Blowhard Bill Donohue
Bill Donohue – Self-appointed apologist for the Catholic Church

We already knew that Bill Donohue of the Catholic League isn’t exactly Mensa material.

Donohue believes that his audience is as dense as he is.

Bill Donohue (“Blowhard Bill”) has posed an “interesting” question: Why are educated white people so stupid?

As you might have guessed, Blowhard Bill thinks that people who accept the scientific fact that gender identity and natal sex are separate constructs are stupid. Apparently, the entire medical field is composed of stupid people (with the exception of the small percentage of doctors who are members of the Catholic Medical Association).

It seems fair to ask: Why is Blowhard Bill so spectacularly stupid? I say that because Donohue insists that people who accept medical science are stupid. Therefore, people with an appreciation of evidence are also dimwits.

Moreover, Mr. Donohue believes that people who place faith over evidence are smart. That’s not to say, on my part, that people of faith are stupid. Rather, most people of faith are capable of compartmentalizing faith-based and evidence-based convictions.

Mr. Donohue is only capable of accepting Catholic dogma. Donohue can look directly at evidence and state that what it represents cannot be so. For Donohue, Church doctrine comprises incontrovertible truth irrespective of evidence to the contrary.

Donohue’s problem is that he is obsessed over the existence of gender-diverse people. Donohue is willing to say just about anything — no matter how crazy — if he thinks that he is denigrating trans persons.

According to Donohue:

Pew found that 56% of adults surveyed believe that “gender is determined by sex assigned at birth,” and 41% believe it can be different. Who believes the latter? “Liberal Democrats are particularly likely to say gender can be different from sex assigned at birth.” In fact, 81% believe this to be true.

Also, “those with a bachelor’s degree or more education are more likely than those who do not have a college degree to say a person’s gender can be different from sex assigned at birth.” Regarding race, white people are the most likely to accept this position; blacks are the least likely.

“…the results of the survey offer a rather depressing picture of the degree to which Americans accept sexual diversity.”

Donohue did not provide a link to the survey and for good reason. The folks at Pew Research offered a false choice to the question that was asked:

Which statement comes closer to your views, even if neither is exactly right?
Whether someone is a man or a woman is determined by the sex they were assigned at birth.

Someone can be a man or a woman even if that is different from the sex they were assigned at birth.

The choices should have been:

Gender identity equals the sex assigned at birth..


Someone can have a gender identity that is different from their sex assigned at birth.

The way that Pew worded the choices would have caused people to assess whether or not they approve of transgender people. The choices, as I have framed them, ask the respondent if they believe that someone could suffer from gender dysphoria.

Nevertheless, the results of the survey offer a rather depressing picture of the degree to which Americans accept sexual diversity.

“Gender identity, at all points in the spectrum, is an objective truth.”

Getting back to Mr. Donohue:

The term “gender” is constantly misused these days: it means socially learned roles that are deemed appropriate for men and women. Thus, asking someone on an employment or medical form what “gender” he is makes no sense: the proper question is what “sex” the person is.

Donohue is not entirely wrong. Gender is ambiguous. Furthermore, I have been correcting myself only recently with “gender identity” rather than just gender. Moreover, Pew Research did not use the word gender (see above). Donohue injected the word into the issue in order to state intellectually dishonest nonsense (in the above quoted text).

After asserting that no one’s sex is “assigned at birth,” Blowhard Bill directly contradicts science:

Contrary to what so many educated white people believe, there is no such thing as a “non-binary” person. A human being is either a male or a female. He or she may deny this, but that is of no consequence. A person could, conceivably, think of himself as a giraffe, but self-identity is not dispositive. Reality matters more than subjective interpretations of it.

“… no one disputes chromosomal realities. Donohue is engaging in the logical fallacy of creating a straw man.”

Donohue is making a false comparison between gender identity and a person’s belief that they are a different species. Gender identity is a reality. Everyone has a gender identity. It is a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends. Therefore, not everyone’s identity is male or female. The existence of gender identity represents objective truth.

In contrast, the absolute reality is that all people are human beings. The belief that one is a giraffe denies that reality. It is untrue per se.

Furthermore, Donohue is wrong when he says that gender identity is “subjective.” Gender identity, at all points in the spectrum, is an objective truth. Truth is not defined as what Blowhard Bill Donohue approves of.

Despite the title of his diatribe, Donohue is wed to the notion that his own constituency is stupid:

Here are some more basic biological facts that are resisted by educated white people.

A male carries the XY chromosomes; a female carries XX. Sorry, folks, there is no third combination—no XYZ exists. It’s a binary fact of life.

Another fact of life is that only females produce eggs. Males are incapable of doing so, and this would certainly include those biological men who identify as a woman. Here’s another reality check: a man can think of himself as a woman until the cows come home, but he will never be able to menstruate.

“Donohue is excluding a very real medical condition — gender dysphoria — which, according to Blowhard Bill, cannot and does not exist.”

No shit Bill! None of that has anything to do with gender identity. Moreover, no one disputes chromosomal realities. Donohue is engaging in the logical fallacy of creating a straw man. It constitutes an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than the real argument.

The real argument is that gender identity exists. The phony argument is a substitution of natal sex for gender identity.

Furthermore, Donohue is excluding a very real medical condition — gender dysphoria — which, according to Blowhard Bill, cannot and does not exist. That assumption contradicts mountains of scientific research.

Over three verbose paragraphs, starting with “[m]ales have a penis, scrotum, and testicles” Donohue continues to insult the intelligence of anyone reading his nonsense. Eventually, a profoundly dishonest and stupid person asks the rhetorical question:

The fundamental question remains. Why are educated white people the most likely to swallow the moonshine that a man who thinks he is a woman is, therefore, a woman (and vice versa)? The only plausible answer is that they have been the most indoctrinated by radical egalitarian ideologies.

As far back as 1995 (and likely even earlier) numerous studies demonstrate that transgender persons have brain structures corresponding to their gender identity.

The reality is that a transgender person is, for all intents and purposes, a male or female as defined by their gender identity. The fact that that contradicts the teachings of the Catholic Church is irrelevant. Catholic doctrine is based on scripture. Dogma is based on faith. Science is based on evidence.

Who, exactly, is being stupid?

Educated white people who deny what nature, and nature’s God, has ordained, need to be deprogrammed. Either that or they will continue to prove just how stupid they really are.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.