Christopher Yuan at work doing Prayed Away the Gay for Pay
Christopher Yuan at work doing Prayed Away the Gay for Pay | via Christian Post

The simple scientific fact is that sexual orientation does not change due to prayer, conversion therapy, maleness weekends or anything else.

According to Nicole Alcindor: Bible teacher shares how he ‘chose Jesus over homosexuality’ after contracting HIV.

Ms. Alcindor is determined to promote the false notion that sexual orientation is a choice. If it’s a choice then sexual orientation should not be protected by nondiscrimination laws.

What you can interpret that “logic” to mean is that conservative Christians believe that they have an essential right to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Furthermore, as we have seen, some people believe that they have a religious duty to discriminate against LGBTQ persons. Discriminatory behavior is a conscious choice.

Moreover, the last time I checked, being an unglued conservative Christian is also a choice.

Being insufficiently intellectually curious to review the scientific literature is also a choice. It is a choice to be spectacularly stupid. Moreover, it is a very bad choice.

I will get to the Bible teacher in a moment. First, however, according to the science, there is “substantial support for biological influences underlying the development of sexual orientation.” Prayer, conversion “therapy” and crackpot interventions are not going to change a gay person’s biology.

Some people do experience modest changes in sexual orientation. For example I usually identify (and feel most comfortable) as a gay man. Sometimes, for a brief period of time, my attractions are bisexual. However, there is no external force that can influence those changes.

I liken it to outdoor temperature. It varies during the day and by other intervals. However, there’s not much anyone can do to change the overall outdoor temperature.

“Pornography turned him gay? Sure.”

One’s sexual orientation and gender identity are not opinions. Nor are they choices subject to decisions and alternatives.
Now, getting back to Nicole Alcindor and that Bible teacher:

The Christians always feel obliged to explain the underlying reason that someone is gay. The fact that there is no scientific evidence to support this theory does not dissuade them. Afterall their god could not possibly have created LGBTQ people:

When Moody Bible Institute professor and author Christopher Yuan was 9 years old, he began having same-sex attractions after discovering pornographic magazines at a friend’s house.

Following his exposure to pornography, Yuan said he experienced confusion and fear about his attraction to males.

Pornography turned him gay? Sure. I’ll skip the introductory paragraphs to the following:

“At 9, those [pornographic] magazines gave me a distorted view of sex, and they soon became my master,” Yuan told the audience at the evangelical church’s Post Falls campus. “With pornography fueling my desires, I had my first encounter when I was 16 years old. But I kept my [same-sex] feelings hidden through high school, college, even in the Marine Corps Reserve.”

I do not know when he was in the Marine Corps Reserve but chances are that he had no choice but to stay in the closet. Nevertheless, the porn turned him gay at nine and seven years later he had gay sex.

“I am waiting for Tinkerbell or Cinderella to show up.”

Ridicule turned Yuan gayer as did the fact that, as a Chinese boy in Chicago, he looked different. Uh huh. But he eventually came out of the closet:

No longer keeping sexuality a secret

After a few years, in his early 20s, Yuan no longer kept his sexuality a secret.

On May 15, 1993, he came home from Louisville, Kentucky, after completing his first year in dental school. He made an unexpected announcement to his parents.

“I am gay,” Yuan recalled telling them.

The doting mommy excuse. Yuan’s father, divorced from his mother, blamed his ex-wife for turning their kid gay. A family of geniuses.

Introducing the change bullshit:

“You would never think that three simple words, ‘I am gay,’ could cause so much pain,” Angela Yuan said. “I actually thought I could threaten Christopher with an ultimatum to choose the family or homosexuality, but Christoper [sic] already brought into the lie that he couldn’t change — that he was born gay.”

According to the narrative, mom was suicidal. Then an atheist she met with a Christian pastor who gave her a pamphlet on homosexuality. Dad became a Christian and the two reconciled. Believe me, the summary version of this BS is easier on the brain cells than Nicole Alcindor’s painfully verbose prose.

“The intended inference is that gay men are more drug addled and promiscuous than straight men.”

This is one long cliche:

At that time, Christopher Yuan, who was pursuing his doctorate level studies, spent most of his leisure time frequenting gay clubs. He also spent time seeking intimacy and happiness through various dating relationships.

Although he found some satisfaction from dating, he still encountered feelings of unfulfillment.

What happened to the dentistry? But uh oh. I am waiting for Tinkerbell or Cinderella to show up:

Eventually, Christopher Yuan began doing drugs to find happiness. To afford his drug habits, he also started selling drugs to friends, classmates and even a professor.

“To be clear, not all gays and lesbians do drugs, not all gay men are promiscuous, of course. Some are and some are not, but that is part of my story,” Christopher Yuan recounted. “I actually thought I could live this double life: graduate student by day and promiscuous drug dealer by night.”

“I feel like I’m writing the Cliff Notes version of this tedious saga.”

The intended inference is that gay men are more drug addled and promiscuous than straight men. Moreover, the idea is to characterize gay men as immoral in addition to their sinful sexual orientation

Yuan gets expelled from school. Yuan moves to Atlanta:

Christopher Yuan delved further into the drug scene in his new home and became a supplier through other dealers in over a dozen states, he said.

Yuan was victimized by Satan. Everyone prayed. Along with 100 prayer warriors and mom went on a 39-day fast but, miraculously, didn’t croak. (I feel like I’m writing the Cliff Notes version of this tedious saga.) Oh, and he got arrested.

Jesus saves (Moses invests):

Following Jesus

Christopher Yuan later found a Bible near the garbage in the detention center and he began to read it.

Shortly after, he received the shocking news that he is HIV positive.

After spending time devastated over the news, Yuan found himself picking up his Bible to read.

The more he read, he said, the more the Holy Spirit convicted him of his “many idols, including homosexuality.”

Christopher Yuan said over a gradual process, he eventually found his Christain [sic] faith. He said he “chose Jesus over homosexuality.”

“… a conversion to Christianity is not a conversion from gay to straight.”

Pray your gay away for pay (and some undeserved attention):

Yuan is now a sought-after speaker and author who has taught Bible classes at Moody Bible Institute for over a decade. He is also the author of Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story.

According to the story the DEA confiscated 9.1 tons of weed. According to the federal docket (Northern District of Georgia) Yuan was arrested in July of 1998.

Yuan violated bond and was re-arrested on December 15, 1998. On April 17, 2000 the sentence was reduced from 72 months to 36 months. At that time (assuming credit for time served post December 1998), he would have served 16 months which is less that half of the sentence. Release would then be in December, 2001.

More important than Yuan’s criminal history is the fact that he is lying now. Yuan is undoubtedly just as gay today as he was 25 years ago. Moreover, the cynical view is that he converted to Christianity in order to reduce his sentence.

Nevertheless, a conversion to Christianity is not a conversion from gay to straight.

Chances are pretty good that Yuan is pretending (consciously or not) to be heterosexual to please his conservative parents. Moreover the pretense is necessary in order to maintain a livelihood.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.