Blowhard Bill Donohue of the Catholic League
Pope Bill Donohue – the holiest of holies yet a divorced man | via South Park

Blowhard Bill Donohue goes pants-on-fire
in devotion to Jesus.

Blowhard Bill Donohue has released the third part of his dishonest, anti-transgender fulmination. You can read about Part I here and Part II here.

Some have asked: “What is the point of exposing Donohue’s bullshit? We all know that the man is a clown.” Well, not everyone agrees that Donohue is a useless idiot. The Catholic League brings in donations of nearly $3 million annually. At the end of 2019 it was sitting on assets over $50 million.

The surplus is testament to the fact that the Catholic League doesn’t really do much other than spreading odious anti-LGBTQ propaganda.

Part III is titled Psychological Damage. What does Donohue hope to accomplish? The net effect of Donohue’s multi-part diatribe is that being transgender is bad. However, Blowhard Bill is a catechist. He has no expertise in medicine or counseling.

Bill’s bullshit is not a harmless pastime.

What is the point of denigrating transgender persons? To “prove” that the stupidity emanating from the Vatican has merit? Who in Rome is a disinterested expert (or an expert at all)?

The effects, however, are quite toxic:

  1. Parents are misled about their gender-diverse children and the medical care they require.
  2. Medical science is marginalized.
  3. Transgender persons are smeared, delegitimized and targeted for prejudice.
  4. Vulnerable, ego-fragile trans kids are potentially victimized.

“Donohue is claiming — with no evidence whatsoever — that children will feign the symptoms of gender dysphoria.”

Donohue begins:

When no intervention is made 70% of children with gender dysphoria will grow out of it on their own.

Donohue’s rather transparent intent is to suggest that appropriate medical care will prevent kids from growing out of it. That is a lie. The reason that there is no intervention is because those who do grow out of the condition are less affected. Persistence of gender dysphoria directly relates to its severity. Kids who grow out of gender dysphoria never transition in the first place.

Donohue continues with a diagnostic summary:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) lists eight conditions that are associated with gender dysphoria in children. A child is diagnosed with this condition if they meet six of them. They are: …

Donohue adds and subtracts words to and from the diagnostic criteria to suit his argument. Donohue’s edits constitute a lie. Furthermore, there is a lie of omission. In addition to the eight criteria:

The DSM-5 defines gender dysphoria in children as a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, lasting at least 6 months, as manifested by at least six of the following (one of which must be the first criterion):

  • [First criterion] A strong desire to be of the other gender or an insistence that one is the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).

Donohue goes full-tilt bullshit:

Most of the adolescent girls claiming to be transgender did not show any signs of these conditions in childhood. Further, social media can influence and coach these girls to say they meet the DSM-5 criteria for gender dysphoria and begin their treatment.

First of all, Donohue has no way of knowing what symptoms anyone might have, let alone “most of the adolescent girls.”Donohue is claiming — with no evidence whatsoever — that children will feign the symptoms of gender dysphoria. The notion that children will “begin their treatment for a condition which they do not have is preposterous.

“Blowhard Bill Donohue, yet again, lied his ass off!”

Furthermore, clinicians do not recite each criterion like a checklist. Symptoms are assessed situationally by these highly trained doctors. Moreover, parents are interviewed in order to garner their observations.

Keep in mind that Donohue provides no links to support his assertions:

The BBC reported on a study that showed some children taking puberty blockers reported an increase in thoughts of suicide and self-harm.’”

“It showed that after a year on puberty blockers, there was a significant increase found in those answering the statement ‘I deliberately try to hurt or kill myself.’”

The first paragraph is missing a leading quotation mark. What study, investigated when, by whom, using what sampling, published where? I am pretty sure that if said study was out of Harvard Medical School, that would be the reference rather than the BBC. The claim that Donohue supposedly read about the study via the BBC is irrelevant. In other words, the study details are important, not the media outlet. Withholding relevant details constitutes a lie.

Furthermore, Donohue is intentionally confusing correlation with causation (which is probably why there is no link to the study). Doing so is a lie. Just because an adolescent experienced suicidal ideation after taking puberty blockers does not mean that puberty blockers created the experience.

A more likely occurrence is that the puberty blockers coincided with transition which resulted in minority stress. I have to assume that the absence of a link is intentional. Even a link to the BBC could be helpful. The omission constitutes just one more turd on the pile of bovine exhaust.

“[McHugh’s] “beliefs” are not supported by evidence because McHugh has not published peer-reviewed research on the matter.”

Using the quote I found the BBC report. The study was internal by Tavistock and was not peer reviewed. Moreover, the BBC notes:

Preliminary findings which showed that after a year on blockers, there was a significant increase in those answering the statement: “I deliberately try to hurt or kill myself”, were not replicated across the duration of the study.

The study had no control group – with children who did not take puberty blockers – to enable the researchers to compare results with.

So, it is hard to infer cause and effect or draw conclusions as to the potential harms or benefits of this treatment.

