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The self-righteous are promoting eight lies in defense of the faith.

LifeSiteNews — LGBTQ Prejudice Central — is pushing Jennifer Lahl’s idiotic documentary smearing pediatric transgender medicine. I have written the following before and I will write it again because I know it to be true:

None of this has a damned thing to do with the welfare of children. This is about defending the teachings of the Catholic Church which are, essentially, that transgender people do not exist.

“Denying the indisputable science that gender is independent of natal sex is a lie.”

The distorted premise is the first lie. The second through eighth lies are within the following (quoting from LifeSiteNews):

The horror of children being counseled and pressured to falsely change their gender is creating more pain and suffering than the medical and psychiatric establishment wants the public to know. Jim Hale reports from Washington, D.C. about a powerful new documentary that exposes the truth about the transgenderism of children and offers hope that sanity may soon prevail.

“These religious extremists do not give a rat’s ass about the wellbeing of children.”

  1. Where is the evidence that children are being “pressured” to do anything? There is none because that is a demonstrably false accusation. In simpler terms it is bullshit.
  2. Transgender people do not change their gender. Were that possible people would opt for congruent gender and natal sex.
  3. Gender-affirmation is not “falsely” doing anything. Quite the contrary. Denying the indisputable science that gender is independent of natal sex is a lie.
  4. Children who transition experience less “pain and suffering” if they are supported in their gender. Where, exactly, is the peer-reviewed research that transitioning increases distress? There is none because the premise is false.
  5. Where the fuck is the evidence that the medical establishment is hiding anything? It’s not a sinister conspiracy to make kids miserable. A credible allegation would cite a particular portion of the clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics along with published science in dispute. They do not do so because they cannot do so.
  6. Presumably they want people to believe that there is a conspiracy among clinicians in order to take advantage of children for money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Moreover, most of these doctors are academics at universities and large teaching hospitals.
  7. Who the hell is “Jim Hale?” What experience and training does Hale have to critique medical care? None I suppose. Suggesting that he is somehow authoritative is a lie.

The bottom line to this nonsense — and it is nonsense is that, in defense of the faith, these people are trying to convince parents to ignore established medical science. That is what represents a sinister conspiracy.

These religious extremists do not give a rat’s ass about the wellbeing of children. They are more interested in religious dogma. To put it more bluntly, these horrible people are promoting child abuse with lies and distortions.

On July 16, Dr. Jack Turban, a fellow at Stanford and a leading researcher regarding pediatric transgender medicine posted a declaration in the Arkansas matter. I assume you know that the state has been enjoined — for now — from enforcing a state law prohibiting gender-affirming medical care for minors.

“… all existing evidence indicates that gender-affirming medical interventions improve mental health outcomes for transgender adolescents …”

Here is Dr. Turban’s summary:

In this declaration, I cite relevant literature to support my opinions that: (1) the views set forth by the state’s experts in this case are outlier views not supported by the medical community at large, (2) all existing evidence indicates that gender-affirming medical interventions improve mental health outcomes for transgender adolescents and it would be dangerous and unethical to prohibit these medical services, (3) the state’s experts have mischaracterized the risks of gender-affirming medical interventions, (4) the state’s experts have inappropriately applied research about prepubertal children to adolescents who have reached puberty when explaining what they claim is a high likelihood of “desistence”, (5) there is no evidence that gender-affirmation makes “persistence” in a transgender identity more likely, (6) the state’s experts have omitted key literature regarding “detransition” and transition regret, while misrepresenting other studies, (7) the state’s experts have misrepresented the “watchful waiting model,” which refers only to prepubertal children, who are not candidates for gender- affirming medical interventions under any existing guidelines, (8) the state’s experts have misrepresented and omitted key research showing that gender identity has a strong innate biological basis, (9) the state’s experts’ discussion of gender-affirming genital surgery is incorrect and irrelevant to gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth, (10) the state’s experts misrepresent the informed consent process for gender-affirming medical care for transgender adolescents, (11) the state’s experts’ assertion that gender-affirming treatments for transgender adolescents are “experimental” is incorrect, (12) the scientific current understanding regarding the increase in referrals to pediatric gender clinics and the shift in sex ratio does not focus on “social contagion,” (13) gender identity conversion therapy has a clear definition and is dangerous and unethical, (14) some of the state’s experts have demonstrated key gaps in their knowledge regarding the field of psychiatry, and (15) recent non-peer-reviewed reports from The United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland do not accurately summarize the scientific evidence regarding gender-affirming medical care for adolescents with gender dysphoria.

Turban is more diplomatic than I am. Besides, this is a court declaration and submitted with an oath of truthfulness. In essence Turban is saying that Paul Hruz and Mark Regnerus are full of shit.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.