Caricature of John-Henry Westen
No, that’s not John-Henry Westen but the sentiment is applicable. The guy is batshit crazy, … and stupid. | via DCH/SBF

Thursday, the bigoted spew from John-Henry Westen is titled: Strength in numbers: Woke, pro-LGBT leftists are being met head on. It is fallacious argumentum ad populum. The premise is that, if enough people believe something then it must be true.

John-Henry Westen is a radical Catholic extremist and editor of the hate site, LifeSiteNews. Mr. Westen is also not terribly gifted intellectually as evidenced by his argument based on a logical fallacy. Yet, Mr. Westen manages to be extremely offensive. I’ll get to that shortly. But first:

Why should we care about what a religious zealot voices at an outlet whose readership consists of other religious zealots?

There are several reasons. First of all, some of those readers have children who are gay or who have gender dysphoria. Westen’s vomit has the potential to influence how parents treat those children.

Furthermore, the zealots do not necessarily demonstrate their fanaticism outwardly. They have the potential to influence more moderate thinkers notwithstanding the fact that their arguments are nonsensical. Notwithstanding the arrogant obtuseness of the religious dogmatists.

Westen’s subtitle continues the populism theme:

There are people all over the world that have not bowed down to the gods of the Left and when we band together, we can make a difference.

Aside from the irrelevance the sentence is presumptuous. It is also projection. It is Mr. Westen, a science denier, who is “bowing down” to his god. For Mr. Westen, truth is defined by the dogma regardless of evidence to the contrary. Dismissing evidence-based objective truth is the ultimate form of subservience to a deity.

“Mr. Westen is obsessed with the fact that Dr. Levine is a transgender woman. All of Dr. Levine’s considerable skills and experience are subordinate to her sexuality.”

Westen’s object for ridicule is Dr. Rachel Levine. Dr. Levine has an enviable public service work history. She is well educated, having attended some of the nation’s best schools, and is a board-certified pediatrician.

None of that matters one iota to Mr. Westen. Westen is obsessed with the fact that Dr. Levine is a transgender woman. All of Dr. Levine’s considerable skills and experience are subordinate to her sexuality.

Westen attacks and insults a woman that he knows nothing about. Note that none of Westen’s ridicule has anything to do with Dr. Levine’s work performance. John-Henry Westen doesn’t care. Levine is trans and that settles it:

The abortion-pushing Biden administration has announced another promotion for “transgender” Assistant Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Richard “Rachel” Levine, who was sworn in Tuesday as a four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC), for which some in the press are describing him as the “first female” to reach such a high-ranking position, ignoring the fact that he is a biological male.

To begin with, Levine did not receive a promotion. Since 1979, the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps has been structured as a military organization. As assistant secretary for health, Dr. Levine is the head of the agency and automatically attains the rank of a four star admirable.

“Dr. Levine does not require Mr. Westen’s approval.”

Every one of Levine’s predecessors for the past roughly 40 years has been similarly commissioned. John -Henry Westen might know that if he had any intellectual curiosity and wasn’t blinded by Dr. Levine’s sexuality.

Furthermore, Dr. Levine does not require Mr. Westen’s approval. Moreover, Westen is a Canadian citizen. We all know — it is no secret — that a transgender woman has male chromosomes. However, those of us who pay at least passing attention to medical science know that when incongruent gender identity competes with natal sex, gender identity usually prevails.

For all intents and purposes Dr. Rachel Levine is a woman. That does not change because eunuchs at the Vatican and John-Henry Westen cannot cope. He just makes stuff up as he goes along:

So let’s get this straight. Under the regime of woke politics men can’t speak about abortion because they’re not women and they have no uteruses, but at the same time men can become women just like that and also steal women’s awards in sports and break the glass ceiling for women by claiming to be women.

Oh and by the way, not only is Levine not the “first female” to reach this position, his official government biography lists no prior military service.

Precisely who said that men cannot speak about abortion. If it is a rule then it is largely unenforced. Furthermore, being transgender is not “just like that.”

Transgender persons are mitigating the effects of a medical condition. No one just volunteers to be the target of intense ridicule which can compromise their physical safety.

Furthermore, as I explained above, the rank of admiral comes automatically with the position. Dr. Levine’s predecessor, Brett Giroir (for most of the Trump administration) had never served in the military and was commissioned a four star admiral. The same is true for Giroir’s predecessor, Howard Koh.

Again John-Henry Westen might know this if he had any intellectual curiosity. Moreover, he would have to do some work in the form of mouse clicks. Would that not be preferable to looking like an utter fool?