In other words, Donohue quoted “preliminary findings” which did not hold up over the duration of the study without saying that the findings were preliminary. In other words, Blowhard Bill Donohue lied his ass off!

Donohue recites every moronic talking point:

Renowned psychiatrist, Paul McHugh, said, “I believe that these gender confusions are mostly being driven by psychological and psychosocial problems these people have.”

Paul R. McHugh is a religious crackpot who was once renowned. Pushing 90, McHugh admits to being a Defender of the Faith. Moreover, his “beliefs” are not supported by evidence because McHugh has not published peer-reviewed research on the matter. “Gender confusion” is religious jargon. The medical professional description is either gender incongruence or gender dysphoria.

“Bill Donohue is promoting misery and propagandizing drivel that, if believed, could threaten the very lives of gender-diverse youth.”

Next crackpot:

Professor Lisa Littman, a researcher at Brown University published a report “suggesting that some transgender-identified children might suffer from ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria,’ …

Littman’s study suffered a major correction (really an evisceration) and the publisher issued a formal apology.

Why are there never links? That is a rhetorical question:

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that “More than half of transgender male teens [girl to boy] who participated in the survey reported attempting suicide in their lifetime, while 29.9 percent of transgender female teens [boy to girl] said they attempted suicide.

According to Russell B. Toomey, lead author of the study:

What is known is that transgender teens are more likely “to experience discrimination, victimization, and rejection, which are all associated with increased risk for suicidal behaviors,” he said. “Other research suggests that the lack of connection and belonging, as well as feeling like a burden to society, are key predictors of suicidal behavior.”

Family support is a game-changer, Toomey said: When transgender youth feel that support, “they are more likely to thrive and exhibit similar levels of psychological functioning” as their peers.

The first paragraph describes Minority Stress Syndrome.

The second paragraph, above, is confirmed by a separate study: Mental Health of Transgender Children Who Are Supported in Their Identities:

[Supported] [t]ransgender children showed no elevations in depression and slightly elevated anxiety relative to population averages. They did not differ from the control groups on depression symptoms and had only marginally higher anxiety symptoms.

Aside from being a liar (in this case through selective observation), Bill Donohue is promoting misery and propagandizing drivel that, if believed, could threaten the very lives of gender-diverse youth.

“Donohue has no way of knowing what therapists ‘believe.'”

More lies:

Therapists usually practice gender affirmation. In other words, if a girl thinks she is a boy, therapists believe it is in the best interest of the child to affirm this. There is little evidence to suggest that this approach actually resolves the issues of gender dysphoria. Further, this approach is usually adopted without parental consent.

That is a lie! Gender-affirming therapy is provided to children who are properly diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Moreover, there is a mountain of evidence in support of the gender-affirming care model. Furthermore, Donohue doesn’t know what therapy is provided without parental consent. Asserting that “this approach is usually adopted without parental consent.” is a pants-on-fire lie.

“There is no evidence to support the safety and efficacy of gender identity conversion efforts.”

Gender therapists tend to believe that adolescents know who they are. Rather than working to resolve underlying conditions that may cause gender dysphoria, they take the minor’s word as fact, and begin a treatment regiment [sic]based on what the adolescent believes.

That is a lie! Donohue has no way of knowing what therapists “believe.” Furthermore, there is no evidence to support an “underlying cause” theory. Moreover, Donohue has left out the diagnostic process.

Donohue continues this theme of what therapists either believe or do. Again, Blowhard Bill Donohue has no way of knowing what therapists believe or do. Of course Blowhard Bill, enlightened medical practitioner that he is bloviates:

Gender therapists generally believe that gender identity is immutable and there is no way to convert a child out of a transgender identity. …

“Bill Donohue is a bigoted, lying, transphobic, idiotic piece of shit.”

There is no evidence to support the safety and efficacy of gender identity conversion efforts. There is, however evidence that such efforts create a lifetime of adverse mental health consequences.

Let the turds roll along:

Many have described the transgender community, particularly its online presence, as a cult. They will constantly push one another further down the path of transition in the pursuit of a more genuine and authentic transgender lifestyle.

That is a lie! Who in the hell are “many.” Radical religious zealots?

If there is a god I thank him or her for allowing this nonsense to come to a conclusion. Final Bullshit:

Shitting BullDuring the isolation of lockdown, anxiety and depression grew in many girls. Last year, they followed an increasingly familiar pattern of rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria. It typically starts by transgender activists on Reddit, Tumblr, and YouTube promoting a transgender identity as a cure to all their problems. This then leads to the girls forming a new gender identity which schools then eagerly affirm. Any objections are treated as “transphobic.”

Bill Donohue is a liar! Donohue has no way of knowing — and offers no evidence in support — of a theoretical increase in gender dysphoria due to COVID lockdowns. Furthermore, rapid onset gender dysphoria has never been proven to exist. Thus there is no “familiar pattern.” Nor can Donohue assert that something which does not exist “typically starts.” People do not form a “new gender identity.”

As for being labeled transphobic: Bill Donohue is a bigoted, lying, transphobic, idiotic piece of shit.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.