Katrina Trinko - Heritage Foundation propagandist and religious extremist
Katrina Trinko is one of Heritage Foundation’s anti-LGBTQ extremists | via Twitter

Yet another transphobic polemic claiming that transgender women pose a threat to cisgender women.

According to Katrina Trinko at Heritage Foundation (transphobia central these days): An Example of How Transgender Rights Affect Women’s Safety. At its outset, Trinko’s essay is a lie.

Trinko has a history of expressing transgender bigotry. Presumably the rhetoric is in defense of religious teachings or scripture.

I mention that because she formed an opinion based on Christian doctrine in contrast to any evidence or personal experience. Furthermore, she is engaged in finding evidence to support the dogma. Most rational people form opinions from objectively truthful facts.

Trinko is referring to the Wi Spa incident in Los Angeles. A woman was allegedly upset that, on June 27 of this year, someone with a penis was in an area of the spa designated exclusively for women. Someone shot a video of the woman complaining to spa management.

“… transphobic rhetoric creates a palpable physical danger to transgender people.”

The video went viral. Fox News was all over it. The right wing mambo began in earnest. Apparently the Proud Boys organized a protest which attracted a counter-protest. Predictably, violence ensued.

A 52 year old transgender woman, Darren Agee Merager, was charged with indecent exposure on, or about, September 1. She claims that she is not guilty. Some have claimed that the video is either fake or was a setup. I have no clue what really happened, if anything at all.

Ms. Meranger has been arrested several times on similar charges. Is that a pattern of behavior or is she being “profiled” by police?

But let us assume, for the moment, that the claims are true and that Ms. Merager did what she is accused of doing.

Viewing a penis does not compromise “women’s safety.” It’s unlikely that this particular complainant has not seen a penis prior to this incident. The woman might find it unpleasant but was never in any danger. Unvaccinated people pose a real danger to my safety.

“… no “sexual predator” has ever been accused of using trans access to harm women in any way whatsoever.”

However, transphobic rhetoric creates a palpable physical danger to transgender people. Violence is visited upon transgender persons for no reason other than the fact that they are transgender. Moreover, that violence is foreseeable to the promoter of the rhetoric.

The point is that Katrina Trinko is fomenting violence against people who have done her no harm. Moreover, I can reasonably speculate that Ms. Trinko has never even met a transgender person. Who is in danger? Transgender persons or a spa goer who allegedly viewed a penis?

“Baseless menace-speak is a dialect of bigotry.”

Eventually Trinko arrives at the point she is trying to make:

For years, conservatives have warned that these so-called anti-discrimination measures, which can lead to giving people access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces on the basis of gender identity, not biological sex, would allow sexual predators access to women’s spaces.

The above is dishonest per se. First of all, no “sexual predator” has ever been accused of using trans access to harm women in any way whatsoever. Secondly, Ms. Merager (the accused) might — might — be an exhibitionist. That doesn’t make her a sexual predator.

Ms. Trinko is not very original. Disfavored minorities are frequently portrayed as posing a peril. Black men were supposedly determined to rape white women. Gay men were supposedly determined to rape young boys. Jews were supposedly determined to harm, … just about everyone else.

“Just how much discontent can such a small minority create?”

Baseless menace-speak is a dialect of bigotry. Someone who likely believes that transgender people do not really exist elaborates:

Across the country, women are being affected right now by transgender rights. Student female athletes are losing to biological males. Women in California prisons are facing the reality that biological men who now identify as women may be transferred to their single-sex units. High school girls are having to share locker rooms with biological males.

This nonsense typically applies to transgender females who constitute, perhaps, 0.3% of the population. In other words, this religiously-manufactured issue does not scale very well. Just how much discontent can such a small minority create?

“When [religious] beliefs lead to an attempt to alter public policy through dishonest rhetoric, the attendant conduct constitutes bigotry.”

In this case, one lone incident has created an uproar through noisy people who, for whatever reason, are prejudiced against transgender persons. It has been magnified by the right wing echo chamber including Fox News.

I happen to believe that transgender people are special. They offer evidence of nature’s diverse palette of variances in sexuality. I don’t expect many people to agree with me. However, I have a reasonable expectation that people should not do violence — in word or deed — to a very vulnerable minority group.

No one has solicited Katrina Trinko’s approval. No one requires Katrina Trinko’s approval. However, civility is a societal requirement. Trinko is free to believe anything she wants. When those beliefs lead to an attempt to alter public policy through dishonest rhetoric, the attendant conduct constitutes bigotry.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.