“The school board member who resigned had been intimidated and was concerned for her physical safety.”

Perhaps the most bigoted part of Westen’s diatribe is the promotion of the false narrative that transgender women pose a danger to others. Once again, through laziness or incuriosity, Westen is wrong on the facts:

This ridiculous glorification of gender dysphoric men has grave consequences.

A pro-LGBTQ school board member of the Loudoun County Public School in Virginia has resigned from her position over controversy about the cover-up of an alleged rape by a skirt-wearing male student in a female washroom. The parent of the girl who had been a victim of the bathroom rape attempted to alert attendees to the board meeting and was arrested and cited as an example of a ‘domestic terrorist’ by National School Board Association.

“Mr. Westen is not only dimwitted but he intentionally fails to explore the truth of the matter because doing so might reveal that his narrative is false.”

Shitting BullAllow me to count the turds:

  1. The school board member who resigned had been intimidated and was concerned for her physical safety.
  2. There was never a cover-up of the unfortunate incident.
  3. The fact that the boy was wearing a dress is irrelevant.
    1. The girl arranged the place for their meeting with the original intent of having sex. She changed her mind about the sex and was raped.
    2. The boy is not transgender. He just likes wearing a dress from time to time. His attire was unrelated to his access to the bathroom. The same thing would have occurred if the kid had been wearing jeans.
  4. The parent was not trying to “alert” anyone to anything. He was there to protest the school district’s proposed transgender accommodations policy.
  5. Daddy was arrested for illegal activity:
    Scott T. Smith, 48, of Leesburg, was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. The sheriff’s office says he physically threatened someone and then “continued to be disorderly with the deputy” and resisted arrest. He was released. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

More bullshit:

According to court documents, the 15-year-old trans-identifying make [sic] has entered the girls’ bathroom wearing a skirt. He has been accused of sexual assault in two different schools and between these two attacks, the Loudoun County School Board enacted a policy allowing students to access sex-specific private spaces, including bathrooms, and to play on sports teams based on their “gender identity.”

As I said, the boy is not transgender. Since the second attack was in a classroom, the fact that the boy wears dresses from time to time is wholly irrelevant.

“Are you beginning to understand the image I used at the top of this post? The one about a batshit individual making excuses?”

Moreover, keep in mind that John-Henry Westen’s premise is that Dr. Rachel Levine’s sexuality creates a danger for others. None of Westen’s diatribe about the supposed danger posed by trans persons is remotely true. None of it has anything to do with Dr. Levine. Westen continues his mendacity:

This horrifying story is proof of the fact that the woke LGBTQ movement bent on erasing gender and sexuality are against women and have no qualms with letting women and children suffer sexual assault as long as their agenda is established.

Mr. Westen serves as proof that religious fanatics will tell any lie that is in service to their “agenda.” Moreover, the claim that people are trying to “erase gender and sexuality” is so ridiculous as to defy rationality.

Westen continues to bloviate. His pantry includes anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric so he is obliged to throw that into the mix along with paganism, Twix candy bars, LGBTQ people as adherents to a godless religion and, of course, things satanic. Eventually he gets to Walt Heyer and — wait for it — witchcraft:

Heyer sees another agenda at play giving witchcraft a positive spin with an anti-God message. “What Twix and the creative team behind the ad are revealing is, if you read between the lines, that transgenderism is witchcraft. This is indoctrination [aimed at] separating children from God.  This is how you divide children from God and bring them into the LGBT world, which is a form of witchcraft ideology. The nanny-witch in the commercial is saying, ‘Come with me, you don’t need God.’”

“Overall, it’s about 2,000 words of sheer crazy.”

And of course, commies:

Though America is still subtle about their oppressive and Communist tactics, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was very upfront in admitting that her new COVID restrictions plan will lead to unvaccinated people becoming second-class citizens with fewer freedoms that [sic] vaccinated people.

Are you beginning to understand the image I used at the top of this post? The one about a batshit individual making excuses?

This, by the way, is followed by more guano about Dr. Fauci, YouTube, a host of other enemies and “let’s go Brandon.” Overall, it’s about 2,000 words of sheer crazy.

Getting back to my title, John-Henry Westen has little respect for anyone, including himself. His polemic is unprovoked. At least it would be if he took two minutes to discover that the title of admiral goes with the job that Dr. Rachel Levine has.

Westen’s misunderstanding leads to a torrent of abject hate, preposterous lies and errant conclusions. Yet, as I said, some people believe this crap.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.