A Mormon elder is using violent imagery to oppose the decent treatment of LGBTQ students at Brigham Young University.

Ordinarily I only post original material. However a press release from Paul Southwick warrants attention. Paul is the lead counsel in Hunter v. U.S. Department of Education. The suit challenges the religious exemptions that enable schools to openly discriminate against LGBTQ students. Paul is the founder of REAP (Religious Exemption Accountability Project).

The Press Release:
It’s been a tough and traumatizing week for LGBTQ students at Brigham Young University.

On Monday, a prominent elder told faculty to use their “musket fire” to oppose equal treatment of LGBTQ students. And we’re now hearing reports of horrific incidents of anti-LGBTQ hate on campus.
Since we launched, REAP has demanded that the U.S. Department of Education to stop granting a religious exemption that allows religious colleges like BYU to discriminate against queer and transgender students.

Now, in light of the incidents on campus, we are also calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the flurry of anti-LGBTQ incidents at BYU. Students are fearful and they need the government to step in to protect them from this discriminatory institution.

Christian Warriors Claim That LGBTQ Students are Treated Better at Christian Colleges.

By David Cary Hart

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