Dan Delzell
Dan Delzell is yet another Christian literalist and anti-transgender propagandist with no applicable training and experience | via Christian Post

The Christian right has created a transgender wedge issue. It began with an Obama era memo to school administrators.

The rank and file are easily seduced into supporting baloney.

The Christian right is more interested in political power than piousness.

Dan Delzell, a Christian Post contributor, is a true believer. Delzell isn’t obsessed over LGBTQ persons and doesn’t display the anger that seems so common among evangelical Christians.

Nevertheless, Mr. Delzell is defending scripture: Can changing your mind change your true gender? It’s an idiotic rhetorical question reflecting ignorance. I’ll get to the content shortly.

The essay is, obviously, not intended to make Mr. Delzell look backward and ignorant. But what is the point? Who does Delzell think that he is helping?

Not one transgender person is going to desist because of Delzell. Not one. Furthermore, no one suffering from gender dysphoria will be cured by reading Delzell’s spew. Moreover, the peer-reviewed research will not change because some people think that it conflicts with Genesis 1:27.

There are two direct effects:

  1. Some people will believe that they have a religious duty to oppress transgender persons, particularly children (and their parents). They will, incuriously, defer to the constant, relentless narrative of bewilderment in contrast to appreciating medical science.
  2. There is the potential for a parent to be guided by the anti-trans rhetoric rather than professional advice. That could risk the very life of a child — and that is not hyperbole.

The science isn’t the science:

Today, an equally imaginative theory has captured many hearts and minds. This revolutionary gender theory, like macroevolution, involves imaginary transitions.

Gender identity, as a separate construct independent of natal sex, is a scientific fact. There is nothing “revolutionary” about the science and transitions are far from imaginary.

“Transitioning is the only intervention known to medical science to relieve the symptoms of gender dysphoria.”

It is hard to tell whether the following ignorance is intentional or a product of the Christian supremacy echo chamber:

You see, it takes a wild imagination to believe that a boy can magically turn into a girl, or that a woman can mysteriously turn into a man. This newfangled approach teaches people how to change their minds about their gender, whether in hopes of transitioning to the opposite gender or in hopes of de-transitioning back to their true gender.

“Newfangled?” The first gender confirmation surgery was performed over 100 years ago. In a sense Delzell has been victimized by the creation of a political wedge issue.

Moreover, there is nothing “mysterious” about gender incongruence. Furthermore — for what seems the thousandth time — people do not “change their minds about their gender.” Nor does anyone “transition to the opposite gender.”

The scientific facts are relatively straightforward:

  1. Gender identity is express over a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends.
  2. Gender identity is formed by about two-years-of-age.
  3. A small percentage of the population experience some degree of discord between their gender identity and natal sex.
  4. This incongruence induces discomfort which can be a in a range of mild to acute distress that is life threatening. Those who are in the most distress find relief through transitioning.
  5. Furthermore, people do not “transition to the opposite gender.” Transitioning is a gender-affirming process.
  6. Transitioning is the only intervention known to medical science to relieve the symptoms of gender dysphoria.

“The medical condition has been in the medical literature for decades.”

Again, is this willful confusion? It seems to be intentionally dishonest rhetoric:

But can changing your mind change your true gender? Think of it this way. You could change your mind about your race, but that would not actually change your true race. Gender and race are immutable in every human being.

It should be perfectly obvious — it should — that people do not “change their mind over gender.” What Delzell chooses not to understand is that gender is as hard wired as natal sex. It is not a choice. It’s not like telling the waiter taking your order: “Cancel that. Instead of the Dover sole I’ll have cassoulet. Just don’t tell my cardiologist.”

Sure there is some — some — fluidity in gender but it is over a small range. Moreover, it is not something that we can control.

The re-tooled version of “promoting homosexuality.”

Nevertheless, the process of gender transitioning is being heavily promoted today to comfort individuals who struggle with gender dysphoria.

I wish that just one of these pious putzes would get it through their head: People do not transition because they are influenced or encouraged to do so. People naturally transition because it brings them relief from a medical condition.

The medical condition has been in the medical literature for decades. Whether it is (was) called gender identity disorder of gender dysphoria, it is the same thing: Gender incongruence. It is not speculative. It is a medical fact.

“we all understand the concept of chromosomes and natal sex. It has nothing whatsoever to do with gender identity.”

Self-inoculation and more ignorance:

Anyone who suffers from gender confusion should be treated with tremendous care, respect, wise counsel, and compassion. The mental suffering can be overwhelming for those who feel like their body does not match their preferred gender.

Gender transitioning is a process of manipulating the physical body and appearance through hormone therapy and surgery to match the mental image one has of oneself.

On Sunday a post of mine included a list of 11 common points that these religious essays have in common. Add one to the list:

  1. Phony Christian compassion to deflect well-earned criticism.

Calling it “gender confusion” is a lie. It does not reflect treating people “with tremendous care, respect ….” Nor does calling gender identity a “preference.” (It brings to mind the homophobic “sexual preference” instead of sexual orientation.)

