Mark Miloscia and Meridian Baldacci
Mark Miloscia and Meridian Baldacci

It is utterly shocking that religious extremists are deceitful. Yeah, right.

Mark Miloscia (Family Policy Institute of Washington) and Meridian Baldacci (Family Policy Alliance) compete for “Lying Your Ass Off” honors.

Two emails on Tuesday, dishonestly attack transgender youth and their parents. Why is it that the self-appointed arbiters of morality feel so free to misrepresent gender identity?

Before I get into the individual emails (and the mendacious claims, therein), there is an overriding lie. Both emails are deceptive. Both suggest that they are concerned for the wellbeing of children. Nonsense! Their concern is limited to the validity of scripture:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27

Miloscia’s email it titled: Sex-Change (Child Mutilation) Surgeries Increased 12% in 2020.

First of all no one other than members of the Christian Right has used the term “sex change” for two decades. The correct term is “gender confirmation surgery.”

Secondly, children are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery. Furthermore, if one drills down on the links within the links, the source of this data is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The number of procedures has increased but there is nothing in ASPS’ data that provides information concerning the age of patients.

Miloscia’s claim that this has anything to do with children is a pants-on-fire lie. Mark Miloscia is a liar.

Furthermore, there is nothing alarming about the increase in procedures. For one thing, increasing numbers of health insurance policies are covering gender confirmation surgery.

“Does anyone really believe that prepubescent children are the recipients of transgender surgical procedures?”

Miloscia’s feeble attempt to mitigate the lie leads to two more lies:

While the age of the patients was not included in the dataset, it’s heartbreaking to think about the adolescents who were likely among those operated on, especially given the fact that most children suffering from gender dysphoria end up walking away from transgender ideas once they reach puberty.

First of all, adolescents are not “likely” to have had a surgical procedure. There is no evidence to support that contention. Secondly, desisters do not “walk away” from being transgender.

While it is true that most children grow out of gender dysphoria, those who do rarely transition in the first place. The persistence of the condition directly correlates to its severity. Those who do transition are limited to the most severely affected.

Moreover, Miloscia undermines his own argument. He is correct that desisters do so prior to puberty (his wording is a bit awkward). Does anyone really believe that prepubescent children are the recipients of transgender surgical procedures? Mr. Miloscia is a one-watt bulb.

Hyperbole is another form of lying:

The genital mutilations and mastectomies on our children are nothing short of extreme child abuse, permanently damaging their bodies and minds. Governor Inslee and all legislators must declare these surgeries as “child abuse” as Texas Governor Abbott has done. No one should support any elected official who is silent on allowing parents or the government to abuse and mutilate children.

Again, the one-watt bulb is a tad short of evidence. Miloscia objects to a nonexistent procedure. There are rare cases where a mastectomy is appropriate prior to the age of majority. Parents, patients and qualified doctors get to make those decisions. Not politicians and not a religious extremist taking time out from flying airplanes into buildings.

“Miloscia must think that his audience is as stupid as he is.”

Apparently this has something to do with marriage equality:

This all began with the rejection of traditional, Biblical marriage and faith 60 years ago. The Word of God is very clear on sexual relationships and that sexual relations should only occur within marriage, which is a sacred union between one man and woman.

Yeah, well, “the word of god” is the word of man who, in ancient times, claimed to be in privileged communications with the deity. Moreover, given the vast number of religions, there are major differences of opinion related to the identities of deities and what they have ordained.

And what would one of these tirades be without a slippery slope?

Unless we soon start fighting back boldly, expect polyamory and pedophilia to be the next “freedoms” legalized the next time we elect a Democratic president as the government eliminates all rights and roles for parents to raise their own children. Given this triumph of evil, the destruction of our country is the inevitable last step.

Mr. Miloscia has just violated the law. He, on behalf of a 501(c)3 organization, is campaigning against Democratic politicians which is prohibited conduct. “Start fighting back?” Miloscia and his ilk do nothing other than fight civil society for Christian privilege.

Furthermore, polyamory is unlikely to ever be considered a legal union. Were that to occur (it will not) it would not affect anyone else.

“What, exactly is ‘real, compassionate help?’ Is that some form of crackpot religious counseling? Or, is Baldacci promoting gender identity conversion therapy?”

Pedophilia will never be legal. Miloscia must think that his audience is as stupid as he is.

Ms. Baldacci’s schtick is similar to Mr. Miloscia’s. The transgender obsessed woman’s email is titled STOP Transgender Experiments on Our Children!

