Blowhard Bill Donohue is terribly distressed by LGBTQ folks
Bill Donohue- The divorced man who fashioned himself as the great defender of the Church;
just (but only slightly) after the pope.

Blowhard Bill Donohue is one of the most intellectually dishonest creatures on the anti-LGBTQ circuit.

Wednesday Blowhard Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has posted parts one and two of his “Transgender Report.” Today I’ll deal with Part I (tomorrow, Part II).

Blowhard Bill likes all-caps: TRANSGENDER REPORT PART I: CURRICULA.

Billy-the-Bigot is remarkably upset over any instruction regarding gender identity. According to the Catholic Church, transgender persons don’t really exist. Could have fooled me. The Church’s teachings rely on Genesis 1:27. The reliance is flawed. Even if one is a believer, the biblical passage does not consider the concept of gender identity, the existence of which is a scientific fact.

“‘Radical’ means that the science is not in conformity with Church doctrine.”

Bill’s angst has been created by the National Sex Education Standards. The document was last updated in 2020. For example:

According to the updated National Sex Education Standards, by the end of the 2nd grade, students will be expected to define “gender, gender identity, and gender-role stereotypes.” Students will also be expected to “discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.”

That is true. So what? What is the danger? Where is the peril? Bill doesn’t tell us. Bill goes through the standards by grade level (quite verbosely). The same applies: What is his point? Instruction, regardless of the grade and subject is age-appropriate. Yet, Donohue expects us to react as he reacts. God forbid kids learn that there really are gay people.


In 2019, the policy-making arm of the California Teachers Association (CTA) approved a proposal allowing trans-identifying minor students to leave campus during the school day to obtain gender hormone treatments without parental consent. In 2020, CTA moved to create “school-based health care clinics” that would provide students with access to confidential hormone treatments so their parents will not find out.

The above is a complete fabrication! The teachers association does not have the power to change the law. Moreover, unless a minor is emancipated, parental consent is required for medical treatment (except in the case of a life threatening emergency). Bill Donohue is a liar.

“Donohue is moronic. Being gay is not the same thing as Donohue’s BS about ‘gender nonconforming.'”

Let the bigotry shine

New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, Northern Virginia and Oregon public schools have adopted radical approaches to gender in their curricula and policies.

Five more states – Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Wisconsin – require that sex education include information on sexual orientation and gender identity that does not affirm or discriminate against LGBTQ students.”

“Radical?” Donohue considers any scientifically accurate information about gender identity or sexual orientation to be radical. “Radical” means that the science is not in conformity with Church doctrine.

Furthermore, exactly what is wrong with teaching kids about sexual orientation and gender identity? Pretending that they do not exist is spectacularly stupid. Donohue wants kids to be ignorant.

Donohue offers no links to anything to support his warped contentions:

Educators like Dr. Judy Chiasson, the program coordinator for human resources, diversity and equity for the Los Angeles United School District, view parents as the problem. …


“Simply acknowledging the existence of sexual minorities is a crisis for Blowhard Bill Donohue.”

Historical figures like St. Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great, George Eliot, George Sand and Sally Ride are frequently presented to children as “gender nonconforming” role models.

Dr. Judy Chiasson is an individual, not a school board. Donohue does not link to statement. Nor does he attempt to explain the importance of one person’s point of view.

In point of fact, the late Sally Ride was a lesbian. Dr. Ride also had a PhD in physics from Stanford. She wrote or co-authored seven children’s books on space. Ride was a great intellect who just happened to be gay. She is not defined by her sexual orientation. No one should be. Moreover, Donohue is moronic. Being gay is not the same thing as Donohue’s BS about “gender nonconforming.”

Furthermore, Mary Ann Evans wrote under the pen name of George Eliot. She did so to avoid Victorian era stereotyping of women. That is no indication of her sexuality.

In a sense Catherine the Great was gender nonconforming but not in the way Donohue suggests. She was the first and last female ruler of Russia. George Sand was another important writer and a woman with a male pen name. You can draw your own conclusions about Joan of Arc.

Even for Bill Donohue this is remarkably idiotic. Moreover, Bill provides no links to support his (obviously incorrect) assertions.

“The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Bill Donohue wants children to be treated cruelly in service to Church dogma.”

Bill’s shameless bullshit is endless:

“Donohue would have us pretend that everyone is heterosexual and cisgender.”

In schools across America, kindergarteners are taught that biological sex and gender very often diverge. …

First of all I doubt that kindergarteners are taught anything about gender incongruence. Secondly, Donohue makes this crap up from dust. No one contends that gender incongruence occurs “very often.”

More hyperbole:

Schools will frequently facilitate social transitions (refer to the student by a new name, use preferred pronouns on official documents, instruct all students to refer to the student by their new gender identity, etc.) without informing the students’ parents.

If a kid has an ignorant ass hole for a father then discretion is warranted. The word “frequently” is another Donohue lie. Trans kids make up about 0.6% of school children. Most have parents who already know about their sexuality. “Frequently” cannot exist amid those limitations.

Donohue finished up with this:

According to the National Education Association, “Not having their gender identity respected and affirmed in their daily lives will cause [trans-identified students] significant psychological distress.”

That is a statement of absolute fact. Looking at it from a positive perspective, kids who are supported in their gender identity thrive.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Bill Donohue wants children to be treated cruelly in service to Church dogma.

Bill Donohue is sick! If you think that this ends with Donohue explaining his objections you are wrong. Simply acknowledging the existence of sexual minorities is a crisis for Blowhard Bill Donohue. Donohue would have us pretend that everyone is heterosexual and cisgender.

That belief upends decades of scientific research.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.