Transgender kid
Transgender youth are particularly vulnerable, … and fragile

A little knowledge might prevent conservative Christians
from looking like idiots.

Then again they are predisposed to stupidity.

Amy Haywood has written two polemics for Heritage Foundation. Both are bigoted; transphobic. In her last outing she wanted kids to be as bigoted as their mothers.

Monday’s misadventure is titled Why Are Defense Department Schools Transitioning Students’ Gender Behind Parents’ Backs?

This seems to be a fetish among religious conservatives. They are trying to convince people that kids transition at the behest of a third party. The evil doers are usually schools or, perhaps, Planned Parenthood or [enter bogeyman du jour].

According to Haywood:

Our men and women in uniform are prepared to lay their lives on the line every day to uphold the Constitution and protect the nation from enemies who would do us harm, but what many service members may not realize is that a personal threat to their families exists much closer to home.

Do you see how easy it is to thump a bible while waving an American flag? She goes on to educate us:

… Department of Defense Education Activity schools, institutions that educate children from military families, are helping children change their names and pronouns at school behind parents’ backs. In doing so, they’re violating the Constitution.

Haywood cites Troxel v. Granville to support her preposterous assertion that schools using preferred pronouns, absent parental approval, is unconstitutional. In Troxel, the Court held that state courts must give “special weight” to a fit parent’s decision to deny non-parent visitation, as well as other decisions made by a parent regarding the care and custody of their children.

“Unfortunately some parents are religious idiots.”

That does not seem to apply to preferred pronouns in an education setting. More importantly the use of preferred pronouns does not “transition” a child. There are several moving parts. In no particular order:

  • Nothing that a school does will alter a child’s gender identity.
  • Moreover, nothing a parent does will alter a child’s gender identity.
  • Furthermore, the use of preferred pronouns has no effect on a child’s gender identity. It simply makes a child feel more secure.
  • Last March I reached out to the American School Counselors Association due to a similar transphobic polemic by some nitwit named Sarah Parshall Perry. The association provided policy excerpts:
    • Privacy that should be honored to the greatest extent possible, while balancing other competing interests (e.g., best interests of students, safety of others, parental rights) and adhering to laws, policies and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality and disclosure in the school setting.
    • Keep information confidential unless legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed.
  • Unfortunately some parents are religious idiots. Kids are afraid to tell them about their gender identity conflict.
  • Furthermore, school counselors make every effort to get kids to disclose their sexuality to parents. The counselor helps the child frame the discussion.
  • Children who are supported in their gender identity are healthier and happier than children who do not have support.
  • A school not using preferred pronouns and deadnaming a child is displaying disapproval which does immense harm to the kid.
  • Gender dysphoria can be deadly in the face of disapproval.
Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense.


I can safely write that Amy Haywood’s problem with transgender persons is a defense of scripture. She would likely deny that and dismiss arguments from science as irrelevant in contrast to parental rights.

“In some instances a child requires protection from Bible thumping parents who are impervious to medical science.”

Haywood wants schools to help ignorant parents fuck up their kids.

Haywood goes on to write:

Video evidence from the Department of Defense Education Activity’s Equity and Access Summit in May shows that in one case at a school in Rota, Spain, a seventh-grade language arts and high school humanities teacher—who is also a Gay-Straight Alliance sponsor—told teachers that in some instances they will need to protect children from parents who do not know about their child’s gender “transition.”

There is a link in the above. No it’s not to the video. Rather, it is to an idiotic post at Heritage which asserts that children are being “targeted,” … for something. Furthermore I will guarantee that the teacher did not use the word “transition.”

A child’s request for gender-affirming forms of address is not a transition. Furthermore, that teacher is correct. In some instances a child requires protection from Bible thumping parents who are impervious to medical science.

I covered this in part earlier today regarding research on trans youth healthcare:

Improper pronoun use was common, distressing, and annoying for participants, who felt that it reflected a disrespect and doubt about their gender identity.
Hiding Their Sexuality to Avoid Family Rejection:
Some were traumatized by familial disapproval. They could not access services through their parents’ insurance, were physically and mentally abused, and were disowned without financial support.

