Our domestic Taliban feign concern over the Asian brand.

One group of religious extremists exploits the presence of another group of religious extremists.

Trump’s base is largely comprised of Christian conservatives. Nevermind that the twice-divorced, serial adulterer and sham bankrupter is a sociopath. Trump claimed that he would punish women who had abortions and that sealed the deal.

Along comes Afghanistan! Naturally, according to the sundry Trumpists, President Biden is the worst president in history. Some conservative whack jobs claim that Biden should be impeached. Trump and Co. are sending out two to three money-grubbing emails a day demanding — demanding mind you — that Biden resign.

The truth is that we could stay in Afghanistan for another 20 years (and a few trillion U.S. dollars) and the outcome would be exactly the same. It is abundantly evident that the Afghans lacked the will to defend their own country.

Moreover, President Biden is a highly skilled and experienced politician. He knows perfectly well that in another year Americans will not care about Afghanistan. Oh, the American varietal of Taliban will find Christian victims I’m sure [yaaawn].

Does anyone recall the bipartisan outrage when Trump abandoned the Syrian Kurds?

Family Research Council’s Jerry Boykin didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Kurds or any of the other potential consequences. His angst was for a handful of Syrian Christians.

Meanwhile, a few years prior to that, the hate group’s leader, Tony Perkins, criticized President Obama’s military action.

“The anti-LGBTQ bigotry will return. They will focus on transgender persons because that oppression is trendy.”

Then there is the selective memory. Trump sought to pull out of Afghanistan last June. Trump being Trump our withdrawal would likely not have reflected diligent planning.

At some point Trump tried to negotiate with a group of insane terrorists. Trump even pondered bringing the killers to Camp David.

The anti-LGBTQ bigotry will return. They will focus on transgender persons because that oppression is trendy. I see that Ryan T. Anderson is still at it in defense of the Church.

First of all, malpractice litigation is based on negligence. Does Anderson want children to be harmed to prove a point?

Secondly, Anderson doesn’t give two craps about the health of transgender kids. If he did then his bigotry would cease. Anderson’s sole interest is the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Thirdly, doctors have been performing some form of gender confirmation surgery for well over 100 years. Where is all the litigation?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.