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Some very unoriginal material from
American Decency Association.

“Decency” should require kindness and respect.

Tuesday’s email from Bill Johnson of American Decency Association was apparently written by Steve Huston. The missive is titled: Freedom Realized Conference. Mr. Huston is easily confused.

They are having a “conference:”

It’s here! The Freedom Realized Conference is finally here! Mark your calendars, set time aside, don’t miss an opportunity to be blessed by the Lord, gain knowledge and understanding, and make connections with those who are kindred spirits. American Decency is holding this much needed event …

I am quite certain that you all know what this is all about:

This unique conference focuses on the transforming and freeing power of Jesus Christ in the life of those who were once caught up in sexual sin or addiction, particularly in the LGBT lifestyle. Our identity is in Christ, not the sin that used to bind us, whatever that sin was. How exciting! The speakers for these events will be Stephen Black and Laura Leigh Stanlake from First Stone Ministries …

The above asserts that sexual orientation and gender identity are “lifestyles.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Christian zealots insist on using this derogatory language. Surely they know that it is insulting. Moreover, it is dishonest. Or do they believe that Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) and the average hairdresser have anything more in common than the fact that they are both gay?

Furthermore, these Christian extremists are claiming that we are defined by our sexuality. In their world nothing else matters. LGBTQ and pro-choice people are evil. They could behave like Mother Teresa, devoting their lives to aiding the impoverished. It is irrelevant in their minds.

“The greatest dishonesty is to assert that LGBTQ people require freedom that we do not have but which they will provide.”

In other words, they identify us by our sexuality. We do not do so, recognizing that we are a culturally, economically and philosophically diverse community. Harvey Milk was one of us. Yet, so is Richard Grenell. What Mr. Huston is doing is an amateurish form of a straw man argument. He is simplistically categorizing us with a common attribute in order to make it easier to marginalize us with bigotry. Furthermore, he is creating a logical fallacy due to his dishonesty.

The greatest dishonesty is to assert that LGBTQ people require freedom that we do not have but which they will provide. It is arrogant. Furthermore, yet again, it is dishonest. And let us not indulge is a false equivalence. Our sexuality — be it gay, transgender, gender nonconforming of bisexual — does not affect Bill Johnson and Steve Huston in any way whatsoever.

However, their outwardly expressed prejudice creates adversity for us. Moreover, it imperils the very lives of the children in our community who deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

Apparently we are the failures at critical thinking:

“… these incurious folks are in no position to determine what is right and wrong. Piety does not make people correct.”

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen that:

  1. Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right.
  2. Fear of death is only rivaled by the fear of societal approval.
  3. It’s often easier to deceive someone than to convince them that they’ve been deceived.
  • Item #1 is preposterous. These religious zealots have no clue what “most people” think. Moreover, as part of a sexual minority, I prefer to be right than to worry about whether my views are shared by the majority of people. Furthermore, these incurious folks are in no position to determine what is right and wrong. Piety does not make people correct.
  • Item #2 is equally absurd. Moreover, it is projection. They are in the business of dispensing approval and shame and then assuming that their approval is somehow important. We do not solicit their approval and we sure as hell do not require it.
  • Sadly, item #3 is correct. 74 million people voted for Trump. However, these same imbeciles claimed — with no evidence — that the election was stolen from Agent Orange.

“No amount of prayer or religious devotion affects a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”


With media and social media, education, entertainment, politics, and even parts of the church promoting, normalizing, and pushing acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle, one feels the pressure of wanting to be in the majority, fears societal disapproval, and then when confronted with the truth, finds it difficult to believe that they have been deceived in this area. As our nation’s children and young people are being inculcated with such deception and pressure, they are growing up not understanding anything different, unless they are being raised in a home that stands alone on the Bible, saying, “What God says is true, regardless of who (even if the church) denies it.” Even then, with the pressures from school, friends, and entertainment, many wonder, some waiver, and others fall to the deception which can so easily blind, leaving parents and grandparents bewildered and hurting.

Suffice it to say that dogma is religious doctrine; an article of faith. The truth is that both sexual orientation and gender identity are continua. This is a fact. It is also a fact that sexual orientation and gender identity intersect at an infinite number of points within the combined spectra. Every point of intersection represents a natural variant of human sexuality. Ancient texts and dogma do not alter what is scientific fact.

Furthermore, it would appear that these idiots want people to grow up as bigots. Beverly LaHaye, a Christian’s Christian — and an anti-LGBTQ activist — has a gay son. Children cannot be inoculated against being a sexual minority. No amount of prayer or religious devotion affects a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

However, if parents follow the advice of American Decency Association and heap shame upon their children for being gay or trans then they are going to raise damaged kids; possibly self-destructive kids. Mary Griffith provides a lesson to be learned. People like those at American Decency Association and her own prejudices took her son’s life.

I am not a Christian. However, I believe that Jesus would not approve of behavior that causes LGBTQ youth to harm themselves.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.