Leyna Bloom, successful actress and model
Leyna Bloom is a highly successful model and actress. The fact that she is transgender is incidental to her career.

Yet again, Blowhard Bill Donohue (Catholic League) is demonstrating his anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

Bill Donohue is having a tantrum worthy of a three-year-old. What Donohue is distressed over is the existence of a transgender woman, Leyna Bloom, in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. Blowhard Bill asks:

How many men really want to see a man dressed in a woman’s bathing suit featured on its cover?

Gee. I don’t know Billy. I am a gay man and no expert on such matters. Nevertheless Lena Bloom looks pretty sexy to me. One can simply turn the page. No?

The truth is that this is just an excuse for Donohue to display his transphobic bigotry:

The venerable sports publication has three cover swimsuit issues this year. One features rapper Megan Thee Stallion; one posts a photo of tennis star Naomi Osaka; and the third shows a picture of Leyna Bloom, a so-called trans model who is really a biological man.

“So-called?” Ms. Bloom is a successful model who happens to be a transgender woman. Donohue — a divorced man — does not approve of the existence of trans persons because he is a defender of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

There is no logical reason for Donohue to demonstrate his disapproval. Ms. Bloom and Sports Illustrated do him no harm whatsoever. Church Lady continues:

Why is Sports Illustrated doing this? Like so many elites in the world of sports, those who run the magazine have turned left.

Why? Well, just for starters, Ms. Bloom is beautiful. She was a successful model prior to disclosing that she is transgender. Her sexuality is irrelevant to most sane, rational people.

“Donohue devotes considerable energy into imposing upon women he has never met his anti-abortion ideology.”

At the same time Donohue, who poses as an arbiter of morality defends Donald Trump with dishonest rhetoric. By any reasonable assessment, Trump is an amoral psychopath and a pathological liar. Trump did great damage to the nation. Leyna Bloom, in contrast, has not harmed anyone:

It flexed its left-wing muscles in 2017 when it depicted athletes and sports officials on the cover of its September 26 issue standing in unison against President Trump. The photo showed NBA stars Lebron James, Steph Curry and NFL CEO Roger Goodell in the front row linking arms; behind them were other left-wing sports personalities from baseball, football and basketball.

Titled, “A nation divided, sports united,” Sports Illustrated focused on the intersection of sports and politics in America. SI provided stories featuring athletes who have taken a stand against President Donald Trump and sought equality in our nation.

Aside from being a psychopath, Trump is a racist and a divider. Both are contrary to American values. But none of that matters to Blowhard Bill because Trump claimed to be anti-choice. Donohue devotes considerable energy into imposing upon women he has never met his anti-abortion ideology.

“… the ‘culture war’ has only one side; the fundamentalist Christians who engage in combat against everyone else.”

Furthermore SI was not editorializing anything. It accurately reported on an event regarding, … well, sports. Besides, other than the Klan, Trump and Neo-Nazis, who is opposed to equality in America? Who doesn’t recognize the simple fact that white, Christian, heterosexual, cisgender, born-in-America males have advantages over everyone else?

Donohue perfectly captures the hate group leader persona while assuming victimhood:

The trans model on the cover of Sports Illustrated indicates that the magazine has gone beyond politics: It has clearly joined the culture war. This has been brewing for some time. In more recent years, it has become decidedly secular, even going so far as to sport an animus against Christianity. It has a particular disdain for Roman Catholicism.

Yeah, well, the so-called “culture war” is a conservative Christian invention. It has always been a means of maintaining a bias against LGBTQ people. It is an effort to divide Americans against one another.

In point of fact, the “culture war” has only one side; the fundamentalist Christians who engage in combat against everyone else. There is no other side similarly engaged. Furthermore, Donohue needs a new watch. 70% of Americans now support marriage equality including 55% of Republicans.

“Donohue has many enemies which he would not have if Donohue used some common sense.”

Are those 70% all combattants in a silly, contrived war? Moreover, I would guess that half of the remaining 30% are simply indifferent to same sex marriage. Donohue is realizing, first hand, the experience of being a member of a disfavored minority group. He is acting accordingly.

Furthermore, most American Catholics do not agree with Bill Donohue. For some time, for example, they have supported marriage equality in greater percentages than the general public. Donohue is part of a minority within his religious affiliation.

Donohue goes off half cocked. Does he even have a cock?

One of the most virulently anti-Catholic organizations in the nation is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Sports Illustrated loves these bigots. That is why it has cited their work on many occasions.

Oh dear. People who are true to American ideals are bigots because they believe in the Establishment Clause. We were founded as a secular nation by deists and continue to be a secular nation although the Donohues of the world continue to push the envelope.

Most of the remaining tirade smears Sports Illustrated which has apparently pissed off Blowhard Bill Donohue for many years. Come to think of it, Donohue is perpetually pissed. Donohue has many enemies which he would not have if Donohue used some common sense.

“They have hit the ‘Pause’ button on homophobia to concentrate on transphobia.”

Donohue eventually concludes with:

Americans are increasingly fed up with elites in the sports world trying to shove their agenda down their throats. Sports is, by nature, purely apolitical. Which is why those who are making it political are out of step with millions of fans. The rebellion has only just begun.

Obviously Bill Donohue is in no position to speak for Americans. Aside from marriage equality, 70% of Americans think that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade. Only 13% agree with Donohue that Roe should be overturned.

Donohue and his ilk created an unnecessary war. They are losing that contest and becoming increasingly irrational.

Much of this is political. They have hit the “Pause” button on homophobia to concentrate on transphobia. They do so because they believe that anti-trans sentiments have more political purchase than anti-gay rhetoric.

As I said at the start, if you don’t like Sports Illustrated then don’t buy it. The magazine is doing no harm to anyone by virtue of including a model who happens to be a transgender woman in its swimsuit issue.

Earlier I mentioned common sense. What is the point of condemning someone who is no threat to Donohue, or anyone else for that matter? Bill Donohue is not just a bigot. Bill Donohue is a petty bigot.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.