Brian S. Brown
To attract donations to his hate group, Brian S. Brown treats supporters like idiots | Image via Fred Karger

“While Mr. and Mrs. Brown have a whole bunch of children, it seems obvious that Brown doesn’t have much sex.”

Wednesday, I am blessed with an email from Brian S. Brown on behalf of the International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The title of Brown’s missive reads: a month of LGBT indoctrination. Oh, the poor fundamentalist thingie.

Claims of indoctrination are the silliest of the silly things that religious conservatives promote. The fear that is being promoted must be one of the following two choices:

  1. We are making it more difficult for children to be prejudiced towards LGBTQ people or;
  2. we are influencing kids to become gay or transgender themselves.

With respect to item “A,” I find it difficult to understand why anyone would obsess over influencing kids to be kinder to one another. Approval and respect are two different things. As for item “B,” it is preposterous to believe that sexual orientation and gender identity are the product of outside influences. Were that the case then conversion therapy might work and we would have peer-reviewed research in support. It doesn’t and we don’t.

“Brown is unable to explain the nature of the peril that is supposedly inflicted upon school children.”

I will let Brown explain. Is it “A,” “B,” both or neither?

Did you know that the month of October is “LGBT History Month?” I sure didn’t. I’ve learned to plug my ears and be vigilant about hitting the ‘Delete’ key throughout the month of June – so-called LGBT “Pride” month – which delivers an incessant series of messages from government agencies and woke corporations paying tribute to homosexual activists. The attempt to normalize and promote their radical agenda is more than annoying, but I can avoid a lot of it simply by changing channels, or clicking out of a website or social media portal. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren can’t click out of school. They are trapped. And it is kids who are the target of “LGBT History Month.”

Mr. Brown causes me to quote and publish overlong paragraphs which deteriorate SEO. Nevertheless, Brown’s verbose text only tells us what he doesn’t approve of. Brown is unable to explain the nature of the peril that is supposedly inflicted upon school children. The danger of “normalizing” sexuality that Brown and the Catholic Church disapprove of is a clichéd hate group expression.

Furthermore, Brown does not answer the above (“A” or “B”) question. Moreover, LGBTQ persons are perfectly normal; at least insofar as their sexuality is concerned. I might be abnormal (just ask my late boyfriend) but that is not attributable to the fact that I am gay.

In point of fact — scientific fact — every expression of gender identity and sexual orientation is a natural (“normal“) variance of human sexuality. Neither Brown nor the Church are capable of changing the evidence which supports the science.

Using Brown’s moronic word, I am back to choice “A” or “B.” What danger is posed to children if we “normalize” every expression of sexual orientation, gender identity and their intersections? Moreover, Brian S. Brown is mischaracterizing GLSEN’s LGBT History Month. GLSEN introduces the matter as:

For all of us, learning an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum can help us better understand our world and our differences. For LGBTQ students in particular, it can mean feeling safer at school and hearing homophobic and transphobic remarks less frequently, according to GLSEN research. That’s why we’re sharing the resources below, from an interactive timeline and coloring book to many other classroom resources.

“The fact that Brown is acting in defense of the faith does not diminish the bigotry.”

What the hell is wrong with improving the safety and learning environment for LGBTQ children?

In fact, let us compare the arguments:

According to Brian S. Brown, LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum poses an unspecified danger to children. According to GLSEN, the absence of LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum makes vulnerable minority students less safe and less secure.
Which argument, above, is more compelling?

I would also argue that Mr. Brown’s lack of specifics regarding the danger posed to children reflects an inability to offer a coherent description. Furthermore, this is just one more baseless appeal based upon the false propaganda that LGBTQ people, themselves, pose a danger to children.

It is what bigots do. They promote the notion that the disapproved of minority is inherently a danger to either women or children. Brian S. Brown is no exception. The fact that Brown is acting in defense of the faith does not diminish the bigotry.

“While Mr. and Mrs. Brown have a whole bunch of children, it seems obvious that Brown doesn’t have much sex.”

Brown continues to bitch without explaining why he is bitching:

Kudos to Capitol Resource Institute in California for bringing the details of this situation to our attention. Across America (and even internationally) throughout the month of October, schools are encouraged to celebrate the achievements of someone who is said to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender each day of the month. Teachers are provided with resources to facilitate the “instruction,” including a video, biography, downloadable materials and various Internet links.

So? What the fuck is wrong with that. Teaching kids that the late Sally Ride was gay is not going to turn them gay. But it might make them more tolerant. Furthermore, LGBTQ kids learn that they are not limited by their sexuality. I want every kid to know that the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies (Tim Cook of Apple) is gay. That would have made a significant difference to my life.

I hate to keep repeating myself but: What is the harm? Brown wants people to assume that there is a danger when none exists.

Brian S. Brown actually claims that kids are being influenced to choose to be L,G,B,T or Q:

October 11th is declared to be “National Coming Out Day.” Believe it or not, schools have been hosting “coming out” days on campus for more than three decades now! The event is sponsored by the radical (and grossly misnamed) LGBT lobby group Human Rights Campaign. They say “one of the most basic tools is the power of coming out” and they’ve created an entire “Coming Out Center” to encourage people to declare their sexual preferences to the world. They also have a resource page highlighting “influencers and celebrities” who have declared themselves to be “LGBTQ+” in the past year. They know that pop culture can be a powerful lure to young kids.

“Preferences?” I doubt that Brown has a sexual preference (top or bottom, doggy or missionary). While Mr. and Mrs. Brown have a whole bunch of children, it seems obvious that Brown doesn’t have that much sex. The fanatics think that sex is a chore done to crank out children.

“Brown does not understand what critical race theory is, … but he doesn’t like it.”

In addition to claiming that kids are “lured” to be gay or trans, the entire meme is idiotic. What difference could it possibly make in Brown’s life (or the lives of any of the piously devoted) if, for example, people make it known that they are gay? Being out is very liberating.

Brown goes on for another 400 words over three paragraphs. Eventually — as obliged to do among right wing zealots — Brown claims to be aghast at critical race theory. CRT is a basket of disapproval. It seems that any mention of our history of slavery is now forbidden. It’s just one more attempt at creating a wedge issue.

Brown goes on to ask for money and to steer people to a new website that also asks for donations to the hate group. Mr. Brown should try the links from his own site which consists of nothing other than talking point gospel:

The entire email is a bloated 1,400 words. All we know from the email is the following:

  1. Brian S. Brown really, really, really wants supporters’ money (for which the email is a pretext).
  2. Brown does not approve of LGBTQ people.
  3. Brown promotes the preposterous idea that we are turning kids gay through our influence.
  4. Brown does not understand what critical race theory is, … but he doesn’t like it.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.