Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins - why is he so invested in denying children the best medical care known to science?
Why is hate group leader Tony Perkins so invested in denying children the best care known to medical science?

Gender-diverse kids need protection from bigots like Tony Perkins; not from the dedicated clinicians who treat them.

Friday, the money-grubbing email is titled: Protect Children from Biden’s Transgender Agenda.

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) is a dishonest cynic. Perkins is attempting to raise money on the backs of an extremely vulnerable minority group. Trans kids are vulnerable because bigots like Perkins have made them particularly vulnerable.

Perkins is like a mafioso. Mob members create labor problems and then offer to resolve the dispute for a fee. Perkins creates pediatric problems that he exploits to fill his coffers. It’s just a question of: “Whom shall we hate and fear?”

Gay people are now disfavored as disfavored. Perkins, who used to claim that we (gay men) are all pedophiles, has switched his focus to the “evils” of transgender persons. Aside from using hate to raise money, Perkins is defending scripture.

According to the ancient texts:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27

Moreover, in the guise of “protecting” kids, Perkins is harming children. Mr. Perkins would have people believe that trans kids are victims of President Biden, “The Left,” radical activists, the media or whatever is convenient at the moment.

In doing so, Perkins is promoting the notion that trans kids are just confused children whose parents have made awful decisions. Therefore, it follows that gender identity and gender incongruence are choices.

Perkins devoted decades to insisting that sexual orientation was a choice. He has re-tooled his bigoted rhetoric.

According to Perkins in the aforementioned email:

“Is this all some Marxist conspiracy perpetrated by greedy practitioners at a division of a university governed by a predominantly Baptist Board of Regents?”

The effects have already been disastrous. Countless women and children have been put at risk by Joe Biden’s radical agenda. Over 300 gender clinics have popped up across America, seeking to cash in on vulnerable youth struggling with their identity, many of whom have suffered childhood trauma.

So let me see if I get this straight. The medical treatment of children according to the overwhelming consensus of medical science and according to the Clinical Practice Standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics poses a danger to children?

And somehow, that peril extends to women (but not men)?

Furthermore, Perkins is asserting that clinicians are economically exploiting these kids by treating them. I have no idea how many clinics treat gender-diverse youth — and neither does Mr. Perkins. What I do know is that most pediatric treatment is provided at teaching hospitals.

“Deep in the heart of Texas,” reddest of the red states, Baylor University Medical Center has about 12 clinicians offering transgender healthcare. In fact, last month at the 2021 40th Annual Internal Medicine Review Dr. Noah Stratton gave an address titled: “Medical Care of the Transgender Patient.”

Is this all some Marxist conspiracy perpetrated by greedy practitioners at a division of a university governed by a predominantly Baptist Board of Regents?

“Tony Perkins refuses to put himself in a position where he has to defend his crackpot ideas.”

Perkins is correct. Many trans and gender nonconforming kids have “have suffered childhood trauma.” That Trauma has been inflicted by religious bigots, including Tony Perkins.

Poor Tony!

Later on it’s “I’m not hateful:”

Christians who speak out against gender transition procedures on minors are quickly dismissed as hate-filled. It can be discouraging.

Tony Perkins is “hate-filled.” Perkins is wholly unqualified to render judgment regarding any area of medical care. Above all else:

Mr. Perkins has no regard for the best interests of children. If he did then he would defer to the experts. Instead, it is Mr. Perkins who is (as he put it) “seeking to cash in on vulnerable youth struggling with their identity.”

As Perkins asks for money he is claiming that a sinister conspiracy exists to harm children:

FRC Action is doing what we have done for nearly three decades — standing in the gap to defend our nation from the dangerous lies of the radical Left — especially as gender identity ideology threatens to mislead and maim thousands of children in this latest leftist crusade.

First of all, what the fuck is “gender identity ideology?” A hate-filled literalist Christian in slavish devotion to ancient texts is an adherent to an “ideology.” Gender identity is a scientific, evidence-based reality in contrast to a faith-based religious concept.

Tony Perkins refuses to put himself in a position where he has to defend his crackpot ideas. Perkins has no choice because any serious discussion would render him incapable of justifying the mythology that he promotes.

“What does Family Research Council have to hide from their own donors?”

Secondly, who is misleading children regarding a their medical condition? Apparently their parents are complicit in harming their own kids. Moreover, how is medical science politically “leftist?”. None of this makes a whit of common sense.

Perkins goes on to list all of the government agencies that are so awful because they help to ensure LGBTQ equality, due process and equal protection. That doesn’t sit well with a bigot like Tony Perkins.

The expected conclusion to this hateful sophistry:

Hate group leader Tony Perkins is shameless. Moreover, he has schemed to avoid financial disclosure. Perkins asserted that FRC is an “association of churches” which is an outright lie. The IRS went along with it (and I am still devoting countless hours to reversing it.)

Family Research Council no longer has to file an annual tax return with the IRS. What does Family Research Council have to hide from their own donors?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.