Nathaniel Blake, dishonest transphobic warrior for the faith
Nathaniel Blake is just another dishonest, transphobic defender of the faith | via The Federalist

I think it was Zack Ford who once tweeted that nothing is too awful for The Federalist. That judgment is — yet again — proven true.

Nathaniel Blake writes: The Transgender Industry Is Culling Tomboys Out Of Existence. A very special form of scholarship is required to come up with that meme designed to smear transgender people.

Is there a “transgender industry?” The clinicians who treat children for gender dysphoria are, by and large, academics at universities or large teaching hospitals. Blake is trying to suggest that there is a predatory scheme to cash in by damaging children. Sure.

Malpractice is, essentially, a negligence tort. Where is all the litigation? Negligence supersedes consent forms. The Keira Bell matter in the UK involves whether a 16-year-old can consent to puberty blockers. The answer in the United States is “no.” We require either parental consent, a court order, or legal emancipation.

About ten days ago, Wizard Blake, with no applicable training and experience, was challenging, in effect, the evidence-based clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Furthermore, aside from his lack of qualifications, Nathaniel Blake is profoundly dishonest.

The simple fact is this; No matter how hard Nathaniel Blake attempts to secularize his disapproval, his objection to the existence of transgender people is a defense of scripture and dogmatic Catholic teachings.

Nathaniel Blake’s preposterous theme about “tomboys” is a pretty good indication that he and his ilk are running out of even remotely rational (although tortured) secular arguments. It reminds me of the battle for marriage equality. Take God out of the equation and there is no reason to object.

Folks like Robert P. George and Ryan T. Anderson attempted to secularize their disapproval by claiming that same-sex marriage has an adverse effect on traditional marriage. Brian S. Brown said it was all about children (mirroring the US Conference of Catholic Bishops).

“Christian conservatives want these children to suffer because those kids have a medical condition that the same Christians disapprove of.”

It was bullshit then and it is bullshit regarding trans youth now.

The lies continue.

The subtitle of Blake’s polemic reads:

The biggest sources of sex stereotypes and strict gender roles are the trans movement and its allies, insisting girls who like ‘boy’ things must actually be boys.

Overall, the greatest source of paradigms for gender roles is the entertainment industry (and, yes, that is an industry). Furthermore, there is the more direct lie. No one has ever suggested that a child who likes opposite sex things has gender dysphoria.

The diagnostic criteria does include “strong preference for the toys, games or activities stereotypically used or engaged in by the other gender.” However, for a diagnosis a child must meet six of eight benchmarks and they must “have experienced significant distress for at least six months.”

Needless to say, that is a tad more complex and decisive than a girl who “likes” boys’ toys. I think that I am a “typical” transgender ally. I cannot speak for others but my advocacy is based upon medical science. I am invested because, as a gay man, I had a miserable adolescence.

“… when defending the faith, it is permissible in Blake’s orbit to ‘lie for the Lord.'”

Trans youth have a far more difficult challenge than gay youth and I would like none of these kids to suffer. In the final analysis, Christian conservatives want these children to suffer because those kids have a medical condition that the same Christians disapprove of.

Oh, they are full of words like “love” and “compassion.” Moreover, they claim that they are protecting “innocent” children. The simple fact is that vulnerable trans youth need continuous protection from them. The mullahs only care about religious doctrine.

The dishonesty is endless:

Sometimes transgender propaganda is too honest for its own good. For example, Loudoun Now, a weekly newspaper in Virginia’s Loudoun County, just ran a horrifying story encouraging gender dysphoria in children.

Obviously Mr. Blake did not understand a story about a trans boy; someone he has never met. The fact that there exists a transgender boy is “horrifying” to Mr. Blake. The notion that a story about a trans boy can “encourage” children to have the same medical condition is thoroughly nonsensical, … and obtuse.

The simple fact is that gender dysphoria is not contagious. I would have thought that that was obvious. It is obvious but, when defending the faith, it is permissible in Blake’s orbit to “lie for the Lord.”

