Loudoun County Courthouse
Loudoun County, VA Courthouse

There is nothing quite like a quickie.

“… none of this faux outrage has anything to do with school safety.”

By now you have possibly heard the noise from the Christian right regarding the Loudoun, VA assault incident. Scores of outlets are providing incorrect information. When they are not incorrect, they are stating conjecture as fact (argument from ignorance from lack of supporting evidence).

Brian S. Brown, for example, sent out a money-grub with the subject: transgender tragedy (Brown has given up on capitalization).

What we know to a certainty is that the accused in the May 28 incident is not transgender. Nicole Russell (Defender of the Catholic Faith for Heritage Foundation) has shifted to claiming that transgender accommodations allowed the perpetrator (possibly wearing a dress) to enter the bathroom. Russell is predicting a national epidemic of sexual assaults.

Russell’s is another argumentum ad ignorantiam. Public schools have been accommodating trans kids for at least 15 years. It has never happened.

Even if we uncritically accept the narrative that a boy in a dress assaulted a girl in a girls’ restroom, it is an isolated incident that is unlikely to be repeated.

It is a nonsensical argument. The accuser would not have had access to the girls’ restroom simply because he was wearing a dress. (I am in the process of some additional fact checking.)

“The calculus is simple. Fear and anger equals donations.”

The father of the alleged victim, Scott Smith, has apparently retained counsel, Elizabeth Lancaster. Some outlets are portraying her statements as an inside track. The only lawyers who have any inside knowledge are those representing the accused. Juvenile records are sealed.

Mr. Smith has a significant economic incentive to accuse the school of recklessness. The school district is insured and has deep pockets. I am not saying that Smith is dishonest. I am just pointing out the obvious.

Several outlets are claiming that the school tried to cover up the incident. That is false. The school board and the sheriff concur that the school reported the incident “within minutes.”

Finally, none of this faux outrage has anything to do with school safety. The victim and her father have due indignation. The rest are just using this incident to falsely smear transgender kids. As I type I received another money-grub from Brian S. Brown claiming that the school board is “pushing a radical policy to normalize transgenderism in their schools.”

The calculus is simple. Fear and anger equals donations.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.