Desmond is Amazing
via Twitter

Personally I was late to respond but the community I am so proud to be a member of vigorously reacted.

When a gay kid is attacked the entire LGBTQ community is attacked.

From what I can tell, Desmond is Amazing (Desmond Napoles) is a terrific kid. He is honest and he is determined to be who he is. Desmond seems to be telling the world “I am who I am. If you don’t like that then that is your problem.” (I am avoiding more colorful language. To me, that is class.

I am envious. I never got to do that because I came out as an adult.

Moreover, Desmond has extraordinarily supportive parents. They have successfully balanced protecting Desmond while, at the same time, letting Desmond be Desmond.

I did not say that Desmond and his family are perfect. They do not have to be. They have made some mistakes (like the video with Michael Alig). However, none of those errors of judgment have hurt anyone else. Desmond is professionally managed by Producer Entertainment Group.

“What, exactly, is the point of picking on a kid? Desmond never solicited anyone’s approval.”

The LGBTQ community is very fond of Desmond. He was once the grand marshal of Brooklyn’s Pride parade. We like Desmond because of his honesty and determination. Desmond has thousands of big brothers and sisters who are protective. Moreover, Desmond is one of us.

Last week Desmond was under attack on Twitter. His parents were quick to respond:

Frankly, I was late in responding. (I don’t watch Twitter that much.) However the community that I am so proud to be part of did react decisively. Hundreds of offensive tweets were flagged and deleted.

“[Desmond] has never hurt anyone. If you disapprove then don’t watch.”

I don’t get it

What, exactly, is the point of picking on a kid? Desmond never solicited anyone’s approval. I find it infuriating. Perhaps they are jealous as Desmond continues to become a notable celebrity. About a year ago Desmond published: Be Amazing: A History of Pride Hardcover – Picture Book.

Desmond has appeared on RuPaul’s show a couple of times, maybe more. Desmond is about 13 now. He has developed ego-strengths that usually require adulthood. However, Desmond remains vulnerable to insensitive rhetoric.

The bottom line is that Desmond is Amazing just wants to be Desmond is Amazing. He has never hurt anyone. If you disapprove then don’t watch. It’s just that simple. I find it disgraceful that adults feel entitled — perhaps even obligated — to heap opprobrium on the kid.

The good news is that Desmond is destined to have a great career. His “work” will be his joy which means that it’s not work. I know how that feels.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.