Allow me to quote one applicable passage (I encourage you to read the story in full):

Emily [the kid’s mom] is a Trump-supporting, conservative Christian—antithetical to most LGBTQ champions—and never foresaw the uncertain path that her son now faces. When she realized her family would be a “trans family,” she became an enthusiastic LGBTQ ally, watching documentaries, researching doctors, and reaching out to trans members of the community for support.

“… adults do not transition children. Children transition children.”

Recycling anti-gay talking points is popular. The sanctimonious set is determined to have people believe that gay men pose a danger to children. Now they are claiming that transgender persons pose a danger to children:

First, this story shows that the transgender movement is coming for very young children, starting in preschool if not sooner.

Activists cause children to suffer from gender dysphoria for at least six months? How does that work? Tell us, Mr. Blake: How is the gender dysphoria virus transmitted?

Second, the Loudoun Now piece reveals that sexism is the basis for transitioning these little children.

No, stupid. The “basis for transitioning” is a diagnosis from a qualified clinician and, probably, a second opinion.

Moreover, adults do not transition children. Children transition children.

This moronic schmuck is insufferable. I just broke my mouse (seriously):

In this, Emily followed fashionable opinion, which has shifted from insisting that it is fine, even good, for girls to like sports, trucks, and other stereotypical boy stuff to declaring that such girls must really be boys. Goodbye tomboys, hello trans-boys.

No, stupid. Emily followed the advice of the kid’s doctors. Note that the dishonest idiot continues to minimize the criteria for a diagnosis as if this were a whimsical decision that parents make.

Furthermore, what does Mr. Blake think transitioning consists of? In this case the kid is 10 years old. Presumably he is wearing boys’ apparel and sports a boys’ haircut. What is the peril?

“… there is considerable evidence that transitioning reduces the risk of suicide (ideation and actual self-harm).”

Just astonishing how idiotic this all is:

Third, this case demonstrates how it is often adults who are pushing for children to transition. The reporter says, “It never occurred to Sophia that she was anyone other than a boy,” which makes it odd that the story does not relate any instances of Sophia saying that she was, or wanted to be, a boy. No evidence is provided for this central claim of the story.

No, stupid. No parent volunteers to have a trans kid. Moreover absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It is clear from the article that Max is under professional clinical care.

Nathaniel Blake seems to think that the story lacks credibility:

Indeed, reading the story, which relies entirely on Emily for pertinent information about Sophia/Max, it is striking that no evidence of gender dysphoria is presented beyond a little girl being a tomboy.

What? The imbecile thinks that reporters should include information about the child’s clinical diagnosis? Must that be a photostat of the written opinion? Furthermore, mom is a conservative Christian. Does anyone believe that she gratuitously decided: “I think I want a transgender son.”

Shitting BullIt is true that people who identify as transgender have high rates of suicide and self-harm, but identifying as transgender has not been shown to reduce this. Furthermore, Sophia did not consider herself transgender until adults, led by her mother, introduced the concept to her (indeed, she still might not understand it).

First of all, the guy who previously wanted evidence has now determined that adults are responsible for Max’s condition. Furthermore, there is considerable evidence that transitioning reduces the risk of suicide (ideation and actual self-harm).

“These are self-righteous bigots with a serious case of narcissism.”

Apparently the boob is a mind reader:

Far from helping her daughter, it seems that Emily pinned a trans identity on her, and is now writing her a suicide script to use as a threat against anyone who does not affirm this identity.

From whose ass was that pulled?

The greatest problem for trans youth is minority stress. Gender dysphoria is not contagious. However, prejudice and ignorance travel from person to person. What qualifies Nathaniel Blake to question the judgments of parents and doctors?

The answer to my admittedly rhetorical question is “nothing.” Again, this dishonest transphobia is about a religious objection to the existence of transgender persons. Nathaniel Blake thinks that evidence is missing. I find that odd from someone whose “judgment” (or lack of same) is based solely on faith — with some help from ancient texts.

My opprobrium is understated. Max is not my son. Imagine how infuriating the transphobic nonsense is to Max’s parents. But Blake and his ilk don’t care about others. These are self-righteous bigots with a serious case of narcissism, a psychiatric disorder.

Now I will order a new fucking mouse.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.