Gabe Kaminsky of the Federalist - Ignorant and incurious
Gabe Kaminsky is the latest polemicist who understands nothing about trans youth | via Twitter

Misinformation about gender transition is a combination of willful stupidity and mendacity.

Why must clueless people weigh in on something they know nothing whatsoever about?

I try to avoid reading The Federalist. Mr. Meghan McCain’s outlet is about as batshitty as WND.

That brings me to one Gabe Kaminsky. We are informed that Kaminsky is an intern for The Federalist. Kaminsky has authored: Judge Awards Custody Of Nine-Year-Old James Younger To Trans-Activist Mother Who Wants To Transition Him.

This won’t take much time or space. I have written enough about this ruling and see no reason to repeat myself.

Furthermore, the crackpottery is fairly consistent across polemicists and their outlets. Thus I simply want to address Gabe Kaminsky’s article title.

First of all the mother of the trans girl at the center of this case — Dr. Anne Georgulas — is not a “trans-activist.” Dr. Georgulas is a board-certified pediatrician and academician. Her only concern is for the wellbeing of her trans daughter, Luna.

Secondly, Dr. Georgulas is not a “mother who wants to transition” her child. The notion that adults transition children is, well, imbecilic.

Evidence presented at trial indicates that Luna has gender dysphoria. How persistent that is we do not know. (Persistence directly correlates to the severity of the condition.) Moreover, neither I nor Mr. Kaminsky know anything about Luna’s current medical condition.

Nevertheless, a gender incongruent child will often attempt to present as their gender. Luna is about seven years of age. Her transition amounts to attire and hairstyle. About five years from now, she might be a candidate for puberty blockers.

“… it should be perfectly obvious that children do not transition for the hell of it.”

Children transition because they realize some relief from the symptoms of gender dysphoria; usually a combination of anxiety and depression. Those symptoms — and the mitigation of those symptoms through gender affirmation — underpin the reason that most transgender people are transgender.

Children do not transition because a parent wants them to transition. In fact, parents are rarely enablers of gender affirmation. Some parents are supportive. Some are not.

In point of fact were a parent to motivate (let alone force) a transition that would come at considerable risk. A child who does not suffer from gender dysphoria (having congruent gender and natal sex) who transitions would then suffer from induced gender dysphoria.

That is because their presentation would be inconsistent with their gender. Imagine the inevitable pandemonium if an eight year old cisgender boy was forced, by his parents, to wear a dress to school. I doubt that mom could get him out the door.

The result would be, … the same type of distress that a gender incongruent child experiences. They would correct their presentation to the fullest extent possible.

Having written that, it should be perfectly obvious that children do not transition for the hell of it. They know that they face ridicule and marginalization.

The bottom line is this: If Luna has transitioned — which seems to be the case — it is not because her mother “wants to transition” the child. It is because the child finds satisfaction and relief from having transitioned.

I little curiosity and critical thinking might prevent people from looking like imbeciles.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.