Furthermore, transitioning is a process intended to allow people to present as their gender. It does not necessarily rely on “hormone therapy and surgery.” Many people, including prepubescent kids, transition through hair style and attire.

In 1905, scientists discovered that “in human beings, a mismatched pair of one X and one Y chromosome is seen exclusively in male cells. …

Yes, we all understand the concept of chromosomes and natal sex. It has nothing whatsoever to do with gender identity.

“Gender identity is not subject to outside influence. There is no evidence that anyone has ever become transgender because of public school instruction.”

Walt Heyer eventually accepted the scientific reality of his male chromosomes. …

Heyer is atypical of transgender persons. He had surgery well into middle age and about 40 years ago. Heyer’s claim is that he was influenced into having what was then called gender identity disorder. Lately he has been claiming that what he really had was self-diagnosed dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). Heyer makes a living being “ex-transgender.”

Yes, chromosomes are a “scientific reality.” Gender identity is also a scientific reality.

Delzell has changed the subject to transition regret:

In my 2018 CP op-ed, “Will America’s Public Grade Schools Become Transgender Mills?”, I wrote, “Children in public schools should not become anyone’s transgender experiment.”

Gender identity is not subject to outside influence. There is no evidence that anyone has ever become transgender because of public school instruction. That meme is stunningly stupid, … and dishonest.

“None of this nonsense has anything to do with concern for the wellbeing of others! This is always in defense of scripture.”

Four months ago, CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired “a segment interviewing several individuals who, after undergoing hormone treatments and sex ‘reassignment’ surgeries, decided to ‘detransition’ back to their natural sex.”

Overall, desistence is very rare. All of those individuals — like Mr. Heyer — transitioned a long time ago and in middle age. That is atypical.

Biology is not bigotry. And yet sadly, as Madeline Osborn points out, “Transgender Activists Do Not Want You to Hear Stories of ‘Gender Transition’ Regret.”

The hackneyed, self-serving “biology is not bigotry” is true. Bigotry exists when people promote the false idea that gender identity does not exist. Moreover, I do not know who those ubiquitous “activists” are. Perhaps I am one.

What concerns me is not the fact that some people desist. What does concern me is the following:

  1. Promoting the false notion that a few religious conservatives who desisted are representative of transgender persons in general.
  2. Promoting the false notion that the existence of desisters means that others can and should desist.
  3. Promoting the false notion that there exists some magical gender identity conversion therapy. Those efforts lead to a lifetime of misery.

Madeline Osborn, by the way, is a graduate of Abilene Christian University. You won’t find objections to the existence of transgender persons in secular circles.

None of this nonsense has anything to do with concern for the wellbeing of others! This is always in defense of scripture.

Feigning regard for others constitutes the grossest dishonesty!

“What training and experience does Dan Delzell have that enables him to call those standards [of practice] “unscientific” and “trendy?”

Here is a compound lie:

Here is a recent report that illustrates the stranglehold this man-made delusion has over the current occupants in the White House: “3000 Healthcare Workers Sue Biden Administration Over Mandate Forcing Them to Perform Sex-Change Surgeries.”

First of all, it is not 3,000 people. Rather it is two organizations that claim to represent 3,000 people. Secondly, there is no mandate forcing anyone to perform a surgical procedure that conservative Christians disapprove of.

Let’s hit all of the dishonest talking points:

Since most young people grow out of their gender dysphoria, these 3,000 healthcare workers are willing to stand up for the rights and emotional needs of young children. They also want to protect vulnerable teens and adults who experience gender confusion during a turbulent season of their life.

“Gender confusion” is dishonest bullshit. The children who grow out of gender dysphoria never transition in the first place. They are not affected enough by their discomfort to do so. The two organizations aren’t concerned about “protecting vulnerable teens.” They are protecting Christianity.

That theme suggests that parents are abusive and stupid. It also suggests that doctors are predatory and dishonest. The purpose behind this pointless litigation is to defend Christian doctrine.

Stupidity as a virtue:

Confusion sets in, and danger lurks, whenever children are taught to reject their God-given gender and adopt a radical and trendy approach to dealing with their gender dysphoria.

The illogical and unscientific practice of gender transitioning sets up vulnerable individuals for even greater misery, and a lifetime of emotional chaos.

If one is a believer then gender identity is also “God-given.” There is nothing “trendy” about mitigating the effects of a medical condition. Gender-affirming care underpins the clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society. What training and experience does Dan Delzell have that enables him to call those standards “unscientific” and “trendy?” None?

“Religious literalists would be wise never to refer to anything they disapprove of as a ‘fairy tale.'”

An idiot treating everyone else as being stupid:

Sometimes people want something so badly, they choose to believe a fairy tale rather than acknowledge God’s wonderful creation of male and female. Pumpkins do not turn into carriages, and imaginary transitions are rooted in nothing more than fanciful wishes.

Religious literalists would be wise never to refer to anything they disapprove of as a “fairy tale.”

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.