Morgan Davies is very gifted and determined trans youth
Morgan Davies, gifted actor and transgender youth | via Wikipedia

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At 19 years of age, any sane parent would be proud of actor Morgan Davies. Davies, prior to transition, started acting at the age of 10. He is obviously very intelligent, determined and resilient.

Things are often complicated for Morgan.

After transitioning, acting jobs dried up. To continue acting, Morgan auditioned as a girl. Morgan has emphasized that he did not detransition. In other words a trans boy was pretending to be a cis girl. It’s a weird version of Victor/Victoria and a more difficult challenge for an actor. (Julie Andrews did not have an underlying medical condition.)

Currently, Davies is one of the stars of the Showtime series, The End. The series, a dark comedy, was filmed for Australian consumption in 2019. So Davies was 17. His character, Oberon — a trans boy — is just south of 16.

More complications.

Morgan Davies as Oberon in The End
Morgan Davies as Oberon in The End | via trailer
Davies is fully transitioned. His character, Oberon, is in the midst of transitioning. Davies is indisputably male. Oberon is male too but he is feminized a bit and slightly gender ambiguous.

Showtime has aired two episodes. This coming Sunday, episode 3 introduces Oberon’s love interest.

I am not a film critic. Moreover, I think that transgender kids are very special. Morgan’s objective in The End is to show people just how difficult it can be to be transgender. He is accomplishing that very skillfully.

Davies’ days of having to pretend to be a cisgender female are hopefully at The End as well. His is a career to follow. He plays a young man in Blaze which is in post-production. Morgan also has a starring role in Evil Dead Rise which is filming.

By David Cary Hart

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