Jonathan Saenz - Anti-LGBTQ whack job
Bankruptcy lawyer, Jonathan Saenz offers his medical guidance | via Dallas Morning News c. 2019

Jonathan Saenz is peanut brittle. An anti-LGBTQ nut job whose ego was irreparably damaged when his wife left him for another woman.

Tuesday offers another amalgamation (other than nuts with molten sugar). American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, combines with all-around douchebag Jonathan Saenz (pronounced “signs”) of Texas Values for yet another incoherent diatribe.

AFA’s rather dimwitted Chris Woodward stirs the fetid mix together to offer: Regulations needed in medical ‘Wild Wild West.’ Oh, yes. Two professional Christians with no applicable training and experience will weigh in on the practice of medicine.

They waste no time. The very first paragraph is bullshit:

Shitting BullA Texas court has sided with a mother who wants her son to transition to a girl, and a conservative attorney warns that more people will take advantage of the system until and unless lawmakers make some changes.

They are referring to the Luna Younger matter. The “Wild West” in the title of this exercise in imbecility refers to the gender-affirming Clinical Practice Standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Saenz is floating the false the notion that children transition at the behest of parents. Children transition to obtain relief from the symptoms of gender dysphoria. They do so with, or without, parental engagement.

Furthemore, the idea that following medical advice is “tak[ing] advantage of the system” is not only false but outright idiotic. What “system” would that be? Is it not clear that Mr. Saenz is an unhinged anti-LGBTQ bigot?

Moreover, these folks are batshit over parental rights when it comes to asserting that schools must out LGBTQ children to their bigoted parents. According to Saenz those same parental rights don’t apply to a mother who wants the best medical care for her child according to the consensus of medical science.

Mr. Saenz wanted Dr. Georgulas and Judge Mary Brown to consult with the Council of Mullahs for their dogmatic approval in advance.

It worse than that:

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values says unless Governor Greg Abbott (R), the Texas House, and the state Senate step in, issues such as this one will not go away.

“Mr. Saenz exploits every available opportunity to demonstrate his willful ignorance.”

What Saenz wants is for government officials; lawyers, realtors, plumbers, ranchers, salesmen and shopkeepers by trade, to substitute their judgement for that of medical professionals. Of course, this is Texas and these people have had some practice. Their interference with medical science has created a COVID-19 hot zone throughout the state.

Moreover, exactly what problem is Jonathan Saenz trying to solve? Perhaps that the existence of transgender persons conflicts with scripture? It sure as shit has nothing to do with the best interests of children whom he has never met and whose doctors he has never spoken with.

Furthermore, I would wager my orbs that Saenz has never bothered to research the science through peer-reviewed articles published to respected academic journals. Mr. Saenz exploits every available opportunity to demonstrate his willful ignorance.

Jonathan Saenz’ legal specialty is bankruptcy. Apparently that includes bankrupt intellectual prowess and critical thinking.

Just to ensure that we know that Saenz is a dumb fuck:

“You will see more and more people take advantage of the absence of regulations in the law,” warns Saenz. “More young people will be going through these transitions. Boys will be forced to be turned into girls.”

I defy Mr. Saenz to identify just one trans adolescent who claims that someone “forced” them to transition.

Did I mention that “Jonathan Saenz is full of crap?”

The stupidity goes even deeper:

The child in question is about seven years of age. Can there exist a “regulation” that will dictate what clothes she should wear and how she must style her hair?

Furthermore, the custody issue would likely be the same regardless of a gender-diverse minor. This case pits a board-certified pediatrician against a ne’er-do-well pathological liar and grifter who disobeys court orders and does not pay required child support.

Finally, Jonathan Saenz offers his medical opinion:

Medical experts in favor of or open to transition procedures claim the process is becoming more common and that the science is changing. Saenz sees things differently.

“I was at a legislative hearing on this issue … and the medical community that’s involved in having these kids mutilate their bodies and go through transitions [say] it’s like the Wild Wild West,” he relays. “There are no regulations in place.”

“Mutilate their bodies?” That is Christian-speak for giving the false impression that minors are candidates for surgery. Furthermore, Saenz is claiming that clinicians who provide gender-affirming care are asking for more regulations to restrict their medical practice.

Mr. Saenz is almost comically stupid. He might have some amusement value were this issue not so serious. Jonathan Saenz is also full of crap!

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.