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Chad MacDonald short circuits over LGBTQ persons | via YouTube

A “classic” homophobic/transphobic diatribe.

Chad MacDonald asks a rhetorical question: Transgender Bishops, Perversion and Apostasy: How Did We Get Here? Suffice it to say that Mr. MacDonald does not approve of LGBTQ people. The amalgamation of homophobic and transphobic might be called “queerphobic©.” But I am open to suggestions.

Chad MacDonald (according to Charisma) “is the founder of Revival Fire World Ministries, an international prophetic voice, revivalist, published author and host of The Voice of Revival … .” The world headquarters of Revival Fire World Ministries is in Cleveland, Tennessee. The good news is that this ignoramus’ “ministry” has revenues below $50,000.

I seem to recall that Mr. MacDonald actually believes that prayer can bring people back from the dead. Perhaps Chad could start with Molly Ivins. We could really use her sober Texas voice right now. But I digress.

Transgender persons are “depraved” “filth:”

I just read that a week ago the Lutheran church ordained their first transgender bishop. The great falling away has begun.

[ … ]
This kind of filth has been slipped in like leaven into the very fabric of our nation and, yes, even into the church.

Over the last 2 decades, it has begun to crescendo into now an avalanche of debauchery and a depraved conscience.

MacDonald clearly does not understand the concept of “diminishing returns.” More importantly MacDonald is calling a Lutheran bishop “filth” and “depraved” without ever having met the person. MacDonald seemingly knows nothing about this person (Megan Rohrer) beyond the fact that they are transgender.

I do not care much for religion. However, it is safe to say that a minister elevated to the status of bishop has some special qualities. Intelligence and leadership are two of those. What I find depraved is the notion that Bishop Rohrer should suffer because of Chad MacDonald’s interpretation of arcane ancient texts that are not even applicable to gender identity.

On the subject of ancient texts and selective observation:

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
Matthew 7:1

“… marriage equality would not exist if religious conservatives offered a coherent argument in opposition. They could not do so.”

Apparently, judgmental bigots are brave:

Pulpits have been silent for fear of being labeled “political” when, in reality, they are just cowards. …

It’s all part of a homosexual conspiracy:

We stood silent and said nothing when they slipped more and more perversion into “television programs” (why do you think it’s called a program anyway) little by little. They slipped the “funny” BFF homosexual into TV — then Satan sat and watched while “professing” Christians sat and laughed watching this garbage.

First of all, if only these douchebags were silent. Every positive portrayal of an LGBTQ person has resulted in a self-righteous backlash. Secondly, the existence of LGBTQ people is a reality. Why should they not be included as part of society? Furthermore, the programming is not some sinister plot to make Christians aggrieved. Programming is based on expectations of viewership. Audience share is, in turn, the basis for the price of advertising.

What these people refuse to understand is that about 40% of our society have a close family member who is gay or transgender. Add non-family allies to the arithmetic and you understand why portrayals of LGBTQ people improve market share.

Furthermore, Chad MacDonald has a very rare TEEvee. Included on my remote controls is the ability to change the channel. Apparently MacDonald’s boxes work with a different scheme.

Utterly convinced that his is a pernicious conspiracy, MacDonald airs further grievances:

“Not a single prediction of doom offered by the likes of Mr. George and Ryan T. Anderson has come to pass.”

Next came same-sex marriage and the lie that, you know, “You just can’t help who you love.” Then came more silence … They thunder, yes, but “God is love” and so, after all, He must cosign on their behavior. You know, with their hashtag #lovewins and all. Yet their God is not the Lord; their god is love.

Simply stated, marriage equality would not exist if religious conservatives offered a coherent argument in opposition. They could not do so. If I asked MacDonald how marriage equality has affected him he would probably spout some gibberish about Satan. The simple truth is that same-sex marriage has had no effect, whatsoever, on his life.

Robert P. George is a hell of a lot smarter than Mr. MacDonald. The best Robby could do was to spout some esoteric nonsense about how same-sex marriage adversely affected so-called traditional marriage. It has been more than six years since the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges; eight years since United States v. Windsor.

Not a single prediction of doom offered by the likes of Mr. George and Ryan T. Anderson has come to pass. A majority of Republicans now favor LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections. A majority of Republicans support same-sex marriage.

Support for Same-Sex Marriage via Gallup - June 8, 2021
via Gallup — June 8, 2021

“The real sinister programming can be found in whatever mde MacDonald this batshit crazy.”

That begs a simple question: Why does Chad MacDonald believe that his judgment is superior to that of the 70% of our citizenry that approve of same-sex marriage? I have another question (from the following quoted text). What the fuck is a demon spirit and how is one detected?

Entering stage right … the life coach pulpits came next and their social conditioning “talks.” (They don’t even call them sermons any more. I suppose that’s good because they certainly aren’t oracles from God.) They began affirming perversity all in the name of inclusion. The sin of Balam was in full effect.

So then the enemy began to move on with more leaven and next came the transgender issue. (It’s actually a demon spirit.) But like Sodom and Gommorah [sic — actually one m and two rs], that wasn’t enough. Just as in the days of Noah, it isn’t enough.

It seems like the entire world is in concert to make Chad MacDonald angry and miserable. The real sinister programming is not scripted for television. It can be found in whatever made MacDonald this batshit crazy.

MacDonald’s own constituency is part of the problem:

Christians (well at least that’s what they call themselves) at alarming levels willingly pump into their eyes and ears filthy music, perverse television and listen to pulpits with zero anointing and no chance of their apostate lifestyles being convicted. You know, after all …. “that message is just too ‘old fashioned'”; it’s just “not redemptive enough” …. here’s a common one from backslidden preachers …. “it’s too sin-conscious.”

Not once does this guy consider that he might not have a monopoly on wisdom. A reasonable hypothesis is this: As more people realize that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices they are less likely to display animus towards the LGBTQ community. If those are not choices then, for a believer, their god created gay and gender incongruent people. Therefore, God’s Plan™ differs from the version spouted by sanctimonious blowhards.

“Mr. MacDonald has books to sell. Presumably, that is how he supports himself. His half-assed “ministry” doesn’t make much of a dent.”

His own version of reality:

The very reason this nation is in the shape it’s in is because we have a preacher problem.

I agree! Many of the problems that we face as a nation are the direct result of Christian zealots like Mr. MacDonald. Get rid of Christian nationalism, Christian privilege and Christian supremacy and we would have a better nation:

  1. Everyone would be vaccinated.
  2. The pandemic would have disappeared.
  3. We would stop wasting so much time and energy on reproductive choice.
  4. Those misleading pregnancy resource centers would go away.
  5. Reality would be defined by evidence.
  6. Children would be more intellectually curious.
  7. Our collective I.Q. would increase by 30%.
  8. Tax-deducted donations would cease supporting preachers with private jets and mansions.

I think that MacDonald believes that he is a prophet:

We need prophets to arise that will speak righteousness into government. Prophets that will not be afraid to challenge a decayed moral compass. Those that will not be afraid to address issues labeled “political.” Don’t you understand? This is the very reason the devil loves to label things like “abortion” as political, so that limp-wristed preachers will stay away from it.

He is not afraid of looking like an utter fool:

Now is the time to arise and take our homes back — take our pulpits backs — take our cities back — take our nation back. It is either REVIVAL or RUIN!

Mr. MacDonald has books to sell. Presumably, that is how he supports himself. His half-assed “ministry” doesn’t make much of a dent.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.