Michelle Cretella religious extremist and executive director of a hate group
Michelle Cretella + Church Militant + LifeSiteNews + American College of Pediatricians. What could possibly be incorrect? | via YouTube

Defenders of the Faith promoting bullshit.

If American College of Pediatricians has a credible study then it should be published to a respectable, peer-reviewed academic journal.

We begin this saga with Paul Murano who is an employee of Church Militant. Church Militant is an anti-LGBTQ hate group run by a gay man, Michael Voris. Voris has gone VCel to conform to Church doctrine.

Enter Michelle Cretella, executive director of American College of Pediatricians, a small anti-LGBTQ hate group located in Gainesville, FL. 2020 revenues: $140,642.00.

According to Paul Murano, there is A War on Gender Confused Children. Needless to say it is Mr. Murano who is profoundly confused:

Dr. Michelle Cretella: “National pediatric policy was increasingly being dictated by social agendas.”

The American College of Pediatricians published a report last month on the results of 15 studies spanning four decades. It reveals people saddled with gender confusion are helped through psychotherapy or behavioral therapies. The ongoing falsehood that therapy cannot help gender dysphoria and that physical mutilation is the best treatment is a lie based on ideology, not science.

Dr. Cretella: “If that’s not child abuse, ladies and gentlemen, what is?”

As I have written (too) many times, none of this has a damned thing to do with the wellbeing of children. This is about defending the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding transgender persons. Those teachings are based upon scripture. It’s worth noting that most Catholics disagree with the Vatican.

Furthermore, there is no “national pediatric policy” regarding gender dysphoria. She is offering a straw man. If Cretella is referring to the Clinical Practice Standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics (the real professional group) supporting gender-affirming care then she is wrong to say that the standards are based on a social agenda.

“Michelle Cretella’s broomstick has a very large set of balls.”

As a former pediatrician (Cretella is not currently licensed or board certified) we presume that Cretella can read and comprehend the written word. The document (linked above) cites 94 scientific sources upon which it is based.

Furthermore, it is also safe to assume that if Cretella could offer a cogent argument in opposition then she would do so. She does not. She cannot. All she offers is an unpublished blog post (unpublished in the sense that it is not provided by a peer-reviewed academic journal).

I will get back to that blog post. First, however. Cretella dishonestly provides a false choice. Just to refresh the matter:

The ongoing falsehood that therapy cannot help gender dysphoria and that physical mutilation is the best treatment is a lie based on ideology, not science.

The above depicts a liar claiming that others are lying.

First of all “physical mutilation” presumably refers to surgery. Children are not candidates for surgery. Exceptions are extremely rare.

Moreover, gender-affirming care describes a broad range of treatment. Gender-affirming care for a prepubescent child, for example, consists of changes to attire and hair style. Adolescents might receive puberty blockers which are fully reversible according to the Endocrine Society. In the same statement the Society describes the full range of treatment options in greater detail.

Furthermore, effective talk therapy would have to involve gender identity conversion efforts. According to real research published to the Journal of the American Medical Association, those efforts lead to a lifetime of adverse mental health consequences.

“By any reasonable standard ACPeds’ post is, well, bullshit.”

Michelle Cretella’s broomstick has a very large set of balls. She is claiming that adherence to the best available science is “child abuse” in order to defend Church teachings. Psychologists call that “projection.”

Paul Murano links to an article in LIfeSiteNews which, in turn, links to ACPeds’ blog post. I wrote about this on Monday. In summary:

  1. Obviously the post is not peer-reviewed.
  2. Without peer review literature reviews are often prone to selective observation.
  3. The post is anonymous.
  4. The epidemiologist who allegedly did the review is not an expert regarding gender dysphoria.
  5. The mean publication date of the 15 studies allegedly analyzed is 1979. 40+ years ago the science was a tad different than it is today

By any reasonable standard ACPeds’ post is, well, bullshit. It is propaganda born of religious extremism.

Murano concludes with two logical fallacies. The first of these is a counterclaim to an argument that has not been raised:

Dr. Cretella: “Our bodies declare our sex. Biological sex is not assigned. Sex is determined at conception by our DNA, stamped into every cell of our bodies. … Hormones and surgery cannot and do not change this.”

The above is dishonest because Cretella is suggesting that she is settling a dispute. No one disagrees with that statement (with the caveat that a small number of people have ambiguous chromosomes). Furthermore, it is dishonest because Cretella is intentionally ignoring the independent construct of gender.

She will not but if Michelle Cretella ever publicly debated a clinician who actually treats gender-diverse kids she would get demolished. She knows that which is why she will never put herself in that position.

“It’s just one more turd on the pile of bovine excrement.”

The second fallacy is a false analogy which is further fallacious because it is hyperbolic:

The medical establishment for decades has favored killing preborn children for genetic or developmental imperfections. In this more recent attack against humanity, it is now stifling the truth of what is best for children after they’re born.

First of all, I do not know whether or not the above statement is true and what the hell is a “preborn child?” Is that a fetus?

Secondly, there is the false analogy. Even if that statement is true abortion has nothing whatsoever to do with gender affirming care. Murano is saying that because the medical establishment is “wrong” about abortion (which is debatable) it is wrong about the treatment of gender-diverse kids. It’s just one more turd on the pile of bovine excrement.

Murano described this as a “war.” He is correct. Religious zealots — modern day crusaders — are at war with medical science. When the science does not conform to the dogma, they attack the science on specious grounds.

This is sick! These people are perfectly willing to make children suffer in order to defend ancient texts. Even that is selective observation. Those texts also claim that Earth is the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around Earth.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.