The best judge of how parents will react to gender incongruence is the scared youth. Should a school be complicit in physical and mental abuse of a child in their care? Moreover, the worst thing a parent can do is to impose gender identity conversion efforts by some quack.

“… persistence of gender dysphoria is a function of the severity of the condition.”

You will never convince this moron that preferred pronouns and transitioning are two entirely different things:

Another conference presenter, who teaches English and drama at a high school in Stuttgart, Germany, and is also a Gay-Straight Alliance sponsor, has gone the extra mile to assist children with their gender transitions at school.

She noted that while some parents are fully on board with their child’s gender-transition plans, other parents are labeled as “unsupportive” and have no idea that their children have transitioned at school.

Just amazing:

Parents with a solid understanding of basic biology and respect for evidence-based science will likely take a different approach from woke educators who favor an affirmation-only approach that in most cases leads to persistence in a transgender identity.

First of all, using preferred pronouns is not gender-affirming care. It is a measure of respect for a choice that a student can make. Secondly, The use of preferred pronouns does not cause a student to be transgender. Furthermore, persistence of gender dysphoria is a function of the severity of the condition.

The use of preferred pronouns has no effect on the severity of gender dysphoria. The school is simply helping the kid cope.

Children and adolescents have an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. Their decision-making is severely influenced by stress. If the school can relieve stress then the student is more likely to work with a counselor which helps the kid develop confidence.

That confidence is more likely to result in the child informing their parents than would be the case if the school adds stress.

“There is no evidence that ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ exists.”

Again, from Monday’s article on research:

Some younger participants struggled with gender incongruence, identifying themselves as “freaks” or separate from “real girls” or boys. They felt ashamed.

What was that about respecting evidence-based science?

The questions are many, and the science is far from settled. For example, will a social transition increase a child’s feelings of well-being? Do children understand that puberty blockers are experimental and can have dangerous side effects? Would it be better to allow the child to grow out of gender dysphoria as most children do when allowed to go through puberty naturally?


  1. Puberty blockers are not experimental. They have been used for decades to treat other conditions. Regardless of why they are prescribed the potential side effects are the same.
  2. Puberty blockers require parental consent.
  3. The science is settled regarding gender affirming care.
  4. The use of preferred pronouns has no effect on persistence of the condition. Again, persistence correlates to severity.

Again, this is the same person who earlier encouraged reliance on evidence-based science:

Could the child have a case of rapid onset gender dysphoria due to peer group and online influences? Do children understand that often the next steps after a social transition are a prescription for puberty blockers, then cross-sex hormones, and perhaps a surgical transition? Have other people also regretted transitioning?

“One last fucking time. A request from a student for the school to use preferred pronouns is not a gender transition.”

There is no evidence that “rapid onset gender dysphoria” exists. The one paper from three years ago suffered a formal correction by the publisher which eviscerated the investigation due to sampling that did not conform to scientific rigor. Over the past three years no study has provided concurring results.

Furthermore, preferred pronouns (yes, I am repeating myself) have no effect on the severity of gender dysphoria. The use of preferred pronouns does not lead to puberty blockers which require parental consent. Preferred pronouns have no correlation to hormones and surgery. Amy Haywood is indulging in baseless fear mongering.

One last fucking time. A request from a student for the school to use preferred pronouns is not a gender transition. Haywood is hopeless:

Congress could forbid military schools from hiding gender transitions from parents and spell out consequences for violators. Until that happens, parents need to wake up and get involved.

This is just transphobic noise from a clueless individual. Undoubtedly Ms. Haywood would claim that this has nothing to do with religion. That would add one more lie to her mischaracterizing diatribe.

The only thing that the school is doing is reducing stress. A reduction in stress allows the student to make better decisions. It also significantly reduces the potential for self-harm.

As of 2018, Amy Haywood was married to a naval officer stationed in Monterey. She appears to be 42 years of age.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.