Craig DeRoche is a pathological liar
Craig DeRoche, a former Republican politician, is president of Family Policy Alliance

Family Policy Alliance is raising money off of the most vulnerable members of our community: Trans youth.

Craig DeRoche is president of Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family. Mr. DeRoche — a would-be arbiter of morality — is also a pathological liar.

Wednesday I received an email from DeRoche titled: Protect our children who are caught in the crosshairs of battle. That’s the first lie. Gender-diverse kids need protection from bigots like DeRoche.

  • Were DeRoche and Family Policy Alliance really concerned for the wellbeing of children then they would make sure that kids receive the best medical care. Medical care that is in accord with the best available medical science.
  • Moreover, if Family Policy Alliance and DeRoche were really concerned for the wellbeing of children then they would stop marginalizing them with self-righteous bullshit.
  • Furthermore, if these folks really gave a crap about kids then they would stop trying to influence their parents with baseless bullshit.

According to the email:

You’ve probably seen glimpses of this war. The cultural Left is selling American youth the devastating lie that a person’s sex is simply a social construct that can be changed at will. Your gift today will help protect our children from transgender medical experimentation.

The lie in the above quoted text also constitutes the logical fallacy of constructing a straw man. Moreover it constitutes a compound lie.

First of all medical science does not represent the “cultural left.” Secondly, no one asserts that sex can be changed at will. Thirdly, transgender medicine is not experimental. It has been in the medical literature for decades.

“What, exactly, is the rationale for unqualified people to pass laws regarding health care that directly contradict the overwhelming consensus of science?”

Furthermore, this has nothing to do with sex as that term is understood by Craig DeRoche. The issue is gender identity which cannot be “changed at will.” Were that the case then no one would have incongruent gender and natal sex; a condition that can cause considerable distress.

The next pack of lies:

American kids are being sold a bill of goods. Instead of the fulfillment they are promised, they are left with infertility, irreversible damage to body parts and functions, worsened mental health and a lifetime of medical bills and regrets.

American kids aren’t being “sold” anything. Gender dysphoria is not caused through persuasion. Furthermore, it is a lie to focus on the consequences of medical care without comparing those to the benefits.

It is akin to saying that cancer care is improper. It causes the patient’s hair to fall out. It treats the condition with highly poisonous substances. Many patients are even intentionally irradiated.

In essence what DeRoche is saying is that:

  1. The parents of trans youth are stupid and child abusers.
  2. The clinical practice standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society are inapplicable because those organizations are [corrupt | politically correct | comprised of Marxist leftists | (fill in the blank) ].
  3. The doctors who treat gender-diverse youth are incompetent, pernicious psychopaths.
  4. A large body of peer-reviewed research is invalid because, … [more BS].

All that because Craig DeRoche and Family Policy Alliance preference the defense of ancient texts over the health of children. It is sick!

“They want to force doctors not to provide care that is based on the guidelines promulgated by their professional organizations.”

An admission of the danger they pose to children:

Two years ago, Family Policy Alliance drafted the first legislation to prohibit sex-change surgeries and hormones for minors.

This year, a variation of that legislation passed! It happened in Arkansas, and though the opposition was intense, we won — even overriding a veto by the governor!

At the present time an injunction prohibits Arkansas from enforcing the law. More importantly, state legislatures are comprised of lawyers, farmers, accountants, insurance salesmen, real estate agents, etc..

What, exactly, is the rationale for unqualified people to pass laws regarding health care that directly contradict the overwhelming consensus of science? The email says “we won.” The reality is that these laws mean that children lost.

Furthermore, the law would require doctors to violate their oath. Then there is the matter of hypocrisy.

The American College of Pediatricians (a small anti-LGBTQ hate group) and the Catholic Medical Association are suing the Biden administration. They are falsely claiming that doctors are required to provide gender-affirming care.

The American College of Pediatricians and (in the present matter) Family Policy Alliance are like minded. They want to force doctors not to provide care that is based on the guidelines promulgated by their professional organizations. Moreover, they want to force doctors to ignore established medical science.

“The simple fact is that this entire enterprise is painfully dishonest.”

There is a more basic question: Who at Family Policy Alliance is remotely qualified to influence how a medical condition is treated? Craig DeRoche? His experience is limited to politics and he doesn’t seem to have so much as an undergraduate degree.

I am not qualified either. However, I am not voicing opinions that contradict medical science. Suppose DeRoche, with his high school diploma, aired strong opinions regarding the medical care of kids with leukemia. Would that be any different?

There is a word for people who have those strong opinions while having no knowledge of the subject they are opining about:

As we near the end of this nonsense, there are more lies:

The opportunity to spread these protections to other states is tremendous. But so are the needs in order to make that happen. Here’s what your help can do:

The intended inference is that this meddling — these so-called “protections” — benefit children. That is a lie. DeRoche’s “protections” are designed to protect scripture.

Some of those things that DeRoche claims donations enable are also lies:

Equip and train state lawmakers. Your support will provide training and materials to answer legislators’ questions and guide them in talking about this issue, especially those who are Statesmen Academy alumni.

The only way to “equip and train state lawmakers” is to either send them to medical school or provide them with expert guidance. Who at Family Policy Alliance has that expertise? Dr.Jack Turban provided a declaration — as an expert witness — in the Arkansas matter. DeRoche would do well to read all 45 pages. Turban advanced the medical science while saying that the state’s alleged experts were clueless.

Who is DeRoche going to enlist to train legislators to ignore evidence presented by the plaintiffs in the inevitable litigation that will follow the enactment of any of these measures? Paul Hruz?

Even Tennessee realized that it is a mistake to force doctors to ignore science. Tennessee; the state famous for the Scopes trial. The legislature passed a bill that was amended to have no effect whatsoever.

The simple fact is that this entire enterprise is painfully dishonest. The rationale is a lie and each of the talking points is a lie. And by the way, what’s missing? What is missing is any research to support DeRoche’s religious sophistry.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.