If Baldacci actually gave a shit about children then she would not be the author of this nonsense. Baldacci is free to believe anything she wants. However, promoting bigotry in defense of religion is not only dishonest; it is vile.

Children shouldn’t be sterilized.

They shouldn’t be mutilated.

And they shouldn’t be left to deal with the regret that follows.

Yet right here in America, that’s what’s happening to children who are struggling to accept their God-given bodies. Instead of real, compassionate help, they’re met with hormones and a scalpel.

Ditch the mutilation and scalpel crap unless there is evidence to support the claim. If trans kids are “struggling,” it is due to minority stress which is inflicted by idiots like Ms. Baldacci.

What, exactly is “real, compassionate help?” Is that some form of crackpot religious counseling? Or, is Baldacci promoting gender identity conversion therapy? Those efforts are known to be futile and extremely toxic with life-long adverse effects. If Baldacci doesn’t know that it is because she doesn’t want to know that.

“If a child receives gender-affirming care according to the clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, that does not affect Meridian Baldacci in any meaningful way.”

Furthermore, if we take “children” at face value then they might receive puberty blockers shortly after entering puberty. Those are fully reversible. Those do not cause sterility.

Hormone therapy in later adolescence could cause infertility. The advantages and consequences of that therapy are evaluated by the trans youth, their parents and their doctors. They are not subject to evaluation by Meridian Baldacci who is wholly unqualified to render an opinion.

More lies:

Our children are in danger. At an age when they can’t even buy cough syrup over the counter, they’re being pushed to stop puberty, take cross-sex hormones, and even prepare to amputate healthy body parts. This shouldn’t be happening.

Children are not being “pushed” into doing anything. That assertion is an end run around the fact that transgender interventions require the consent of parents and clinicians. Moreover, it’s not up to Meridian Baldacci to determine what should, or should not, be happening.

Combattant identification is lost on Baldacci:

Help Not Harm is our answer to the gender war on our children. We have a vision of a country where children are offered real help, not the harm of experimental hormones and surgery. A nation where wounds are healed, not created. A place where children have room to embrace the person God made them to be – not pushed to change their entire body.

The “gender war on children” is, and has been, orchestrated by over-zealous Christians who should mind their own business. If a child receives gender-affirming care according to the clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, that does not affect Meridian Baldacci in any meaningful way. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect anyone other than trans youth patients and their families in any meaningful way.

“Ms. Lundstrum presumes to be better qualified to dictate the care of other people’s children than highly trained clinicians.”

Cut the crap:

None of this drivel is really about the wellbeing of children. Pretending otherwise is not only dishonest but demonstrates little respect for the intelligence of others.

The first victories have already been won.

This year, thanks to the hard work of our friends, Arkansas became the first state in the nation to legally protect children from dangerous transgender interventions. The lead House bill sponsor of that law, state Representative Robin Lundstrum, is an alumna of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy.

First of all, an injunction issued by a federal court has put a stop to this measure. Secondly, Robin Lundstrum is a property manager. She has no qualifications whatsoever that would allow her to credibly evaluate medical care. This is called Christian Arrogance.

Ms. Lundstrum presumes to be better qualified to dictate the care of other people’s children than highly trained clinicians. Conservative Christians think that they are entitled to many questionable parental rights. That is, until those supposed rights contradict religious dogma.

“We have nincompoops asserting that they are more knowledgeable than physicians.”

Baldacci also believes that she is better qualified than the doctors. After all, she is endorsing Lundstrum’s arrogant ignorance.

Baldacci quoting Lundstrum is really pathetic:

“We should never grow weary of protecting children. I’m proud of Arkansas legislators who were not afraid to stand up to the political mob and put kids first. Now, it’s time for other states to do the same. I’m so thankful for the partnership of Family Policy Alliance in this effort and I fully endorse the Help Not Harm campaign. We must work together to pass legislation like the SAFE Act across the country so that children in every state are protected from chemical and surgical castration.” – Arkansas State Representative Robin Lundstrum, Lead House Sponsor of the Arkansas SAFE Act

As you can see, Representative Robin Lundstrum is a pathological liar. “Putting kids first” means that they are entitled to the best medical care available according to medical science. Lundstrum puts religious dogma first — last and always.

Who do these morons think they are fooling?

We have nincompoops asserting that they are more knowledgeable than physicians. All of this is dishonestly defending conservative Christian doctrine. None of this makes any sense at all.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.