Jennifer Roback Morse is a sociopath and pathological liar for the faith
Jennifer Roback Morse — Defender of the Faith | via YouTube

Jennifer Roback Morse is a sociopath and a pathological liar.

Monday, an email from hate group leader Jennifer Roback Morse is both injurious to kids and dishonest.

Jennifer Roback Morse is a sociopath. The Catholic extremist. is injuring children in an effort to defend scripture and Catholic teachings.

Furthermore, as sick as that is, Morse is also a pathological liar. Morse pretends that she is promoting the welfare of children while doing precisely the opposite. How much difference is there between Morse’s psychopathic behavior for her god and the people who flew airplanes into buildings for their god?

Sure, the latter group did more damage but the “thinking,” such as it is, is based on the same extreme irrationality. Overall, Catholics support LGBTQ rights in percentages greater than the general public. Simply stated, Ms. Morse is insane.

Monday’s missive is titled: “This will save children’s lives”. It’s part money-grubber and part promotion of a conference (which is a promotion of bigotry). Promotion of bigotry, in addition to a defense of the faith is also used to enhance the money-grub.

“I have lost my ability to be satirical in response to this bullshit.”

We have so many terrific and important topics to cover under this year’s theme of Reclaiming the Professions for Life and Family.

One of those professions is Therapy: Ground Zero in the Gender Wars.

Pictured above is Erin Brewer, one of our speakers. She narrowly escaped transioning [sic] to a boy, thanks to the help of an able therapist.

Pictured below is another of our speakers, Jane Robbins, an attorney heavily invovled [sic] in the trans suicide issue.

First of all, Morse is full of (more) crap. Erin Brewer did not “narrowly escape” anything. Furthermore, Erin Brewer is a liar and a crackpot who cannot keep her story straight. Moreover, Brewer appears to be in her 50s. Whatever supposedly happened to her has no relevance to 21st century medical science.

“Religious fundamentalism turns relatively smart people into mindless idiots.”

Jane Robbins is another Defender of the Faith™, … and crackpot. Last Thursday (JUly 8), Robbins offered about 2,000 incoherent words based on the idea that transgender people are adherents to a philosophy.

Moreover Morse is explicitly lying; pretending that her objection to people being transgender is based on her concern (and Robbins’ concern) for their wellbeing. In the world of “trans suicide” Morse and Robbins are carriers.

It is an indisputable scientific fact that children in distress from gender dysphoria who transition and are supported in their gender are far less likely to engage in self-harm.

The greatest danger to the health of trans youth is stigma. People like Morse, Robbins and Brewer create minority stress which increases the potential for self-harm.

So don’t dare posture as people who are concerned for the wellbeing of kids. Fuck up your own children. Make them into religious robots with the intellectual curiosity of used chewing gum. Make sure that they have the critical thinking skills of a potted plant.

Unfortunately you have the right to do so.

“Science must be ignored or discredited. Otherwise, they have no means of dealing with evidence-based conflicts to religious dogma.”

What Jennifer Roback Morse, Jane Robbins and Erin Brewer are doing is promoting ignorance. At the same time, they are dismissing peer-reviewed research published to esteemed academic journals. They are pretending that said research does not exist.

Therefore, you can add a penchant for selective observation to the promotion of ignorance and incuriosity.

Jennifer Roback Morse has a legitimate PhD in economics. Jane Robbins’ law degree is from Harvard. Religious fundamentalism turns relatively smart people into mindless idiots. They should know better than to be toxic to kids.

I have lost my ability to be satirical in response to this bullshit. I find it difficult to inject humor into behavior that directly harms children. And not just any children. Transgender kids are particularly vulnerable. This kind of adversity can be life threatening.

“… an example of the leap from faith to superstition in its extremism.”

These miscreants create minority stress. Then they claim that the distress which they created is somehow a reason to ignore established medical science. Science must be ignored or discredited. Otherwise, they have no means of dealing with evidence-based conflicts to religious dogma.

What these people are doing is irrational, sick and malicious.

Belief in a god helps to answer questions regarding natural phenomena. Religion exists to provide a path to an afterlife — as long as you follow “The Rules.” Morse, Robins and Brewer believe that they will benefit in the future from harming kids now.

There is a reason that so many people are turning away from organized religion. Beliefs like those expressed by these three witches provide an example of the leap from faith to superstition in its extremism.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.