Tommy Dorfman
Tommy Dorfman | via Time

Every time someone comes out as transgender it provides an opportunity for ridicule.

I write about transgender people almost every day. How is it that some nitwit at the Christian Post is more aware of a trans woman than I am?

Things are missing from my queerdom. I never heard of Tommy Dorfman before. According to Ryan Foley at the Christian Post: ‘Nonbinary’ Netflix star says he now identifies as ‘transgender woman.’

It’s “she” you mindless moron. Christianity does not define politeness. Yeah, we get it. You are compelled to demonstrate your disapproval by misgendering Ms. Dorfman. You want to be taken seriously. Yet you are rather petty.

From “The Exorcist,” 1973

Why comment at all? I will skip past some drivel to arrive at:

While many other trans-identified celebrities, such as Caitlyn Jenner and Elliot Page, have switched out their given names for names that match their chosen gender identities, Dorfman has no plans to do the same.

  1. No, stupid. Gender identity is not “chosen.”
  2. Why are you so interested in her name?

LGBTQ people are not “family friendly:”

Earlier this year, Wonya Lucas, president and CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, the parent company of the Hallmark Channel, traditionally known for family-friendly programming, touted the “seismic” shift in the number of LGBT characters on its shows.

Sexual diversity is quite common among American “families.” Being gay or trans is not contagious. Presumably Ryan Foley resents anything which makes discrimination and prejudice less likely. Or does he think that sexual orientation and gender identity are transmissible? Through one’s television?

“Ryan Foley is either defending scripture, the teachings of the Catholic Church or both.”

It’s the age old tactic of claiming that a minority group is harmful to children. There’s a word for that: “Bigotry.”

Time to trot out the unfairness of trans girls competing in sports:

Several states have passed such sports bills that acknowledge the inherent physical advantages that biological males have over biological females even after trans-identified athletes take experimental cross-sex hormones.

There is a link in the above. Not to anything scientific but to another Christian Post post. Therein, Brandon Showalter deliberately misstates the conclusion of a study published to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (The subjects all transitioned as adults.)

Needless to say, the actual science regarding sports participation does not conform to Foley’s religious beliefs.

Of course this is never about fairness in girls’ sports. Ryan Foley is either defending scripture, the teachings of the Catholic Church or both.

I am left to ask the same question: Why is Ryan Foley interested in any of this? Foley is quite duplicitous. He is trying to provide the appearance of being unbiased while using Ms. Dorfman as a vehicle for ridicule. Foley is undone by his disrespectful misgendering.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.