”

Moreover, public accommodation nondiscrimination laws are based, in part, on the fact that all citizens subsidize those business. Citizens pay for police, fire protection, roads, infrastructure, garbage removal and a host of services that are required in order for a public accommodation to exist.

Barronelle Stutzman is no better than, and no different from, a Klansman or Neo-Nazi. Self-righteousness does not excuse bigotry.

The real victims in this case, Ms. Waggoner, are the gay couple and their families who were humiliated at the hands of a sanctimonious idiot who has the empathy capacity of a turtle.

Abetting a bigot is “a blessing?”

… I never expected the blessing it would be to walk with Barronelle for the last eight years since Washington State and the ACLU sued her. I’ve spent a lot of time with her and her husband, Darold. They are family to me. They are family to the ADF team.

They are all family. Isn’t that special? That is why Alliance Defending Freedom is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Furthermore, Ms. Waggoner has a rather fucked-up conception of a paradigm of decency:

Barronelle has modeled how to face adversity with grace and empathy. I can’t imagine doing that as well as she has.

If Stutzman had any empathy (indeed, some common sense) she would have served the couple that she turned away. “Render unto Caesar …” Martyrdom at someone else’s expense is narcissistic.

“ADF’s mission was to get a case before the Supreme Court that would — in their minds — invalidate local nondiscrimination laws.”

I have read a great deal of the testimony in this case. Stutzman was just waiting for a gay couple to ask for flowers so that she could deny them service. The egotistical twat wanted some attention — and she got it.

… Barronelle has suffered for so long. She deserved justice and the Supreme Court denied that to her.

How in hell has this dreadful woman suffered? She was represented for free. Stutzman was never in serious legal jeopardy. Stutzman raised considerable sums, supposedly for legal fees that she wasn’t being charged. The woman received the attention that she craved.

Again, Stutzman and her lawyers were driving this train. ADF’s mission was to get a case before the Supreme Court that would — in their minds — invalidate local nondiscrimination laws. They lost! Boo-hoo!

Poor Stutzman:

Barronelle’s lost and suffered so much in the past eight years. She’s been dragged through the court system just for living out her faith. She and her family have been vilified, threatened, and harassed.

Bullshit! She dragged herself through the court system. It wasn’t for “living out her faith” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean). It was for violating the law and then for an agenda.

Furthermore, bigots receive due opprobrium. Don’t ask us to feel sorry for Stutzman. At the original trial she was fined $1,001. If she had any class at all then she would have paid the small sum and then met with her victims to apologize. The woman has no class.

“Ms. Waggoner either needs a history lesson or some sodium pentothal.”

The excuse that makes me want to barf:

Neither Barronelle’s history with Rob nor her longtime employment of people who identify as gay and bisexual were enough to save her from being steamrolled by progressive bullies.

“Some of my best friends are homosexual.” Bullies? The hate group bullies LGBTQ people. Stutzman bullied a longtime customer. The excuse is that she did so on behalf of her god. The reality is that she did so on behalf of herself.

Emphasis per original:

Barronelle served everyone. She simply could not express all messages or participate in all ceremonies. So, the Washington attorney general, the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, Amazon, Microsoft, and numerous others lined up to make an example of her.

Well, fuck you Ms. Waggoner. What is the difference between that bigotry and refusing to make a bar mitzvah cake on the premise that an adolescent was purposely rejecting Jesus Christ as lord and savior?

There is no difference. For political purposes these people refer to “Judeo-Christian values.” Trust me. They are as anti-Semitic as they are homophobic, transphobic and islamophobic. They just know that the cannot get away with anti-Semitism. If they could — they would.

Furthermore, Ms. Waggoner either needs a history lesson or some sodium pentothal. Before any litigation ensued, the ACLU sent Stutzman a very polite letter explaining that we live in a diverse society. The ACLU correctly predicted the outcome.

As for the attorney general, he offered Stutzman a no-fine settlement if she would simply agree not to discriminate in the future. Amazon, Microsoft, the HRC? How about all of the Christian organizations that actively support discrimination and the dehumanizing of the LGBTQ people they disapprove of?

“Justice Amy Coney Barrett was among the justices voting not to hear this case.”

According to Waggener, she and Barronelle Stutzman are justified because they are adhering to their version of Christianity:

When Christians remain faithful to Christ and stand for freedom, that stand will often result in eventual legal victories. But it always results in eternal ones. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that God has used Barronelle’s example to speak up and stand for Christ.

Then why did their god not use the Supreme Court in similar ways? I will remind them that the very pious Justice Amy Coney Barrett was among the justices voting not to hear this case.

Furthermore, I have spoken with some Christian clergy who have told me that discrimination and law breaking are not justified by any religious doctrine. I am further informed that such behavior is antithetical to Christ’s message of peace and love.

What all this drivel is really about:

ADF's money-grub

“For freedom” my ass. How about the freedom of LGBTQ people to participate in the marketplace with due dignity?

Furthermore, it is important to remember that Waggoner’s view of Christianity is in the minority. Most Christian clergy do no agree with Waggoner, … or Stutzman. Moreover, the courts do not agree.

If people foolishly believe this mendacious message then, perhaps, they should be parted from their money.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.