Dave Aucoin - religious extremist
David Aucoin circa 2017 | via YouTube

Utter nonsense based on preferencing religious doctrine over medical science.

Dave Aucoin of Rhode Island offers: The Empty Promise of Going ‘Trans.’ The fascinating essay is published to the website of Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family.

Mr. Aucoin, a failed politician and pastor, has already established himself as a reliable crackpot. About a year ago Aucoin was promoting conversion therapy.

Then and now Mr. Aucoin has demonstrated, and now demonstrates, dishonesty. He is trying to convince people that medical science conforms to scripture. It does not. Furthermore, the good Christian is deliberately harming others — persons he disapproves of — in defense of the faith. His is an exercise in mendacity and sociopathy.

Last Sunday I pointed out that these transphobic diatribes by members of the Christian right have many elements in common. It is the result of promoting intellectual debris with no foundation of logic and evidence.

The ignorance portrays a certain desperation (rather verbosely):

The transgender ideology running rampant in our culture is promising a lot of freedom to our children but is only delivering regrets. Increasingly, teens around the country have declared that they identify as transgender. And, unfortunately, I have spoken with high schoolers who say that identifying as “trans” draws attention and affirmation from their peers, guidance counselors, and teachers. But this movement – painted as a happy and exciting thing in culture – has a dark side. Once an adolescent starts down the path of puberty blockers – typically followed by cross-sex hormones – many effects are irreversible or long-lasting. That once healthy body may never function as it did originally. As people who have “transitioned” become aware of this, they are often filled with deep regret. There are many of these stories – check out sexchangeregret.com to hear about some of them.

“Hormones are not a consequence of puberty blockers. They are a consequence of gender dysphoria.”

Here is my list of misstatements and lies from the above:

  1. There is no such thing as “transgender ideology.” The phrase is an overused religious cliche from people who, themselves, are slaves to an ancient ideology
  2. Whatever it is, the notion that something is “running rampant” is idiotic nonsense.
  3. The idea that (presumably) adults are encouraging children to do something that Aucoin doesn’t like (“promising” something) is preposterous. Kids transition to obtain relief from the symptoms of gender dysphoria. Furthermore, transition is effective at providing relief.
  4. The idea that transitioning is “only delivering regrets” is preposterous. Moreover, it is dishonest. It is a lie. Desistence rates once kids transition are minuscule. The reason that the rates are minuscule is because transitioning (with parental support) does mitigate symptoms.
  5. Aucoin’s BS about speaking with high school students is an attempt to promote the lie that kids transition to obtain peer approval.
    1. Common sense would suggest just the opposite. Trans kids are routinely bullied and suffer from minority stress.
    2. There is no evidence to support Aucoin’s contention.
    3. I would wager my orbs that none of the kids that Aucoin claims to have spoken with are transgender.
    4. Kids who do transition are properly diagnosed and receive counseling. Parents are neither blind nor stupid.
  6. Aucoin is claiming that puberty blockers have irreversible consequences. That is a lie.
  7. If, as Aucoin claims, puberty blockers are “typically followed” by hormones (which is true) then he is contradicting himself because that demonstrates that desistence is
  8. Aucoin is trying to influence parents dishonestly. Hormones are not a consequence of puberty blockers. They are a consequence of gender dysphoria.
  9. “Always missing from all of this dogmatic noise is a reliance or even a reference to peer-reviewed research published to a reputable academic journal.”

  10. The “deep regret” narrative is not supported by evidence.
  11. The website Aucoin links to is Walt Heyer‘s. A few people — like Heyer — who regret gender confirmation surgery are not a representative sample. Satisfaction rates pertaining to gender confirmation surgery are very high1 and surgery does not pertain to minors.

If this schmuck ever makes sense it is by accident:

Tragically, those who choose to “transition” may even have much higher suicide rates than the general population in the long run.

Planned Parenthood even gets involved in these fights!

Family Policy Alliance is fighting to protect kids from these dangerous interventions through education, outreach, and working with legislators right here in Rhode Island. This year, we are working to keep minors from sex-change surgeries and hormone treatments. There has been an outright attack on our youth and we are engaged in working for your family, but we need your help to win.

Given its effectiveness, gender affirmation reduces self-harm. The reference to disapproval of Planned Parenthood is required.

The “we” in the above paragraph are Christian extremists. Zealots who are wholly unqualified to influence medical care. Furthermore, minors are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery. Linking kids to surgery is a standard conservative Christian lie.

Later on this ignoramus has the balls to call transitioning a “fad.” He is also pushing a webinar that I wrote about on September 16.

Always missing from all of this dogmatic noise is a reliance or even a reference to peer-reviewed research published to a reputable academic journal. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. However, the failure to provide evidence over and over and over again is a strong indication that evidence in support of the religious doctrine does not exist.

“If there is a god he or she is going to be mightily pissed off at the way some people have treated others in his or her name.”

The good news is that, on the whole, transgender kids have shown that they have the judgment to participate in medical decisions that affect them. Moreover, they have demonstrated the wisdom to solicit parental guidance when it is necessary.

Furthermore, the parents of transgender kids are not stupid. Out of necessity they know a hell of a lot more about gender dysphoria than an ignorant religious maniac like David Aucoin.

The greatest threat to trans youth is minority stress. Idiots like Mr. Aucoin induce minority stress syndrome.

If there is a god he or she is going to be mightily pissed off at the way some people have treated others in his or her name.

1 “The very high rates of subjective satisfaction and the surgical outcomes indicate that gender reassignment surgery is beneficial. These findings must be interpreted with caution, however, because fewer than half of the questionnaires were returned.”

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.